I arrived at The Grand Canyon at night. Found my way to one of the Welcome Centers, parked the car and fell asleep. When I awoke I decided to drive around the canyon to get an idea of where I should set up camp, etc. After I got around that first bend and saw the canyon the first time I yelled “HOLY SHIT”. There’s no way I would have been able to prepare myself for just how vast the canyon is. It really is a grand hole in the ground. In any case - here’s the best interpretation I can give you with a camera.


Along the way I put out the call for couches, floors, backyards, etc. for places to stay on the trip. Well, fortunately, Mr Josh Hudnall answered my plea and offered me his place in Grand Junction, Colorado - conveniently on my way to the Grand Canyon. Not only was his couch… just… the most comfortable place I can remember sleeping on the trip, he’s a web and app developer and gave me a little preview of how IOS7 is going to function when I get to download it. Oh, and totally random, but he designed my blog template, which I love. So there’s that! Pretty neat stuff! So, I’d like to say thank you to Josh for his kind hospitality!

Also, I’d like to share that Josh is an entrepreneur and will be launching an app shortly which is going to knock people’s socks off. Let’s just say if you’ve ever wanted to have theme music to your life, this is going to be right up your alley.

He’s on Twitter!