chiseled features

yet another high school on TV
  • a grown ass man who is obviously at least 25 years old: i just turned sixteen i can't wait to get a car :)
  • a grown ass woman with fully formed breasts, perfect skin, and chiseled features: lucky you, chad, i still have to wait TWO MORE YEARS :( being fourteen sucks

not erasing trans guys who
•dont have a chiseled jawline/features
•arent skinny
•arent the typical “most acceptable” skinny white androgynous kid with cut features
•arent Conventionally Attractive™
•seriously god this is so annoying and makes many others and myself feel like shit

✿boys love boys like girls do✿

↳ Simon x male! Reader

Requested | can you do a simon x male reader imagine where the reader gets picked on by the guys when simons not around for being a guy and then simon funds the reader crying and finds out what the guys have done?

Warnings | homophobic slurs (Q slur / F slur).

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Wolfstar AU where Remus is a big film director and he’s working on a film, and Sirius is a film star who is starring in Remus’ film

And Remus can’t take his eyes off him while they’re shooting because god, he’s so beautiful, and so talented, and he wants nothing more than to yell cut and have his wicked way with him off set

But he can’t (because “God, Remus, you’re supposed to be a professional”), so he instead ends up unable to focus on anything but Sirius Black’s lips while they’re rolling, and almost always forgets to say cut at the end of a take because he’s in a daydream

But enough is enough, because if this movie goes well, it could do loads for Remus’ career, and he’s not going to let some pretty boy ruin that for him with his chiseled features and shiny hair! 

So instead he starts to criticise every little thing Sirius does, because its better than before, and if he’s constantly shouting at him, there is no time for inappropriate thoughts

“Louder, Black. This film is intended for humans.”

“I’ve seen more emotion in my sandwich at lunch!”

“Sirius, you’re supposed to be sad, not constipated.”

And it’s all a lie, because everything Sirius damn Black does is so fucking perfect, but it does help Remus a little

Sirius however, is fuming, and most days end with Sirius and Remus having shouting matches after almost everyone else has gone home

And Remus is like “Oh yeah, well if you’re so pissed then why don’t you just leave?”

And Remus is always terrified of his response because on one hand, Sirius leaving would be fantastic because Remus could actually focus on the film rather than his arse, but on the other, he really does not want Sirius to leave the film

But as always, Sirius merely glares at him and scowls before storming off the set and going home (because Sirius feels the same way about pernickety director who won’t shut up and has no real intentions of leaving)

And then one day, where Remus is extremely tired and nothing seems to be going right, and his female lead is even more annoying than usual, they film the kiss scene

And no matter how many takes they do (every one more painful than the last), the chemistry just isn’t right and no amount of shouting from Remus does anything at all

So something snaps inside him, and he goes “Oh for fuck’s sake” and gets up off his seat and grabs a fistful of Sirius’ shirt and kisses him

And its even better than anything Remus has been imagining for weeks

And when he pulls away, he says “More like that next time”, and walks back and sits back down in his seat

And everyone is speechless for a moment, including Sirius whose face is unreadable

But Remus shouts again and they’re back to filming, and he can’t focus on the scene any more because oh god, he’s ruined the film and he was going to have to look for another job, because you CAN’T JUST KISS ATTRACTIVE FILM STARS REMUS

And there is absolutely no way they’re getting the scene shot that day, because on top of everything else, Sirius has now forgotten all of his lines and blocking and every take is awful

So Remus sends them all home for the day and he puts his face in his hands because he is an idiot, a total idiot

And Sirius waits behind, no doubt to shout at Remus again because just what did he think he was doing kissing him and it was so unprofessional and honestly what even makes him think he’d want to kiss him anyway

But instead, when Remus gets up, he’s met with Sirius’ lips on his, and oh god, its even better the second time round, and Remus is too caught up in it to care whats happening

And finally Sirius pulls away with a grin on his face, and Remus almost swoons, and Sirius goes “like that?”

