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Whatever The Hell We Want

The bed shifts as he carefully moves, trying not to wake me. Instinctively, I cling to him and moan a quiet protest.

“Shhh. Go back to sleep.” He coos. His voice is so sweet and gentle.

I feel his weight lift from the bed, and hear the sounds of clothing rustling quietly. I stretch and groan. When I open my eyes, I see a shirtless Bellamy standing in the middle of the room, fiddling with the belt of his pants. I smile, happily enjoying the view. My eyes scan over the muscles of his back, his strong arms, his chiseled chest, every inch of him looks like it’s been sculpted by the Gods and it is a glorious sight to see, especially first thing in the morning. He catches me looking and smirks. I smirk back and wiggle my eyebrows at him. He pulls a shirt over his head and I let out a little disappointed sigh.

His weight returns to the edge of the bed, his boots in hand he leans down to put them on. I sit up and move to sit behind him and rub his back gently.

“Where are you going this early in the morning?” I press a few soft kisses on his neck and shoulders.

“I have to check on a few things, run over some plans with Kane.” He has a tinge of morning voice, but still the sound is so masculine and assuring.

“C’mon. It’s been three days with no impending doom, nobody trying to kill us, there’s finally been just a little bit of peace around here. Can’t we enjoy it? Do you really have to go?” I squeeze a hug from behind, and he turns to smile at me softly.

“Yes, but I’ll be back, I promise.” He shifts his body to kiss me, “Now, you go back to sleep.”

I kiss the back of his neck one more time before he stands to leave. He leans down for another kiss, then quietly heads out the door. I lay back on the bed, yawning and stretching. If he says I can go back to sleep, then I’m going to go back to sleep. It’s been a long time since any of us had the luxury of real sleep. I turn on my side, pull the blanket around me, and snuggle into the pillow.

Some time later, Bellamy returns but I’m too sleepy to acknowledge him. I hear him kick off his boots. Then I feel him approaching the bed and the movement of the air makes me realize the blanket isn’t covering my backside, revealing my panty clad behind and an inch or two of skin where my shirt has ridden up. I feel his warm hands slide up my thighs, over my butt, under my shirt, as he climbs into the bed behind me. He wraps his arm around me and kisses my neck. I’m awake now.

“Mmmmmm, hello.” I purr.

“I told you I’d come back.” He says and continues to kiss up and down my neck, my shoulders, my jaw line, my earlobe. Oh, that one feels good. And he knows it, too, as he bites down on it gently. I respond by pushing my backside into him. He pushes back with a moan. His fingers trace up and down my arm, while his lips find their way to the crook of my neck.

“Mmmmm….” My eyes close, enjoying the sensation of his warmth. I turn to face him, and brush one of his curls out of his face. Our eyes on each other, he takes my hand and with a squeeze brings it to his lips for a kiss.

“What should we do today? It’s been three days with no impending doom, nobody trying to kill us, there’s finally been just a little bit of peace around here, we should probably enjoy it.” He says with a smirk, mocking my earlier sentiment.

“What do you want to do today?” I ask him.

“Whatever the hell we want.” He kisses me. I almost roll my eyes. That’s what he used to say when we first landed on the ground.

When he pulls away I ask, “And what is it that you want? Because frankly, I’d like to stay in this warm comfortable bed as long as possible.”

“I have a better idea.” His smirk could make a girls knees weak.

I furrow my brow in confusion, and anticipation, “What’s that exactly?”

He gets up from the bed and reaches a hand down to help me up, “Come with me and I’ll show you.”

I get up from the bed, and after a playful game of keep away, full of stolen kisses and butt squeezes, I finally retrieve my pants and put them on. Once I’m all dressed, I give him a quick peck on the lips, “Ready.” I smile at him.

“Let’s go.” He takes my hand and leads me out the door.

Arkadia is quiet. It’s still early and people are lazily starting to get up and go about their day. No-one notices as we slip out the gate, and if they had nobody would argue with Bellamy.

We walk a ways into the woods, not far from our camp but far enough away from any Grounder borders not to worry. I marvel at the beauty of the trees and breathe in the fresh air. Even though we’ve been down here a while, I still appreciate all the wonders of the ground, there just isn’t always time to notice it.

“Almost there.” He says with a pant, his gruff voice pulling my out of my daze.

“Almost where?” I inquire.

“Almost… here.” He says as we round a corner, revealing a cascading waterfall and a shallow river. I gasp a little. It’s so beautiful.

“I knew you’d like it.” I hear his voice in my ear, and feel his arms snake their way around my waist from behind me.

“I do. I really do.” My smile creeping into my voice.

He pulls away from me, “Well then let’s get in.” He says before pulling his shirt over his head.

I laugh and begin to remove my own clothes. Down to our underwear, he grabs my hand and pulls me towards the bottom of the waterfall. There’s a space behind the flow of water and the wall of stones. We enter there, a few drops of cold water spraying us as we go. I let out a little squeal and jump as it hits me, and he laughs.

