chitting potatoes


Do ya’ll like my potakeets? 

They’re a new breed of…ok so I bought this decorative mini birdcage and had no conceivable use for it. Then I realized this little cage was perfect for holding my store-bought chitting potatoes to be used as seeds in the Spring. As a bonus, I’m hanging this close to my Aerogarden so the chits gets a little extra peripheral grow light. Otherwise, I usually have these taters laying around everywhere, chitting in gloom. Just something fun and whimsical I wanted to share…


The potatoes have chitted beautifully in the cool light environment of the squash court. We’ll be using all of these as new or first early potatoes; kestrel, duke of york, arran pilot, nadine and charlotte. My husband is obsessed with finding and making the perfect roast potato for Sunday lunch, so a small trial will ensue this summer. As if these were not enough to choose from, we also have a variety called Golden Wonder which will be our second earlies and Jazz from Billy the potato man in Norfolk for the main crop. Oh, and the nicola seeds in a giant tub outside of the greenhouse that will be the earliest of all.

Potatoes, potatoes, potatoes.