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I would love to see josh in a Jane Austen type film or one set during the revolutionary war period. Josh would look amazing in those breeches.

I would love something more medieval, but I certainly would not turn my nose up at Josh in a Jane Austen-era movie. He would just be so good playing a chivalrous gentleman. Ahh!

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What are your thoughts on chivalry? Sorry if you've already been asked this! I honestly don't have an opinion on it, so I'm curious of what your thoughts are.

Chivalry as a concept is about being courteous and polite, right?  But it is seems to only ever be used in reference to men doing things for women, like holding doors open for us, pulling out our chairs, offering to pay a dinner bill, etc.  Which I think people should do for each other all the time, regardless of gender.  If I meet a man who only is always running around holding doors or pulling out chairs JUST for women, I’m going to assume he has an agenda and I’ll be hella cautious of him for what he might feel entitled to in return for his oh-so generous willingness to not let a door close in my face.

Ways To Be Love Zodiac Signs

Aries: Give plenty of reassurance even if they act like they don’t need it, make a point to gently pry even if they say they don’t want to talk about it, and always remember there is more sensitivity underneath an Aries than is shown. Encourage their dreams but keep them grounded, take them on adventures, and never take their romantic and chivalrous gestures for granted.

Taurus: Be loyal and dedicated, show them you won’t give up without a fight. Let them win the argument every now and again, to keep the peace. Never make a promise you cannot keep, show up when you say you will, and be reliable. Encourage them to express their discontent healthily, push past their comfort zone, and respect their strong opinions when you disagree.

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Preference #28 - Chivalrous

Harry: You and Harry were getting ready for a night on the town but first you were getting dinner at some fancy restaurant that Harry insisted you go to. You fluffed your hair up and touched up your lip stick, flattening down your red bodycon dress and walked down the stairs. “Looking good baby …” Harry grabbed your hand, “… Will you spin for me?” You put your hands on your hip and spun around slowly. “So you like?” Harry groaned. “I think I love it … ” You both walked out the door and Harry opened the passenger door ever so gently and helped you up kissing your cheek. “… So beautiful.” Harry drove you to the restaurant and you tried the door handle to exit the vehicle but it appeared to be locked. “Harry, why won’t the door open?” He smiled. “Because I want to be the one opening all your doors tonight and be an absolute gentleman.” You peck his lips. “Can you please open my door? I would like to get out and get food.” Harry walked around and opened the door helping you to the ground and holding you close. “Have I told you how stunning you look tonight?” You smirked. “I think I’ve heard that a few times tonight.” Harry’s arm was around your middle as you made your way to the front of the restaurant and he opened the door you walking in first. You turned to face him and his eyes were cast downwards. “You know Harry you can stare at my ass any time you want. You don’t have to fake being all gentlemanly to do it.”  He grinned at you. “Well, just let me have my fun.” You eye him. “Sure, I’ll just pretend I don’t know what you’re doing.” Harry cupped your face, “Thank you gorgeous.”

Liam: For the last week you have had been cramming for exams and that meant you couldn’t spend as much time with Liam as you would like because you just wanted to focus and do your best, but you had your last exam earlier today and as your reward for completing them all Liam had organised a date for you. You were just currently waiting on the couch for him to arrive and 5 minutes later there was a knock on your door and Liam was walking in and he had an arrangement of flowers in his hand. He bent over and kissed your forehead and sat in front of you on the coffee table. “I got you flowers.” And you noticed that there were 3 different varieties of flowers individually wrapped. “I see that. But why so many?” He fiddled with the bases of the flowers. “Each flower has a meaning behind it and I just wanted to get you a present with meaning.” Liam handed you a yellow Tulip. “This represents sunshine in your smile, and your smile is so bright and contagious I want to see it at all times.” He passed over a red de-thorned Rose. “With there being no thorns on this rose it represents love at first sight and I remember I feel in love with you the first moment I saw you. The colour red tells you that I love you so very much.” And the last flower he passed over was a Primrose. “And this is the most important flower of them all, it represents that I can’t live without you. You are my everything (Y/N) and I have no idea what I would actually do without you.” You eyes were welling up. “I love you so much Liam James Payne.” With that Liam pounced on you kissing you fiercely. “We’re staying in tonight now (Y/N.)”

Louis: “If you could have one wish what would it be Louis?” Both you and Louis were currently walking around your neighbourhood not wanting your date to end. It was cool outside and you were regretting not bringing a jacket to go over your dress but you didn’t want the night to end. “Hmmmm … I think my one wish would be for 3 more wishes.” You pushed his shoulder playfully. “I think that’s cheating Lou.” He laughed, “Well if I’m being serious my one wish would be to always make you happy so I would always get to see your smile.” Your lips turned up as a reaction to what he said, your hair fell over the side of your face slightly. The wind picked up at that moment and you folded your arms over your chest trying to keep yourself warm while trying very discreetly to rub some heat into your skin. Louis didn’t seem to notice your predicament as you continued on walking. “If you could eat one thing for the rest of your life what would you eat?” Louis asked you. “Well, I think I could live off of potato salad or chicken salad. Though out of the two chicken salad would be the healthier option.” Louis bumped shoulders with you. “You look amazing and I think you would be the prettiest girl ever no matter what you looked like.” You smiled up at him. “Thank you.” The wind picked up and you could see that Louis huddled into his jacket more whilst your arms wrapped tighter around yourself trying to get warm but it was no use. You looked over to Louis who was shrugging his jacket off. “I feel like such a jerk I should have offered you this right away… ” Louis draped the jacket over your shoulders and you wiggled your arm into the way to big sleeves, you inhaled the scent that was all Lou. “… Do you feel warm now?” You bob your head. “Very much so. Thank you.”