And Remus smiles back and shrugs “you could use a bit more practice”

And Sirius chuckles and kisses him again

And Remus is finally able to concentrate on his film, which goes on to be highly successful and win lots of awards and they end up living in a massive mansion with lots of babies and they live happily ever after the end

Percy is bisexual, pt 2

Okay but like on the Argo II he’s meeting everybody and he’s happy to have Annabeth back

But then Jason comes up and shakes his hand (after he is conscious) and Percy totally checks him out as he walks away…

Annabeth smacks his arm “Percy what are you doing” “No I think he sat in something I swear”

But then it gets crazy obvious

Like, whenever Jason starts to work on something he always gets sweaty and takes his shirt off and Percy’s eyes ALWAYS zip right to his toned arms and chiseled features and “DAM he’s muscular I want muscles like those" 

And then he’s like "nah I’m totally straight just because I want to touch his muscles doesn’t mean I like guys and just because I wanna squeeze his ass doesn’t mean I’m not straight”

“Oh wait" 

Annabeth knows but she’s so secure in their relationship she just kinda laughs then nods

Like "Sure I get it you like guys too but I know you like me best”

“Thanks babe”

And don’t even get me started on Piper and Percy always checking out Jason and Annabeth whenever they are being The Leaders™

Fleeting Crimson

Katie had heard of these particular processions from her brother on his return visits from Japan, but the stories always involved elegant women. The breath was knocked out of her when golden hues fell onto the towering, elegant man that was paraded down the center of the street. His chiseled features accentuated in lily white makeup and his eyes dabbed with red at the end. Lips were painted in a deeper crimson and parted ever so slightly. His body was draped in intricate and delicately embroidered kimono. The threading seemed like it was strung from the finest silver. She couldn’t believe how stoic his expression was as he continued down the narrow street with a hand on the shoulder of a tall, dark-skinned woman with cerulean eyes. She just noticed the sandals on his feet. No geta, she corrected herself. She needed to use the proper terminology; she had studied the language after all. No wonder he needed someone steady himself.

aphkuvira  asked:

What's your opinion on how Joey himself is animated...? Is it what you'd expect him to look like (seeing from the full 'picture' of him from those clips), or is there something missing/not quite right?

there’s only a slightly higher-quality image of him standing at the machine and a short animation of his face contorting in pain, so it’s hard to tell without any shots which are both neutrally-posed and detailed, but so far it’s definitely what i’d expect him to look like. not wanted - but expected, sure.

i’d like him to look softer and friendlier (like a gentle giant, the way they made him look in the comics while still incorporating his chiseled features) with more focus on his eyes, and i did an idealistic redraw of one of the animatic shots to show the way i would have designed him, but i mean… yeah. my expectations were low to begin with so i’m not underwhelmed that he looks kind of ghoulish.

maybe it’s just perspective though, and all the elements of his original design are there, which is a decent sign. they seem to be keeping him pretty low-key on purpose, since we’ve only had a couple of shots of him so far and his character hasn’t been discussed at all, so i’m hoping that means his role will be significant and he’ll be handled decently because of it……….

Body type/features

I know this has been done before but I’m doing this with the way I draw/headcanon them

Two-bit has chub
Ponys really short
Johnny’s curvy
Dally looks kinda skinny but has really firm arm muscles
Soda is covered in freckles
So is two-bit but only on his cheeks
Darrys hair is really scruffy
Both pony and johnny have growing stretch marks
Sodas hair is thick and curly
Steve has a scar on his lip
Two-bits a gentle giant
Steve has chiseled features
Curly has scars where his piercings are from having them punched in, in fights
Tim has a really strong body like darry but more sleek
Dally has a long face
Darrys hair gets a milky brown color in the summer and looks really soft
Ponys petite and slender
They all have bruises and small cuts in various areas 24/7
The underneath of dallys hair is a dark brown
Johnny has scars from his father on his back
Sodas really flexible
Darry has a nice butt

About us.. - Ian

A/n: For the anon who requested you dating Ian and him making your relationship public. 


Warm rays of sunshine fall onto his chiselled features through the blinds and it was like watching a metamorphosis. The way shadows danced across his face, creating different patterns on it and showing different sides of him…

Ian’s so beautiful.

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This was a real review on Amazon for a real figurine of Caesar Zeppeli I don’t know how much more I can handle of this. THESE LIPS AIN’T JUST FOR EATING PIZZA. and they reviewed Kars and Esidisi too I’m crying!

  • Ronan: What do we know about this guy? Last name's Greenmantle.
  • Adam: He's got a great physique.
  • Ronan: Loves to kill people's dads.
  • Adam: Chiseled features, kissable lips--
  • Ronan: Man--
  • Adam: Just, like, a handsome dude in a classic sense.
  • Ronan: That is not--that's not helping.
  • Adam: Not helping YOU.
  • Ronan: Wait! He said he wasn't really a teacher. I bet he knew the Gray Man from some other kind of work.
  • Adam: Yes, like modeling! Or something physical like roofing or maybe carrying me across a river...
Chris decided to take a little cat nap,” Johansson remembered. “He collapsed into a giant perfect heap, his lion’s mane gracefully falling around his prominent chiseled features. ‘My, God,’ proclaimed Ruffalo, ‘what a specimen.’

