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K Project || HOMRA [Red Clan]

for @fushimiz

Shitenhouji’s Cinnamon Rolls

Looks like a cinnamon roll but could probably kill you: Shiraishi Kuranosuke

Looks like they could kill you but is actually a cinnamon roll
: Ishida Gin

Salty, vinegar-flavoured cinnamon roll: Zaizen Hikaru

Fortune-cookie cinnamon roll (with meaningless philosophical advice inside): Chitose Senri

Eaten-too-fast cinnamon roll: Oshitari Kenya

Too sugared, covered in glitter glaze cinnamon roll
: Konjiki Koharu

Sinnamon roll: Hitouji Yuuji

Super Ultra Great Delicious Cinnamon Roll: Tooyama Kintarou

Forgotten on the shelf cinnamon roll: Koishikawa Kenjirou


Various scarves from episodes 2 and 3 of the second season of Yuru Yuri.

Kyouko wears her scarf the best way, but sadly doesn’t have any screen time of just her. Tying a scarf into a bow is super adorable and should be done way more. Chinatsu comes in second with a simple fold of her scarf that looks good. Yui comes in third with the super basic wrap it around your neck a bunch of times. Her scarf goes really well with her jacket to make a nice matching outfit. Akari goes for the more bold plaid scarf in the vain attempt to gain presence. Despite her efforts, no one notices her. Poor Akari. Chitose was really cute with her scarf, and Ayano has poor taste in scarves and is wearing some strange orange gold color. Purple and yellow are opposites on the color wheel, but the orange gold color she has just seems off to me. Himiwari and Sakurako don’t have anything particularly exciting about their scarves. Sakurako is wearing the scarf that Himiwari gave her, but other then that they are fairly plain and are not being worn in any sort of exciting way.