“It’s cold!” I protest, but end up laughing too.

He pulls me close and kisses me, much more deeply than any of our kisses this morning. The freedom of being away from camp, the romance of this secret special hideaway, it’s dizzying. His hands on my waist, my fingers through his hair… I get lost in our kiss, my skin tingling.

He pulls away, smiling, and dips his head under the stream of water. I watch as it flows down his perfect body. Over his shoulders, down his back, trailing down his muscular legs. He pulls away, eyes closed, and shakes his head, droplets of water spattering from his hair. He wipes his face with his hand and reveals a huge grin. I shake my head, smiling, and stroke his face. He leans in to kiss me, slowly backing me towards the water. I squirm and feel him smirking.

“No no no.” I say, “It is way too cold!”

“But I’ll keep you warm. And besides, I’d really like to see you soaking wet.” Damn this boy and his sultry voice.

The water rushes over us, and I can’t help but squeal and gasp. It quickly turns to laughter as I lift my arms and spin under the flow. He’s laughing too, a remarkable sound. This is what fun feels like. I’d forgotten.

I lean out of the water, still laughing, and pull him with me. Wiping my face with both hands, I let a shiver run through my body. He watches me with a stupid smile on his face. His hand gently brushes the wet hair from my face and he leans in to kiss me.

“This is amazing.” I sigh, “Now what?”

“Whatever the hell we want.” He smirks again, and pulls me closer, hands roaming my body and passion building in our kiss.

You are currently in the WWE Performance Center, working out your entire body in the company and guidance of your best friend Finn.”That’s it y/n, just like that. You are such a natural at this.” Finn applauded your resilience and determination. He was always a sweetheart to you; he always knew what to say to you; and you always felt like you could speak your mind out in his presence and he wouldn’t give a fuck.”Now, if you just squared yer hips forward, you would be able to work out yer lower abs too.” Unexpectedly, his hand drifted to her hip. It settled there and pulled you closer. You inhaled sharply. You were against his warm chest, chiseled to perfection. (Must he be so perfect?) You splayed your hand against it, intending to push him away, but instead you left it there. His breathing quickened as did yours. He began nuzzling your neck with delicate kisses. So faint, they were whispers.”I could stop if you want it.” Finn whispered in between kisses. You urged yourself to push away, but couldn’t. Your limp body began to tremble uncontrollably. His head was angled slightly to the side as his lips came closer and closer to yours. You were surprised to find your own lips parted. Your breaths mingled. Your heart fluttered inside your chest. At first, it was a delicate butterfly of a kiss. Then his arms encircled your waist.”I want this.” You whispered before reattaching your lips to his.

Since leaving for break three weeks ago these runner jocks had now obviously gained weight. When they had started the trio was decked out with washboard stomachs, flat chests and chiseled thighs but beer and crap food combined with the lounging around for nearly a month was having a significant toll on their figures. Their abs had completely faded and in some cases developed into small pooches of fat that were only a few pounds away from a proper gut. Their chests had puffed out and started to sag slightly and they had varying shades of lovehandles going over board shorts bought when they all had 30 inch waists, not 33ish stuffed into 30s. Guy on the left has fared the worst with a definite belly settling onto his middle and pretty hefty lovehandles, he carry’s his weight obviously and round the middle. His friend in the middle has probably gotten away the most so far, with not as much going to his tummy and torso but he’s having the most problems with his jeans, his arse and thighs have exploded and with the last few pounds more has gone to his middle, it seems his sweet spot is over.

Never Enough

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader x Steve Rogers

Warnings: NSFW. Smut.

Notes: Just a short drabble I threw together tonight. I apologize.

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Countdown (Yoongi x Reader) Soulmate AU

Summary: When the tattoo on your wrist counts down to 00:00:00, you will find your soulmate.You found your soulmate years ago, so how come the timer restarted again?Soulmate AU -Based on writing-prompt-s post-

Word Count: 5.8k 


You felt yourself stir awake as you felt a pair of lips trailing down your neck. You slowly moved your body to the side. A pair of arms tangle you up and pulls you into a warm and chiseled chest.

Your eyes flutter open to see your handsome husband, Jeon Jungkook. You chuckle as you stared back at his goofy smile. You caressed his cheek as you admired his beautiful tan face and messy dark locks. As you stared deep into his eyes, you can’t help but feel a strange sensation. Before you can question it any further he places a kiss on your lips.

He holds your waist as he murmured ‘I love yous’ in between each kiss.

The morning was very peaceful until his alarm went off. Jungkook’s eyes widen as he stared at the clock and immediately shoots up from bed.

“Shit! I’m late!” He yells as he jumps out of the bed. You chuckle as he frantically hops inside his pants and puts his white button down shirt on. You groaned as you lazily hugged your pillow.

“I can’t believe you have work on a Saturday.” You mumbled out.

“Well, I gotta feed the family somehow.” He jokingly said.

He suddenly bolts out of the door without a glance or a goodbye kiss.

