chistmas party

Jim is the skull

In addition to my John/The Skull/The smiley face meta and thanks to just-sort-of-happened and samann1121’s lovely observation, I wanted talk a bit more about Jim’s association with the skull.

In TRF, as Jim visits Sherlock in 221b, he is strongly associated with the theme of death. This is the first image of Jim coming inside of the flat:

Threatening much? His entrance is filmed like an horror movie, like Jim is a grim and sinister ghost or zombie visiting Sherlock from the grave.

The first image of him as he walks through the door of the flat:

So Jim is associated with death and is symbolically shown in front of the skull, wearing the same colours, his fale pale and ghostly. His first association with the flat is the skull. Jim is death, he is a spectre, he is the skull.

Which means Jim is inside the flat, inside 221B, with the boys all the time. Surveillance? The shadow of evil temptation? His obsessive love for Sherlock meaning he’ll never stop trying to catch the genius’ attention?

Note that the skull is on the same wall as the smiley face of love, which represents John. We have a visual of Jim’s continuous competition with John.

Also, as JSoH and samann1121 spotted, in ASIB, we have this visual:

So, at 221B’s Chistmas party, there is a red garland forming an M on the skull… M = Moriarty.

As I said, it’s quite a nice representation of Jim: a dark figure, threatening, but also shiny and festive. The garland is red, colour of love and sexual attraction.

So, Jim is at the party, looking lovingly at Sherlock and waiting his moment to ruin the party (Irene’s phone). As Sherlock tells Mycroft: “There should always be a spectre at the feast”. Well, well…. There definitively was a spectre there!

Jim is here, always, and the skull hasn’t moved in series 3. He is actually observing the preparatives of the wedding

Jim is in the background, and is associated with the love triangle Sherlock/John/Mary. Jim is the one who caused this, he put Mary between John and Sherlock. Look at the visual: we have Jim and Mary separating John and Sherlock. Telling much?

So no doubt, Jim will come back for Sherlock, he is still here, waiting for the good opportunity to steal Sherlock’s heart and burn him. Looking as his plan unfolds.

Jim is the dark skull of evil temptation, fighting against John’s smiley face of love.


Last week was exciting. Paskuhan was a blast and fun especially when you’re with your friends. Started with 3H2’s Christmas Party and ended with a fun fun night. I’m happy for having this people celebrating with me the Christmas season in UST although Paskuhan was somewhat a bore. I do wish we can still do this next year cause there is a chance that we are going to celebrate Christmas separately for our Student Training.

What I am wearing: New Era Cap, Penshoppe Long Sleeves, Bench Tank Top, Bench Chinos Pants, Topman Socks, Giallo Shoes