Scarlett Johansson (and Mark Ruffalo) on Chris Hemsworth’s beauty


Appearances of the Signs

Aries: Good eyebrows, prominent nose, dark eyes, confident walk,
Taurus: Full lips, thick hair, long neck, oval or square face
Gemini: Tall, bright eyes, youthful looking, lively appearance
Cancer: Round face, small hands, good cheekbones, small nose
Leo: Long legs, memorable facial features, upright posture, fair or red hair
Virgo: Slender, graceful movement, alert eyes, symmetrical facial features
Libra: Natural smile, dimples, proportionate facial features, oval face, elegant movement
Scorpio: Piercing eyes, prominent cheekbones, strong shoulders, dark hair
Sagittarius: Athletic figure, welcoming smile, energetic movement, bright eyes
Capricorn: straight hair, chiseled facial features, serious gaze, small or average height
Aquarius: Tall, thick hair, curious eyes, slim
Pisces: Large eyes, fine hair, dreamy expression, feminine features

Professor -  Jaebum (Got7)

You strolled lazily through your university making your way to your classroom where you had Literature with Jaebum or Professor as you were told by him numerous times to call him in public. You pushed open the door to your class entering and letting it close behind you. The rest of the class and Jaebum all turned to look at you. 

Jaebum folded his arms glaring at you seriously. “Late again Y/N, you will have to stay back after class to have a little chat with me.” he said seriously. 

“Yea whatever Jaebum.” you said rolling your eyes at him and going to your seat. 

“That’s Professor to you.” he corrected you making you only roll your eyes again at him. He frowned and returned to the topic he was teaching. Soon you weren’t paying attention as you stared at your professor and secret lover. He was so sexy with his black hair styled so perfectly, his chiseled features and his fit body that he tried to hide behind his shirts but he couldn’t hide it from you. 

You’d seen him naked so much you could practically see through his clothes, you knew exactly how defined his abs were, how thick his thighs were and how big his cock was. You knew him so well now, you knew everything about him. You knew how well he could use his tongue and fingers and exactly what you needed to do to please him. Your relationship wasn’t that wrong, you were twenty and in your second year of university and he was twenty six, but the fast that he was your professor made it taboo.

You could feel yourself becoming horny just remembering how well he did you last night at his place when you were supposed to be at the university’s library studying. You bit your lip just thinking about how he ate you out till you came twice, lost in your own world. 

Suddenly you heard “Y/N!” You snapped out of your daydream and turned your attention to Jaebum who had just called you. 

“Yes professor.” you said stressing on professor. 

“Did you hear what I just said?” he asked sternly. You shook your head, no. He sighed frustrated. “Please come and sit to the front of the class Y/N” he ordered. You gathered your things and took a free spot at the front of the class. You were angry now, he was so mean to you in class, embarrassing you like that. You had to get revenge, so you decided to tease him.

He gave the class an assignment to do after a while and you did it hurriedly so that you would have the free time to carry out your plan. You closed your book when you were finished and then smirked as you saw him watching you. You slowly passed your tongue over your lips seductively making him widen his eyes as you took your lip between your teeth whilst watching him. He gulped and looked away quickly making you smirk.

You unbuttoned two of the top buttons of your shirt so that you were now showing some cleavage. You took your pen in your hand and waited for him to look at you again. When he did you leaned forward in your seat intensifying your cleavage and put the pen in between your teeth looking at him sexily. He eyed your cleavage before catching himself and looked away quickly. You smirked happy with your teasing.

After a few minutes class was over and Jaebum dismissed everyone. “Y/N remember we have to chat.” he said sternly. He waited for everyone to leave before he went over to the door and locked it turning around and glaring at you while folding his arms. You rolled your eyes and sat on your desk as you folded your arms as well.

“Is this detention or something professor because last time I checked this is university and there is no detention.” you stated pursing your lips.

He huffed at you as he began walking towards your desk. You didn’t change your position, you stayed seated on your desk with your arms folded. He stopped when he was right in front of you. “Why did you misbehave today Y/N?” he demanded and you could see he was honestly angry with you but you didn’t care. You didn’t respond.