He didn’t even say goodbye, the jerk. You let out a frown as you lie on your back and stare up at the ceiling, lost in thought. You suddenly felt a shiver as the cold air sneaked into your room and you sighed. You already missed Jungkook’s warmth.

When you turned on your side, you felt a smile creeping up your face as you stared back at your wedding photos.

In the picture, you were in a white long, laced wedding dress standing next to a smiling Jungkook who was donning a black suit. Surrounded by the both of you were your family and friends from high school.

You stared at the picture with a smile as you admired the way Jungkook’s cheeks lifted as he smiled. You found it cute when his eyes and nose would scrunch up in sync as his smile widens. When he smiled, his eyes would crinkle and his bunny teeth would show. His smile made him appear more youthful and beautiful. You sighed as you felt memories return, moving you back from your younger and joyful years.


You had married young and fresh out of high school.

You were a senior when you had first met Jeon Jungkook and that was also around the time that your timer inked in your wrist had hit zero.

You were walking around the hallway when you bumped into what seem like a hard wall.

You let out a tiny yelp as you felt yourself falling, but luckily a rough hand catches you before you landed.

You opened your eyes to stare back at dark brown hues. You felt your breath escape from your lungs as you admired the boy’s beauty before you. His jet black bangs were parted neatly showing his forehead. His pink, plump lips parted, exposing his bunny-like front teeth as he stared back at you.

And as he helped you up to your feet, you felt a tingling sensation on your wrist. When you stared down at your wrist, you let out a gasp catching the boy’s attention.

On your wrist, the black ink read: 00:00:00:00

Meaning that the boy who literally swept you off your feet and catched you was your soulmate. You quickly hide your wrist and glanced as his and to your shock you realized his wrist had the same writing.

“You’re my s-”

“Soulmate.” Jungkook finished for you as he smiled softly at you.


You had dated him for a year, before he had proposed to you on graduation night.

You had said yes, knowing that he was the one.

Seven years ago, you gave birth to a baby boy named Jeon Chul, who inherited most of his father’s looks. And now, you were the happiest woman alive.

You sighed happily as you got up to check on your six year old son.

“Chul?” Your son ran out from his room to see you standing.

“Let’s have breakfast before we go visit the park.” Chul smiled brightly as he ran towards the kitchen.

After he had finished eating, you washed the dishes and as you were putting them away you felt a shock on your wrist. You let out a gasp of pain and stared at your wrist. The clean plate you were holding slipped out of your hand.

On your wrist, the ink now read: 00:01:45:35.

Meaning that in an hour and forty five minutes, you were going to meet your soulmate.

How? Why? You sat down in disbelief. So many questions appeared on your mind, but the one that disturbed you the most was: Who is your real soulmate?

You forced yourself to sit down as you tried to catch your breath. You felt sweat dripping down your forehead and your hands shaking. Your vision was blurring, but you forced yourself to be calm. However, the thoughts running through your mind weren’t helping.

You had heard rumors of people meeting their soulmates and their stopwatch rewinding again. It was a rare case and you had dismissed it- thinking that it would never happen to you.

But it did.


You were holding your son’s hand as you walked past the streets of Seoul, lost in thought. You felt your feet drag themselves against the pavement, mindlessly. As the sidewalks got more crowded, you felt rough shoulders shove past you. Whispers of sorry fell on deaf ears as you shuffle towards the park like a zombie .

You were knocked out of trance when a man twice your size accidently bumps into you. You fell on the ground and felt your grip loosen on your son’s hand. Chul, too fixated, at the candy bars ahead of him didn’t realize you had let go of his grip. When you rose to your feet, you realized with horror that your son had walked off without you.

You immediately started to panic.

“Chul?! Jeon Chul?!” You screamed your son’s name loudly as you pushed several strangers out of your way.

“Chul?!” You frantically ran around the streets and felt tears drip down your face. You were going to run to the police when you heard your son’s voice.

“Mom!” You turned around frantically to see him holding a man’s hand. You ran up to the man and thanked him.

You hugged Chul as happy tears filled your eyes and you even hugged the man yourself. Chul only eats the chocolate bar as he stared at you in confusion at your reaction.

You felt your heart skip a beat as you held him for a second. You mistaken the erratic beating of your heart as happiness of finding your son.

You finally stared at the man’s face as you had been too busy fussing over Chul.

Your eyes widen as you admired his beauty, one that rivaled your very own husband.

You internally scolded yourself for thinking such a thing.

The man before you had black hair with bangs that covered his forehead and a pale complexion. He gave you a soft gummy smile and his eyes were dark, and cold but you could sense some warmth within them. He was breathtaking. You gaped at him before getting back to reality.

“Thank you so much.” You let out a tear and before you can walk away, the man spoke.

“Wait!” You turned around to see him frowning slightly, which made him look cute you may add.

“What’s your name?” You gave him a small smile.

“Jeon Y/N and you?” You said with a soft voice.

“Min Yoongi.”

