chive oil


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Technically, I’ve been single for two years, five months, and three days. In that time, I have been on Tinder, OkCupid, Bumble, Coffee Meets Bagel, Hinge, and JSwipe (exceptionally briefly). I have been rejected by Raya (twice), a deeply shaming feat I didn’t even know was possible. In the case that you are reading this as a happily coupled human with no single friends, or as a human who has never heard of online dating before, let me explain: These are all dating apps, virtual enclaves for the lonely, the sexually frustrated, and all too often, the obscene. As of today, I am officially using none of said apps—dating app fatigue (and general disgust) is real. Do I sound jaded? As the kids say these days, lol.

For two years, five months, and three days, I’ve mostly refrained from writing about dating here on K&C. It felt too risky to write about strangers who might one day find themselves exposed, and be hurt or angry.

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The new official food of the Ninjago fandom!


  • Snared meat
  • “Delicious” soup
  • Water for boiling/braising/etc.
  • Chives (shredded)
  • Ginger (shredded)
  • Wine
  • “Gourmet powder”
  • Watered starch
  • Chive oil
  • Sesame oil
  • Crisp chips
  • Fruit peel (shredded)
  • Anthemum (I think it means dill, but idk)
  • Other seasonings, as desired

Step One:

Clean the killed meat. Put it in boiling water, then add chives, ginger, wine and stew for half an hour.

Take the meat and tear shreds. Cream them together with the chives, ginger, wine and delicious soup for 2 hours.

EDIT: It says “Take”, not “Bake”. The symbol was really blurry and hard to tell.

Step Two:

Put the snare meat shreds and the seasonings in 1000g* delicious soup in a pot. Braise them to boiling and then take away the foam. Add gourmet powder, watered starch to make paste.

Pour in chive oil, sesame oil and place them in a casserole together with crisp chips, chive shreds, ginger shreds, fruit peel shreds, with anthemum and other seasonings.