He took another step forward so that he was in between your legs now as you sat. He was so close to you that you had to use all of your will power to not reach forward and bring his lips to yours. “Answer me.” he said his eyes darkening now.

“What did I do?” you asked as innocently as you could.

He glared down at you. “Calling me Jaebum instead of professor and then not paying attention in class and lastly trying to tease me like that? What were you thinking?!” he scolded you.

“First of all” you started placing your hands around his neck. “I called you Jaebum because I’m so accustom to moaning it when you fuck me, I wasn’t paying attention because I was thinking about how you fuck me and lastly I was teasing you because I want you to fuck me.” you said sliding your hands down his chest. 

“I know you like my cock baby but you have to control yourself in class.” he said.

You just rolled your eyes at him. “And stop rolling your eyes at me or else.” he said looking at you with lust filled eyes. 

“Or else what?” you asked biting your lip.

“You’ll see.” he whispered. You smirked and purposefully rolled your eyes at him. He grabbed your hand immediately pulling you over to his chair. He sat down on it and said “Come over my lap.” You smiled in excitement and did as he said. You were now on his lap, his legs were beneath your upper torso. You felt his hands on the back of your knee start to crawl up your thighs until they rest on your bum under your short skirt. He squeezed your bum through your panty and you moaned for him.

He chuckled and rid you of your underwear, throwing it to the floor. His hands were now on your bare bum as he raised your skirt up so he could see properly. “You ready princess?” he asked and you nodded. “Remember you have to count every hit.” he said.

“Yes Jaebum.” you moaned and not a second passed and his hand came down. “One” you moaned enjoying the pain. His hand spanked you again “Two” you called out just loud enough for him the hear. He said this was a punishment but you were enjoying it more than you disliked it. His hand came down again and again and again and you kept count like a good girl. With every lash to your bum your pussy got wetter, you loved your spankings. He kept spanking you until you had counted up to ten.

He stopped and rubbed your bum soothing the very little pain that you felt. “You enjoying your punishment baby?” he asked.

“No.” you lied making him chuckle.

He passed his hand under you and stroked your extremely wet pussy now making you whimper, “Your pussy shows how much you love it baby girl.” he said seductively putting the hand to his lips and licking your juices off of it. He spanked you two more times before pulling you up so that you straddled him.

He immediately pulled you in for a kiss. Your lips moved against his perfectly. You had missed those lips so much even though you had abused them the night before. Jaebum was just addictive, you wanted him always, you needed every inch of him because you loved all of him. You moaned into the kiss when he forced his tongue into your mouth and began playing with yours. He excited you so much by doing the simplest of things. He began slowly unbuttoning your shirt and slid it off with your bra following soon after.

His hand reached up and pinched your nipple making you pull away from the kiss and moan against his lips. “I’ve been such a bad girl.” you said and he nodded biting his lips. “Let me show you how sorry I am.” you said and he smirked when you got off of him taking your skirt off and kneeling in front of him. You undid his belt buckle and slid his pants and boxers off. His hardened length immediately sprang up. You bit your lip just looking at it.

You held it with one hand and gently licked the tip of it savoring the taste of his salty pre cum. You moaned licking it again and again. He was biting his lips and looking down at you in lust as you teased him. You stopped licking the head and began licking every inch of it from tip to base feeling all of his veins in your mouth, the veins you knew by heart. You stopped at the base and gave it a quick, hard suck making him groan from the extreme pleasure. 

You smirked and put the tip of him in your mouth swirling your tongue around it before sucking on it hard. He tangled a hand in your hair and tugged hard making you moan around his sensitive head which only made him moan as well.

You hollowed your cheeks and took as much of him as you could take in your mouth as you began bobbing your head up and down, using your hands to jock the rest of him that couldn’t fit in your little mouth. You stopped and sucked softly every now and then just giving him so much pleasure. You looked up at him and saw how pleasured he looked, it was so sexy, you loved seeing him like this. 

He began thrusting up into your mouth as he held your face in place. He was now fucking your mouth and you loved the feeling of him being so in charge of you. You loved to be dominated by him and only him. You felt him twitch in your mouth and you began sucking hard on him but to your dismay he pulled out of you making you pout up at him and he smirked passing his thumb over your plump lips and saying darkly “Your mouth is too pretty to have cum in it baby girl.” You just moaned. 