“Min Yoongi… I like your name.” You said shyly. He blushed as his name rolled out from your mouth. It sound pleasant coming from you. You cleared your throat, gaining his attention back.

“I must go now..”

“It was nice knowing you.” You smiled back at him.

“Thank you once again. I owe you a huge debt.” He waved you off.

“That’s not necessary… Just live a happy life.” You smiled at him before leaving with your son in tow.

“You too, Min Yoongi.”

He stared at you with an expression you couldn’t quite make out as you started to leave.

You felt flustered and you didn’t know why nor did you want to know.


When you sat down on the bench to watch Chul run around carefree on the playground, the sensation was back again.

You stared down at your wrist.


You stared at it in confusion.

There were so many people in the crowds of Seoul, how am I supposed to find out who’s my soulmate?

And that’s when it hit you. When you hugged Min Yoongi, you felt your heart leap in joy and you felt his sync within yours. You catched the blush on his face after you had said his name and the strange look in his eyes that you couldn’t identify as you walked away.

You realized that it was the face of longing.


When Jungkook arrived home, he had noticed there was something off with you and he couldn’t pinpoint it.

When he tried to hug or kiss you, you flinched away which was odd since you had always welcomed them.

You avoided his eyes whenever he started a conversation with you. It wasn’t until he finally sends his son to bed that he confronted you. With a tired sigh, he came up behind you and hugs your waist. You flinched and felt tense, only to realize it was Jungkook.

“What’s wrong?” You kept silent and as his lips lightly brushed the back of your neck, you felt the tears silently slide down your cheek.

“You’re not the one.” Jungkook frozed and pulled away to stare at you.

“What?” You sniffled and wiped your tears away as you finally met his eyes for the first time today.

You felt an ache in your chest as you realized that your heart no longer speed up at the sight of him. Your usual warm eyes and blushing face was nowhere to be seen.

You looked like a different woman.

“You’re not the one.” Jungkook stared at you for the longest time before walking up to you.

“Are you sure?” You nodded.

“After you had left, I saw the numbers on my skin move again… I don’t understand.” You sobbed out.

You cried silently with Jungkook watching you with an unreadable expression.

After some time, you let out quiet sniffles as Jungkook stared down at the ground. When you had calmed yourself down, he meets your eyes and you frozed. His eyes were void of emotion.

“The clock resets whenever the soulmate falls out of love.” He finally says.

Your eyes widen with the sudden discovery. And though, this man was no longer you’re soulmate, you felt your heart shatter to a million pieces. Happy memories with him in the past suddenly burning up into ashes from your mind and now replaced with hurt and betrayal.

You peered back at his eyes quietly as the aching of your heart continues to spread throughout your body.

You shivered as you noticed his eyes were void of love and warmth. Have they always been this lifeless?

“What do you mean?” Jungkook stared at you sadly.

“Because it happened to me too.” You gasped.

“How long had you known?” Jungkook sighed as he ran his fingers through his hair.

“A year.” You swallowed nervously. And you felt the pit of yout stomach churn as suspicions grew. You sniffled loudly as you slowly tried to voice out your suspicions.

“D-did you cheat on me?” Jungkook stared at the ground, avoiding your eyes.


At that moment, it felt like reality has slapped you in the face. This blissful life with Jungkook was all a fantasy. It was too perfect to be true.

You felt betrayal, anger, resent, but most of all pain and confusion.

He wasn’t your soulmate anymore so how come you still felt so hurt?

You felt your voice shake as you asked the next question that popped into your head.

“Did you cheat on me with your soulmate?”

Jungkook nodded. You avoided his eyes for a long time.

“So this whole time… You were pretending to be in love with me? You pretended to care for me? Not only did you lie to me, but you lied to Chul!” Your voice roughened as rage flooded your body.

Jungkook flinched and he stared at you with wide eyes. He reached out for you, but you smack his hands away.

“You stopped loving me and you never told me! And you had the audacity to cheat on me?!” You shouted out.

“I tried to save our marriage, but I just couldn’t stay away from her anymore. And I couldn’t fake it anymore.” You felt your eyes widen as he quickly confesses to you.

The burden of hiding secrets from you were finally lifted of his shoulders, however it was dropped onto yours.

Despite the pain in your heart, you felt something that you didn’t think you would expect from this affair.

“I’m sorry.” He weakly said.

You rolled your eyes.

“It doesn’t matter anymore. We’re not soulmates, after all.” You whispered out.


After his confession, you took some time to reflect on what has gone wrong and you felt like an idiot for not confronting him sooner.

You should’ve known something was up with him the minute his smile didn’t reach his cold eyes. When his kiss didn’t have a warm and lingering feel of love, when his hands were no longer firm or warm in your grasp, or when you both had sex that was missing passion.

You should’ve known Jungkook was acting strange. He was distant for a while and he would sometimes come home with a floral scent. He would get shifty-eye whenever you tried to meet his eyes and he would fidget nervously. His mouth would always open as if he really wanted to say nothing, but would always close when he felt his courage slipped.

