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Can we see what you have in your pencil case please :D

Sure thing! what a cute question lol

the patch is from mokuyobi! I haven’t ironed it on yet

it’s got so much spaaaaace!!

I love that it has a little pouch I can put my pencil sharpener in so it won’t get dust everywhere

contents: (top) my pocket brush pen and my flat-lead pencil

(from left to right) a couple of old copics in primary colors, my greyscale markers, a modified sharpie, two water brush pens but one is filled with ink, a cute spare pencil, chisel tip sakura pens, a stabilo all-pencil (I love this thing I need to buy more colors), and my main drawing pencils. I love my sumo grip lol

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digital artists are not needed, it's not like: tv, graphics, film, books, adverts, posters, illustrations, comics are a large part of society at all. all true art is chisled on stone tablets

damn, i knew it. now i’ll have to buy in a new chisel instead of some pen nibs

ok ok this made me laugh ^^  thank you. it made me feel better ^^

You have no idea how long it took me to do this. Not that it was particularly difficult or anything, it’s just that, with the moving, and the fact that I had neither my tablet nor a computer, I couldn’t finish this. But finally, I got my tablet, and I got around to it. And I like it. Since I had to download Sketchbook Pro onto this computer, all my settings had reset, and I couldn’t find my font. So I just handwrote their names with a chisel tip pen, and honestly, I think it looks good. I took a little bit of inspiration from BobBricks, with Bansha’s hair. And I really liked the bow that he did, but I didn’t want to just start copying his stuff. So I went for a more simple design, especially since Soul Archer probably lived back in the medieval times or something. I also like to think that Bansha was one of the Elemental Masters of Sound, and was one of the Masters who joined the Anacondrai during the Serpentine War and was Banished along with Morro. Anyway, I’m most likely going to finish the ghosts with Wrayth and Ghoultar. I’m not going to do all the other ghosts, especially since BobBricks did most of them, and there’s nothing I can really add to them to make them different.

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Contrary to what some of you might think, I can wield a pen or brush just as well as any spatula or wire whisk. I thought some of you might be interested to see a few of the tools I use for lettering.

Some of these represent only one of a multitude in my stash of others that are like them, such as the Pentel Color Brushes, folded pens, or “cola pens”, the Copic markers, flat and round brushes, and of course, all of the tens of Speedball and Mitchell Roundhand nibs attached to holders.

From left to right:

  • The essential pencil
  • Handmade cola pen – what I used to create the word, “Calligraphy”
  • Bamboo dip pen
  • Wide flat brush
  • Chisel-edge dip pen
  • Tiny chisel-edge dip pen
  • Long bristle pointed brush
  • 3.8mm Pilot parallel pen
  • Handmade copper chisel-edge dip pen
  • Copperplate dip pen
  • Extra fine Zebra ballpoint pen
  • Old bamboo brush (possibly my favorite tool here)
  • Pentel Color Brush
  • 6mm Pilot parallel pen
  • Pointed brush (not sure why this particular one made the lineup)
  • Pigma Micron pen
  • An old chisel-edged dip pen – one that dispenses ink superbly
  • Copic marker 
  • Another handmade copper chisel-edge pen
  • Pointed brush
  • Small flat brush
  • Small embossing tool
  • Coit split pen