He smirked again and said “Sit on the table baby.” You bit your lip and got up quickly getting into position. You were now on his table as he stripped off his shirt. You eyed his toned abs and strong arms lustily. He walked towards you holding your legs and wrapping them around his lower torso. You could feel his boner close to your core now making you want him even more.

“Hurry up Jae…BUM!”  you screamed the last part of his name because he thrusted into you without any warning. He went right in without an issue because you were soaking wet for him. You wrapped your arms around his neck and tightened your legs around him bringing him as close to you as possible as he began thrusting into you at a quick and rough pace.

Your boobs were on his chest as he fucked you. You began kissing his neck and settled on his sweet spot as you began to suck and bite it trying to leave a hicky. You pulled away after a while staring at it seeing a bright red hicky that would stay for days. You smirked to yourself but that smirk soon turned into a cry of pleasure as he thrusted into you extra hard making you moan loudly and throw your head back.

His hands were on the small of your back keeping you close as he pumped into you ruthlessly and you loved it. You gripped his biceps and dug your nails into them due to the amount of pleasure that he was making you feel. Jaebum was so good at this. You looked up at him and saw that he was staring right back at you through lust filled eyes.

You pulled him in immediately crashing your lips to his kissing him heatedly and passionately. He kissed you back with just as much vigor as he fucked you so good. You moaned into the kiss countless times as you tangled your hand in the hair at the nape of his neck pulling on it slightly. He bit on your bottom lip softly making you whimper. You loved when he did that.

His pace quickened now, he was going deeper into you and his thrusts were a lot faster than before. You began kissing him more passionately because of how good he was making you feel. You felt your orgasm start to build in you. You pulled away from the kiss and whispered against his lips. “I’m close Jaebum”. He bit his lip and began fucking you even harder and faster drawing your orgasm closer and closer. Soon you closed your eyes and curled your toes and came around him whilst moaning his name loudly.

Your orgasm just brought his own on as he came whilst moaning your name. He rode out your highs before pulling out of you. He pulled you into a deep embrace pecking your forehead lovingly. After a while you both got redressed. “You should leave first.” he said whilst buttoning the last button on his shirt. 

“Ok babe” you whispered picking up your school bag and going to him. He leaned down and sweetly pecked your lips. 

“I love you.” he whispered.

“I love you to.” you said before turning and heading out. Before you opened the door you turned and said. “Oh and professor.”

He smiled “Yes princess.”

“You may want to cover that hicky on your neck before coming to class tomorrow.” you giggled as you saw his eyes widened. You winked at him and blew him a kiss before leaving. He just shook his head and smirked. 

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Mettaton x Reader: Self-Care

((Howdy! I’m the anon that sent the question about drabbles ^^; Here’s my first one, hope you enjoy!

Based off the prompt:



   An exasperated sigh that was also touched with fondness and slight
amusement left his perfect lips. “Again, darling?”

   Mettaton leaned against your doorframe, one slender hand resting
against his chiseled features, the other set against his hips. You
muttered, rolling over in bed and tossing the covers over you head.
“Really not feeling up to it–”

   "Oh, I’ve heard that a million times before. That’s it!“ With a
light grunt from him and a disgruntled shriek from yourself, he
plucked you out of bed, carrying you like a bride. Booping your
nose, he smiled a bit too sweetly. “As your Personal Care Provider
EX, I won’t abide another day of you just laying around miserably
like this!”

   You groaned as he carried you into the kitchen. “I’m not
miserable…” The bags under your eyes and pale tint to your
complexion suggested otherwise.

   He rolled his eyes, tutting. “Do I need to replay the 165 entries
in my database with that same keyword–”

   "Fine!“ You pouted, looking away from him. Your face was tickled
red. It wasn’t just that you were depressed and had no motivation
for ANYTHING…but being in the same room with this guy flustered
you to no end. Until now, he’d gently encouraged you, only zooming
in once in a while to tease you. Now, being this close…feeling
the odd yet calming hum from within his chest…

   The cool, hard surface of a dining room chair met your behind, but
not for long. He swooped in with a cushion and bundled you in a
blanket faster than you’d watched chefs make sushi. “Awww, don’t
you just look precious! I just wanna squish your little cheeks!”

   Little sushi roll you growled, hoping the blanket hid your
tremendous blush.

   "All right, all right! I’ll just get started on breakfast…you
little tsundere you…“ He winked before letting out a laugh that
was unsettlingly like the obnoxious girls from anime, then whisked
a frilly apron around his waist and began taking out ingredients.