You didn’t know if it was your blind trust and love for him or if you were just scared to find out the truth, because despite the signs you had never questioned him.

You were a fool in love and your son was going to be the victim of this harsh fate.

Though Jungkook had broke your heart, you couldn’t help but feel reborn.

The feelings you had felt after Jungkook’s confession was relief and freedom. Years of acting like the perfect wife was a burden on you. And living up to Jungkook’s strict rules and expectations had always left you feeling unsatisfied and fake. Pretending to be his ideal woman was always a struggle and now that you were free from him, you can be yourself.

There were times that you felt love and warmth within your heart when you saw him, but slowly you felt your feelings fade away. You decided to ignore these feelings because you wanted to save your family, but you should’ve known…

You can’t fake your feelings, no matter how hard you try.

Because the both of you couldn’t lie to each other no more, and just like that everything fell apart like a house of cards.


Chul was going to be a rare case. He’s going to be the child that has divorced parents. The child whose parents couldn’t have a happy ending like the others did.

With those thoughts in mind, you felt yourself get upset at the fact that your son was going to suffer the most.

You signed the divorce papers with a heavy heart, everything had finally been finalized.

You fought to fight back your tears and as you look as Jungkook, you noticed that he was also struggling to keep himself from crying.

You stared at the papers in your hand. You got everything.

You got the house, money, and Jungkook even gave you full custody of your son.

After handing the papers to your lawyer, you and Jungkook got up.

When the lawyer had left, you and Jungkook stared back at each other with tearful smiles.

“Thank you for being a good woman to me. I’m sorry that I couldn’t make you happy in the end.”

You let out a quiet sniffle and nodded, you wiped away your tears.

“I just wished that we could’ve had a happy ending, but I understand now. We were never meant to be. We just happened to meet by chance and we were young and stupid, but I will never forget the good times we had, Jeon Jungkook.”

“And neither will I, Y/N L/N.” The both of you fell silent as he had said your full maiden name.He cleared his throat before speaking up again.

“I just wanted you to know that I did not regret meeting or falling in love with you. And that even if we’re no longer in love, I will cherish and keep our memories deep in my heart.” Jungkook said.

You smiled shakily at him and held up your hand. He smiles at you and grabs your hand before shaking it.

“Goodbye, Y/N.”

It was hard explaining the situation to your son and when he finally understood the fact that his father and mother no longer loved each other- it was heart wrenching.

“I will never fall in love! Soulmates don’t exist!” He yelled out as he sobbed. He held onto his teddy bear as you hugged him tightly.

“We’re so sorry, Chul.”

You feared that your son would never find happiness in love, but there are times when you realized that even if he doesn’t find it in someone, he can always find it somewhere else.

And with that thought in mind, you felt hope blossomed in your heart.

It took a while for Chul to get used to seeing his father during the holidays and adjusting to life as a child of divorce, but he was stronger than you thought.

With all of this in mind, you stared at your son, who was smiling as he ate his muffin. Since the divorce, he had a hard time getting used to being around one parent only and sometimes he would cry for his father. He was getting back to normal, but you knew that your Chul will not be the same anymore. The heartbreaking reality had stolen his innocence cruelly and had made him to be slightly stoic.

You were worried that your son would grow up to be apathetic, but he has been so affectionate towards you and others lately, so perhaps you were just worrying for nothing.

You admired your giggling child as he played with his coloring book and car toys. Despite, losing your soulmate, you still had your son by your side and he was your true love.

His big eyes met yours and he gave you a closed-eyed smile before shouting, “I love you” to you. You giggled at his cuteness. He hands you a muffin and with a smile you took a big bite of the muffin. As you chewed thoughtfully, your mind wandered to the man you had believed to be your new soulmate.

You hadn’t seen him at all since that day you had lost Chul and your stopwatch had no hints of him showing up in your life anytime soon.

Maybe, it’s a fluke and maybe Jungkook was my soulmate after all.

You scoffed.

What’s the point of this wishful thinking?

You were about to call over the waitress for the bill when a deep voice spoke from behind you.

“Hey, I remember you.” You jumped up and peered over your shoulder to see the man, you didn’t know you had been waiting for.

“You’re Jeon Y/N, right?” You gave a sad smile before correcting him.

“It’s L/N Y/N now.” He frowned and motioned towards the seat next to your son.

“May I?” You nodded. He quietly sits next to your son and gave him a soft smile, one that made your heart melt. Despite his handsome jawline and face, he had chubby cheeks that made him look young and cute.

“Hey there, little man. Remember me?” Chul nodded and gave him a quick hug.

“You’re the nice man who bought me a candy bar when I lost my mom.” Yoongi smiled at him.

“I’m glad he still remembers me.” Yoongi added.

“Do you want a muffin?” Yoongi asked you. You shake your head not feeling hungry at the moment.

“What about you, little man?” Your son’s head nodded quickly, making you frown.

“What do you say, Chul?” He stopped smiling and pondered on until a bright smile spread across his face.

