chister art


the life and times of lieutenant novak and officer winchester, both on duty and off. (make-outs during stake-outs, shameless flirting after failed operations, hot cups of cocoa bc they’re totally cas’ weakness , and catching some z’s on cas’ 15 year old couch… there are captions on each pic btw xD)

someone asked me for cop!destiel, and the other doodles (which weren’t requested in the same context) just sorta made themselves part of this AU. feel free to delete this part of the caption if you reblog. nn;; this is just for info’s sake.  

don’t steal my line, you ass.

o49 - video gaming destiel! there were a lot of requests for this one tbh so yeah there you go~ this is definitely au (roommate? hs? college?)… i drew them waaay too easygoing. dean’s still in red bc it’s still february lol plus i like this color combi ;n;

“dude, i’d totally like to spin you at home in my bedroom.”

“dean, you know i don’t usually take requests… but i think i can make an exception this time.”

o47 - that AU where the winchester brothers DJ at a high-end dance club, but since sam’s on his honeymoon, management had to look for a new partner to play with dean for the next few weeks. enter cas, the guy with no fashion sense at all a classical music professor who secretly has an affinity for night club beats. [this is for my bb eunice♥]

“You may have heard that I’m a great ballhandler…”

“… Seriously Cas? Seriously?”

o4o - reverse stereotype: nerd!dean and jock!cas, complete with icky one-liners! this is also a pre-valentine thing… and nope, i’m never going to tire drawing cliche AUs.

Funny thing, every time an angel appeared to someone in the Bible, the first thing he’d say was, Fear not." 

overdue warrior angel Castiel for Bridget ♥ 

I pretty much have no idea how to draw actual angels and actual wings. xD Also wanted to portray Cas as something of a leader with a princely holier-than-thou vibe. ;A; I have half a mind to do the other angels too…


o54 -  hipster!destiel AU…
(it’s transparent!)

i had half a mind to draw them drinking starbucks and cuddling under the stars ;n; i’m not sure this is hipster enough? i really don’t know what the concept entails! i do have those exact clothes though lol aside from anon, this one is also for bb tea♥!


the result of my friend going “if erwin is captain america, wouldn’t levi look hella as the winter soldier” and me going wow ok i’ve never really thought of that and i want to see it but google won’t give me results so i’ll have to doodle it myself and it didn’t make much sense when it was just lineart so i had to color (lol) and… OTL


Pirate!AU: Capt. Castiel Novak
and first mate Dean Winchester

apparently, i draw very clean pirates. privateers then? they look more like princes than anything… ;n; i had a difficult time thinking about who would be captain… but i do have a thing for leader!cas so there you go. tumblr kinda ruined the quality, so click for full view bc i swear it looks better that way! ;A; hope you like it, anon!