   You puffed out your cheeks, silently simmering in your fuzzy
cocoon. How had you even gotten yourself into this situation…?
You’d never thought that you’d actually be one of the lucky few to
test this beta design, but your friends had prodded you into
entering the giveaway. Seriously, you still doubted if this was
really with no strings attached. All of the data he collected was
anonymously sent to a database in order to improve future
models…or so they said. You were kind of embarrassed at some big
important scientist hearing all your deepest secrets, but then
again…the internet pretty much knew all of them too.

   Pretty soon, the air smelled heavenly as all sorts of scents began
swirling around. To be honest, the view wasn’t that bad
either…something about his hips lightly swaying as he made
breakfast for you…while wearing an obnoxiously pink apron that
showed off his ass…

   "How do you like your eggs, dear?”

   You quickly averted your eyes, not wanting to be caught staring.
“What? I…don’t like them.”

   "I know,“ he said in a sing-song voice. "But you’re going to eat
them this time. You’ve never even tried them, have you?” He gave
you a sideways gaze.

   You just muttered, sinking deeper into your roll. “Make me.”

   A finely groomed eyebrow arched. “Oh?”

   Several silent, awkward minutes passed, broken by his soft humming
now and then. Soon all of the food was piled onto cute little
plates with smiling animals on them and served to you on a silver
platter. But instead of leaving you to eat, he grabbed a fork and
stabbed some of the egg, hovering it dangerously close to your
mouth. “Eat up, darling~”

   "G-gross!“ You swatted his hand away, going for the bacon instead,
only for him to gently swat yours back.

   "Darling, if you eat nothing but pig fat and starch the rest of
your life, that cute little body’s going to conk out.”

   "But…they smell so gross…“ You grunt again as he made puppy dog
eyes at you.

   "Please, dear…? You need your nutrients…” He stuck the morsel
into his mouth, eyes narrowing. “Would it be sweeter if you ate it
from my lips…?”

   Face steaming, you turned your head and lightly smacked his face.
Damn that expression…damn that entire stupid face of his…!
Sighing, he nommed the little morsel before leaning in closer.
“Oh…? Perhaps you’d rather me give you your protein a different
way, then…?”

   "OH MY GOD IF IT’LL MAKE YOU STOP!!“ You speared some egg and
shoved it into your mouth, wincing…and then relaxed.
This…actually wasn’t that bad.

   He chuckled at your defeated face, ruffling your hair…and pausing
when he felt all the knots and tangles. "Hm…you keep enjoying,
dear. I’ll just give you a little makeover in the meantime…”

   After your belly was full and your hair made manageable, Mettaton
coaxed you to shower and brush your teeth…of course, not without
making several inneundos and making you flustered as hell.

   "Is there anything you’d like to get done today, love?“ he asked
once you were nice and clean.

   You nuzzled into the hoodie he had brought you to change into, your
favorite one, and shook your head. The irritation was gone, leaving
just…the sadness.

   ”…I see.“ He carried you into the bedroom, this time with much
less protest, and laid you down, clambering next to you and
spooning you. "You don’t have to do anything more…you took care
of yourself, that’s enough.” He laid a chaste kiss on your cheek.
“That’s what I’m here for, to make sure you’re all right.”

   Your eyes grew moist, and you squeezed them closed, turning
suddenly and hugging him tightly. He blinked in surprise, then held
you close. “Thank…you…”

   He closed his eyes as well, listening to your heartbeat.

   "That’s right, sweetheart…take all the time you need. It’s all
going to be okay.“

((*insert optional pound town ending here* ;3))

Hot (Calum Hood imagine)

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requested: no

word count: 1.1k

summary: You meet Calum in a club one night, both of you insanely attracted to one another and get to know each other, personally and physically 

masterlist | ask box

You smirked, heading over to bar for another drink. You had the great idea of going to a club with some friends tonight, and so far it hadn’t let you down. You had no intentions of meeting anyone here tonight, although a certain guy had caught your attention. And you’d certainly caught his.

He was with his own group of friends, staying by the bar the most of the time. His tall frame toward over most people around, making him more noticeable among the other people in the dark room. Even across the club, you still took notice of his beautiful features.

He had on a black shirt, bringing out the gorgeous tones in his dark skin. His chiseled features were accentuated in the shadows, jawline sharp and cheekbones showing. His dark hair with small curls falling on his forehead, eyes just as dark. His full lips broke into a smile every once and a while, probably laughing at something one of his friends had said.

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