“Thank you!” He shouted. Yoongi ruffled his hair as he went up to the cashier counter. After he left, your mischievous son stared at you.

He smirked at you and for a minute there, you thought you were looking at a child version of Jungkook.

“Do you like Mr. Min, mom?” your cheeks instantly warmed up and you started to shake your head.

“Don’t be silly.” You scoffed. You couldn’t believe that your seven year old son was trying to set you up on a date.

“Besides, I don’t have a soulmate.”


Your eyes widen at your son’s answer.

“So? Maybe, I’m not supposed to have one.”

“But, daddy and you said that the timer restarted and daddy even found a new mommy.”

You felt a sharp stab at your heart at the mention of the 'new mommy.’

“Don’t worry, mommy. You will always be my number one and favorite mom.” You chuckle at him.

“And if Mr. Min is your soulmate, I would be happy.” You chuckle at your son, just as Yoongi sat down next to him.

“What’s so funny?” You shake your head and said nothing.

“I think you’re mommy’s soulmate.” Chul suddenly said as he quickly took a bite of his muffin.

Your eyes widen at the same time as Yoongi’s. You chuckle awkwardly as you avoided his eyes.

“Sorry, it’s just he’s been having a hard year since my husband and I divorced.” When you didn’t hear Yoongi respond, you look up to see him staring at you intensely making your heart beat rapidly.

“Well, are you?” He asked. You shake your head and stared at your now cold drink.

“I don’t know. The countdown stopped after I came home from meeting you, but there was too many people on the streets so I can’t be sure.”

He fell silent as he twiddled with the bracelet on his wrist, you can see patches of ink where his timer sat on his wrist.

“Mine stopped for the first time when I met you.” Your head snapped up and you stared at him.

“When my eyes met yours, there was a sharp sensation on my wrist and when I looked down for a little bit- I saw that the timer stopped.” You felt yourself tremble at the new information.

“Why didn’t you say anything?”

He shrugged as he ruffled your son’s hair.

“You were married and you had a kid, I didn’t want to ruin a happy family.” He said with a small smile.

You let out a bitter chuckle.

“We weren’t a happy family though.” You whispered quietly so that your son wouldn’t hear you.

The both of you sat quietly for a long time, until eventually the silence made Chul fall asleep on Yoongi’s lap.

You smiled at him before getting up and carefully placing Chul on your back.

“It’s getting late and Chul has school tomorrow so we need to go.” You said quietly. Yoongi nodded and as you start to walk away slowly, Yoongi tugged on the back of your shirt gently.

You turned around to see him stare down at his feet.

“Let me walk you home at least.” You gave him a small smile and nodded.


The walk back to your home was quiet, but it was pleasant and Yoongi made you feel safe and warm inside. You didn’t want him to leave anytime soon, but when you arrived at your house you knew it was time for him to go.

“Thank you for walking us home.” You said with a shy smile.

“It’s not a problem.” He stared at you with redden cheeks and you couldn’t help but admire his soft, dark eyes and pale skin that contrasted with his dark locks of hair.

He had a mature and confident side of him, yet timid at the same time. A mixture that you enjoyed in him and found quite cute.

You invite Yoongi inside and after putting your son to bed, you walk back to the living room to see him admiring pictures of you and Chul with Jungkook.

“What happened?” He asked quietly. You let out a sigh and sat down on the couch.

“You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to.” He quietly says.

He stared at you contently.

He admired how your eyelashes laid perfectly against your cheeks, your lips pouting slightly, and the way your eyes searched around the room as if to distract yourself from the conversation.

You didn’t know why but something in Yoongi made you want to confide in him.

Maybe, because he was a stranger? Or was it because he’s your new soulmate?

Either way, you felt your lips move to their own accord.

“His timer resetted and when he found his new soulmate- he cheated on me for a year.” Yoongi placed a hand on yours as you felt the tears spill quietly on your cheeks.

“I know that I found a new soulmate and that I shouldn’t have feelings for him anymore, but it still hurts a lot to know that he would do that to me and my son- of all people. He could’ve just divorce me that would’ve hurt less.” You sniffled. Yoongi quietly places your head against his chest.

“You can always cry on my shoulder if you want.” You sniffled loudly as you felt sobs wrack your body. As he ruffled your hair, he started to talk.

“When I graduated from high school, I thought I met my soulmate despite the fact that my timer was still counting down. The girl I fell in love with was so rebellious, free-spirited, and interesting. She was my ideal girl, and though she wasn’t my soulmate I fell in love with her anyways. She was in the same boat as me. She promised me that even if she found her soulmate, she would still be with me… But, she went back on her word.” You stared up to see him glance down.

You unlatched yourself from him and held his hand.

“I wanted to steal her away from him, but I rather see her be happy… At that moment, I hated and resented the idea of soulmates. I wanted to choose my own soulmate not destiny or fate. I thought that it was all bullshit. I even promised myself that if I ever met my soulmate, I would give them a piece of my mind not my heart.” He chuckled bitterly.