Niall: When you woke up this morning Niall was sound asleep snoring his cute little Irish butt off. But you did have errands to run and that was to the tune of buying people Christmas presents from both you and Niall. But Niall had just returned back from the states the night before and you wanted him to rest and plus you already had presents in mind for everyone it was just a matter of finding them in the chaos that was Christmas shopping. You quietly left your apartment and headed for the closest shopping centre, there were sales everywhere and the same goes for people. You spent the first 3 hours buying presents for both yours and Niall’s family, your hands were full but your car was on the other side of the centre and it would take too much time but at that moment your phone started ringing with Niall’s ringtone. “Morning baby.” Niall said sleepily through the phone causing you to grin. “Morning Ni.” You readjusted the bags in your hand and you groaned. “Where are you baby?” Niall whined. “I am at the shopping centre doing our Christmas shopping for everyone. I should be back in a few hours when all this shopping is done. But I will leave getting Theo’s present for you.” You could hear Niall shuffling about. “I’ll be there in 20 minutes.”  With that you hung up and made you way over to get presents for the boys at the local gaming shop when someone’s arms went around your waist and a kiss was pressed to your shoulder. “I thought I would find you here baby… ” You heard Niall whisper into your ear. “… Now that I’m here let me take those bags for you.” Your arms were so tired that you couldn’t even lift them to pass them over. Luckily Niall noticed and wiggled his fingers into the bags loops and took them from you. “Thank you so much, my fingers were hurting so badly.” You leaned up to kiss Niall’s plump lips. “Anything for you baby.” And you continued shopping with Niall putting those newly formed muscles of his to work.

Zayn: You and Zayn had been best friends for a very long time and things had been a little strange lately. The longing looks at each other across a room or the fact that when he was near you he always made sure there was some sort of contact between you both. Zayn had suggested one afternoon that you go out to a meal together but to dress nicely. You were waiting for him in the front room of your house when there was a knock on your door, you opened it to see Zayn dressed up in a suit and tie holding a single sunflower and you were a little confused. “This is for you (Y/N).” You smiled shyly at him. “Thanks Zayn.” You took the flower and placed it into a vase. “Let’s go.” He held his arm out and you hesitantly linked yours through his. “Zayn, where are we going?” With his free hand he rubbed up and down your forearm. “You’ll see.” Once you rounded the corner you were faced with Domino’s Pizza. The entire place was empty except for the employee behind the register, though there was a table at the back that appeared to have a table cloth and a candle flickering in the middle. Zayn acknowledged the employee then guided you over to the table, pulling your chair out. “Why thank you… ” Zayn sat opposite you. “… Zayn what is this all about?” He placed his hand over yours and bought it to the centre of the table and your heart was set a flutter. “Well I just wanted to spend some time with you.” His thumb stroked your knuckles. “You mean like a date? Or just dinner?” He chuckled a little. “How about a dinner date?” You bit your bottom lip, “A date.” You whispered. At this the employee walked over and put a few slices of cheese pizza on each plate and left. You continued on with the newly discovered relationship with more getting to know you and figuring out these new feelings. It came to the end of the night and it was time to pay. “So how much do I owe for this?” You pulled out your wallet and a $20 note. “This was a date and it is customary for the male to pay for it whether the female likes it or not.” You hesitated. “Are you sure? Because I am more than fine with paying for my half of the night.” Zayn stood up kissed the peak of your head, “I’ve got it love.” Once Zayn had paid you both left having high hopes for the future.

A/N: Sorry it has taken me so long to write up something but here is the next one hope you like it. Request and feedback would be awesome.

The difference between courtesy and chivalry

Courtesy is helping me carry a box I’m struggling with.

Chivalry is insisting on carrying my box even though I said “no thank you” and refusing to take no for an answer.

Courtesy is holding the door open for me.

Chivalry is not allowing me to hold a door open for you because you think it’s improper.

Courtesy is being a decent person and helping out a fellow human being.

Chivalry is exclusively assisting women because you think women need your help and couldn’t possibly function without it.

Fuck your chivalry.

I hope this clears things up.

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About the chivalry thing, many times it is misused without even given women an iota of a benefit. I don't know how many times I've heard "ladies first" when a man doesn't want to do an unpleasant task. Ironically, these same types will also claim that women are the reason "chivalry" doesn't exist anymore, usually in order to fuel their shitty beliefs that women only like to date abusive men.