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Your K Project boyfriend:

Aries: Mikoto Suoh

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Taurus: Kuroh Yatogami

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Gemini: Reisi Munakata

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Cancer: Saruhiko Fushimi

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Leo: Yashiro Isana

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Virgo: Nagare Hisui

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Libra: Tatara Totsuka

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Scorpio: Yukari Mishakuji

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Sagittarius: Izumo Kusanagi

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Capricorn: Misaki Yata

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Aquarius: Sukuna Gojo

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Pisces: Yō Chitose

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Scepter 4 And Homra - Behind the scenes

Sometimes I like to imagine that while their 3 superiors are flirting fighting, Scepter 4 and Homra members just look at each other and go like:

“So….drinks are on us this time I guess?”

And then they proceed to go get drunk at a nearby bar and just start rambling about how their “Kings should just do the do” and how “Seri and Izumo try so hard to hide it but seriously though it’d be easier to hide your relationship if one does not try to strip the other in broad daylight” and how “Fushimi and yata have more sexual tension b/w them than all of them combined.”

Also Domyoji complaining that both sides don’t get enough screen time while Chitose snaps at him to shut the fuck up because “at least you guys get recognized by name, no one knows who the fuck we are.”

Unless you read the manga and light novels that is.


[K the 4koma] 2. Why’d You Pick It Up?

Yo: Speaking of which, Totsuka-san… why did you pick up an abandoned cat?
Tatara: Well you see… It was raining just then right?

Tatara: The poor thing was all wet and looking at me from inside the cardboard box. Anyone would definitely pick it up after seeing such a face.

Yo: But it’s a male right? Is it really that cute…? 
*Sfx: Not cute…
Tatara: But…

Tatara: It had the kind of face Yata makes when King gets angry at him, you see!?
Misaki: I don’t make that kind of face!


K Project || HOMRA [Red Clan]

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