His dark brown eyes pierced through yours and though you felt slightly intimidated, you admired them. His dark eyes were sharp and cold, but you could see past them. You can see the warmth and kindness hidden within them. Min Yoongi is a man who may appear to be cold and intimidating, but he is so much more than that.

You liked that Min Yoongi was not the perfectionist type or the type to try to change who you are as a person. He made you feel accepted and true to yourself.

You felt your throat suddenly get dried and you lick your lips nervously, you watch as his eyes darted towards your lips.

He cleared his throat and broke the silence with a quiet mumble.

“But, just like her… I lied.” You gave him a confused stare.

“When you ran up to me and hugged me… that’s when I knew you were my soulmate.”

“I felt my heart stop and when I stared into your tear-filled eyes, I felt myself stop breathing. I felt like I was in a movie and everything was in slow motion. I admired you as you hugged your child and when you smiled as bright as the sun, I knew it was all over for me. At that same day, I realized you were the most beautiful woman I have ever laid eyes on.”

You felt your breath hitch as he walked slowly towards you.

“And that’s when I felt the tingle in my wrist and as you were walking away… The timer was at zero and that’s when I knew… You were the one.” You felt flustered as he placed his warm hand on top of your cheek.

“I wanted to run after you so badly and steal you away from your husband, but I knew it wouldn’t be right. And just like that, I was cursing at fate again.” He rubbed circles on your cheek, soothing your beating heart. You felt his lips hover over yours.

“But, I guess fate felt bad for me because we met again.” You felt his hot breath hit against your lips. You stayed silent as you felt yourself drown within the pools of his brown eyes. You wanted to fight against him, but you felt so attached to him.

Is this how I should’ve felt with Jungkook from the start?

Before, you can continue to question life and the fate of having a soulmate, Yoongi’s gentle voice took you back to reality and to the present.

“I know that the divorce was difficult for you, but could you give me a chance?”

Your eyes widen at the sudden confession. You stared back at a nervous Yoongi before your eyes darted back to the picture frame of you and Jungkook smiling widely. You felt disappointment and heartbreak as you know that the both of you will never get back together. You stared back at Yoongi and a warm sensation within your chest as he smiled sweetly at you. Though, you know he was your soulmate you couldn’t help but feel doubt.

“What if you and I end up falling out of love?” You whispered quietly.

Yoongi’s heart broke at the sight of tears sliding down your cheek.

He could sense your fear and doubt.

He walked towards you and held you. You felt warmth and secure- almost like you were cuddling with your childhood blanket. You felt the radiation of his innocent and pure love. The new feeling was welcoming and comforting.

“It won’t happen.”

“How do you know?”

“Because you’re my soulmate.”

“I thought you didn’t believe in soulmates?”

“I didn’t… until I met you.” Your heart skips a beat as he stared deep within your eyes, you felt his warmth and love radiate from him.

“I know you’re going through a hard time and that you might not want to be with me right now. But, I just wanted you to know that I will wait for you. After all, I waited for you all these years without knowing.”

You felt your breath escape your lips as his sweet words melted the cold ice that encased your broken heart.

After staring at him for a while, you let out a small smile and grabbed his hand. His hand was rough and warm, but it gave you a tingling sensation in your chest.

“One year was long enough.” You said.

Yoongi’s gums appear as he smiled widely at you. He pulls you in gently to hug you. You enjoyed the way his heart beat matched yours and the way his arms tighten around your waist as he slowly moved around the room.

The moment was perfect and you felt the broken pieces of your heart start to sew back together slowly.

“You won’t regret choosing me.” He said, confidently.

You pull away to stare at his redden cheeks and confident stare. It was a cute combination from the quiet man.

“I will trust you for now, Min Yoongi.”

“Good and for some insurance.” He slowly latches his lips on yours, He kisses you until the both of you came up for breath. He gave you a loving gaze and sighed in content. You gave him a small smirk.

“The deal is seal.” You quietly whispered before returning his kiss. The taste of mint was sweet on your lips and you felt as though everything was going to be okay.

After all, he was your true and final soulmate.


Throughout the years, Yoongi and you went through hardships.

Like any normal couples, Yoongi and you fought, but in the end of the day the both of you would never sleep angry at each other.

Chul grew up to be a fine man and found his soulmate eventually. He would always tell the story about grandma Y/N falling out of love with grandpa Jungkook and in love with grandpa Yoongi.

“Let your grandparents’ stories serve as a lesson.” Chul finally said with a smile on his face as he ruffled his daughter’s hair.

“What’s the lesson?” Your grandson said as he stared at you and Yoongi.

You smiled widely at him and held his wrinkly hand.

“The lesson is that no matter what happens, never lose hope because hope is always around the corner.” You quietly said. Yoongi places a light kiss on your hand.

“And sometimes you have to be patient. You don’t look for love because love finds you instead and when you least expect it.” Yoongi chuckles as he admire his wife beside him.

Yoongi and you had lived life to the fullest together and the both of you had no regrets except that the both of you didn’t meet soon enough.

