Voltron official just announced that there would be handpicked episodes of 80’s Voltron coming to Netflix. My immediate thought is to analyse the chisen episodes carefully, as they may hint to clues for the future of our current series. March 24th. Let’s get down to business.

Merrilin stroked one of his white mustaches with a long finger. He seemed to be hiding a smile. “I fear you have mistaken me, Banner-General Karede.” For the space of a sentence his voice became extremely resonant. “I am a gleeman, a position higher than court-bard to be sure, but no general. The man you want is Lord Matrim Cauthon.” He made a small bow toward the young man, who was settling his flat-topped hat back on his head.

Karede frowned. Tylin’s Toy was the general? Were they playing a game with him?

“You have about a hundred men, Deathwatch Guards, and maybe twenty Gardeners,” Cauthon said calmly. “From what I hear, that could make an even fight against five times their number for most soldiers, but the Band aren’t most soldiers, and I have a sight more than six hundred. As for Chisen, if that’s the fellow who pulled back through the Narrows, even if he has figured out what I was up to, he couldn’t get back in less than five days. My scouts’ last reports had him pushing southwest along the Ebou Dar Road as fast he could march. The real question is this, though. Can you get Tuon to the Tarasin Palace safely?”

Karede felt as if Hartha had kicked him in the belly, and not only because the man had used the High Lady’s name so casually. “You mean to let me take her away?” he said incredulously. “If she trusts you. If you can get her to the palace safely. She’s in danger till she reaches that. In case you don’t know it, your whole bloody Ever Victorious flaming Army is ready to slit her throat or bash in her head with a rock.”

“I know,” Karede said, more calmly than he felt. Why would this man just release the High Lady after the White Tower had gone to all the trouble of kidnapping her? Why, after fighting that short, bloody campaign? “We will die to the man if that is what is needed to see her safe. It will be best if we set out immediately.” Before the man changed his mind. Before Karede woke from this fever-dream. It surely seemed a fever-dream.

Knife of Dreams, chapter 36 “Under an Oak”.

Such a funny scene - because we get Karede’s perspective and are thus aware of just how surprised he is. First Thom’s not the general, and then Mat’s eager to hand Tuon over and is concerned about her safety, and then Tuon makes a surprise announcement; bam, bam, bam,

Also, Karede is horrified that Mat uses Tuon’s name. Imagine his reaction if Mat had continued to call Tuon “Precious”… 

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Would you do a treat post for Sen and Chizuru?

These two are so much cuter together than I anticipated! Still don’t ship it, but damn. Props for making me consider it.

  • Part of the reason Sen wants to take Chizuru with her is to keep her away from her reverse harem. Not that she’s feeling jealous or possessive, but she is mistrustful of humans (despite her comparative tolerance), and she does greatly appreciate Chizuru’s company. It only crosses her mind that she might be in love when Kimigiku makes a passing remark about the lengths to which she’s going to persuade Chizuru to accompany her.
  • Sen takes to kissing Chizuru on the forehead or cheek as a goodbye during their visits. Eventually, she maybe-accidentally kisses Chizuru half on the lips. Chizuru is mortified, but (with a little encouragement from Sen) admits that she’s only embarrassed because that was her first kiss, and not because it was unpleasant or traumatizing. Sen confesses that it was her first kiss too, and says it’s better that way since she can be sure Chizuru is a worthy recipient. Chizuru returns the sentiment wholeheartedly.
  • She is sharply aware of Sen’s beauty and kindness from the beginning, but gradually comes to experience some lingering uncertainty as to whether she wants to be like her or wants to be with her. The solution? Obviously, to gather the courage to ask Sen to kiss her on the lips again, just to make sure. Chizuru’s reasoning is that regardless of whether she has a crush, kissing Sen won’t do any harm.
  • It takes several more visits, and she stutters and blushes while she’s asking, but Sen giggles and kisses her obligingly full on the mouth. Chizuru realizes once and for all that she may be in love when her heart almost stops, and doesn’t know how to process this—so Sen says slyly that she’ll give her advice on matters of the heart if she’ll come and see her more often. In this way, the two of them meet whenever Chizuru has time, and many kisses of many kinds are shared.
  • You should see Saito’s face when he comes to retrieve Chizuru from her visit and discovers her in Sen’s lap, kissing her passionately. He can’t bring himself to reveal his presence, so he waits outside and keeps quiet. Upon their return to the compound, the other captains ask what’s got him all hot and bothered, but he can’t bring himself to explain—partially out of concern for Chizuru’s privacy… but mostly because he doesn’t know why two girls kissing is so simultaneously enticing and distressing.

Fandom: Kuroko no Basuke
Pairing: MidoTaka
Rating: M (to be safe)
Word count: 11423

Author: julesdrenages
Title: Stay (The One with Confessions)


. Special dedication (and many, many, many thanks) to leona-dracontis, who was so kind to proof-read some paragraphs for me and sweet enough to always support me while I wrote myself in too many corners. I sincerely hope you’ll like it. :)

. English is not my first language and this fic was mostly un-beta’d. I’ve scanned it several times, but if there are still mistakes and typos here and there please, forgive me. I’ll do my best to fix them.
* EDIT * - I have, indeed, already corrected a couple of wrong names, some misspelled words and several typos. So much for all the checking I did… sigh.

. You can also read it at AO3


Summary: It was inevitable.

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