Life was good.

And whenever someone recounted your love story with Yoongi, it always had a certain beginning and ending:

Once upon a time, a girl believed she had forever lost her soulmate, but hope gave her a new one and one that will always return her feelings.

Once upon a time, a boy believed that soulmates didn’t exist, but hope found his. And though, they were separate for some time, hope and fate had brought them together for this one moment in life.

Through a heartbreak and chance of fate, boy and girl met and fell in love.


I had wanted to post this one-shot on Yoongi’s birthday, but life suddenly attacked me with responsibilities and stressful tasks. Perhaps during the summer, I will have more time and finally finish Blank Slate because I’m dying to write my new RapMonster series.

I have so many series ideas, but not enough time to start or finish them XC

The book I'll never write

The first time I slept next to him I didn’t even sleep. I just laid there completely paralyzed listening to him breathe, so softly. The sound of his heartbeat slowed mine down and the slow, steady movements of his chest melted me from the inside out. It was the kind of thing where if I moved he would pull me closer to him just so I knew he was there. I have never felt so safe in my life, so content, so in love. I laid awake all night just admiring him. Analyzing his is hair, his lips, his jawline, touching his perfectly chiseled chest. For a minute his big brown eyes opened. He caught me looking at him and smiled. He tilted my chin up slowly. His lips touched mine sweetly and his eyes closed again. He pulled me closer to him one more time and whispered, “I love you.”

Sasuke: I don’t have a “type.” I don’t waste time thinking of such frivolous things.

Sasuke’s inner mind: Actually blonde hair is really great in contrast to tanned skin … Eyes that look like a perfect ocean wave captured in a time bottle of indigo… Chiseled chest… Broad shoulders… Stupid, bright, grinning face, whiskered cheeks, the name Naruto…

Sasuke @ Sasuke: Would you stop

Flirting with disaster

WWE Imagine

Request: Roman and AJ tag team you after you tease them both for a while.

Warnings: Smutt, language
Word Count: 2700
Appearances: Roman Reigns x AJ Styles x Reader
Author’s Notes: Love this prompt so much! I am so excited to write this one! Hope you enjoy!

You had just finished your post-match interview with Seth Rollins and were walking back towards the car garage to leave when you spotted Roman and AJ standing off to the side discussing their match. Roman wore his hair down, it rolled over his strong arms and broad shoulders, his protective vest was only half zipped, exposing his sculpted chest. AJ was in his signature baseball style pants, they hugged him tightly in all the right places, his chest was exposed as he was only wearing his sleeveless Phenomenal 1 vest, it framed his chiseled chest and abs nicely. Down the centre of his chest was a thin line of hair that disappeared at the line of his waste, presumably under his pants.
“ Hello Boys” You smile coyly at them, working your hips a little more as you saunter towards them, winking at them.

“ Hey Y/N” Roman’s lips curl into that sideways grin that does certain things to you.
“ Y/N” AJ nods, his eyes lingering on your body as you walk up to where they are standing, you were still in your interview outfit, a form fitting black thigh length pencil skirt, with a low-cut lavender purple silk button up tucked into it, and to top it all off, you wore 4 inch black heels.
“ How are we today?” you ask, reaching out to flatten the collar of AJ’s vest, resting your hands on his chest for a moment when you’re done. “ We are fine” Roman stiffens a little, standing straighter, shooting a harsh look at AJ, “Well, better now I would imagine?” You turn to Roman, and reach up to tug on the end of a loose strand of his hair, smiling and cocking your head to the side, “ Don’t be jealous Roman” You tease.
“ Yeah Roman” AJ smiles wrapping his arm around your waist pulling you closer, you wiggle free of his grip, and turn, smiling and biting your bottom lip deliberately, letting your eyes wonder both of their bodies for a moment. “ I’ll see you guys tomorrow” you say matter-of-factly spinning on your heels. As you turn you see them exchange a look.

The next day as you walked back stage from the ring after your segment on The ‘Ambrose Asylum’ AJ caught your arm, spinning you sideways so that your back was against the wall, his bare arms on either side of your head. “ You’re looking quite lovely today Mrs. Y/L/N” AJ murmurs taking your outfit in, tonight you wore a red high-waisted pencil skirt, and a white crop top, a red blazer draped over it, your hair fell in a tight pony-tail over you shoulder, and you wore red high heeled pumps. He smiled at you, his grin getting bigger when took in a shaggy breath. He was still in ring gear, minus the vest, his chest bare and almost pressed against you. “ AJ” you manage, your voice sticking in the back of your throat. “ What’s the matter huh Y/N?” he coos into your ear, his nose grazing the line of your jaw as he pulls his head back to look into your eyes. He had a teasing grin on his face, one that touched his bright blue eyes. “ Not a thing Mr. Styles” you regain your composer, you were in control here. You reach down placing your hand against his chest, pushing slightly so he was forces to lean back, you took the opportunity to duck under his arm, he spins around to see you, effectively pinning him against the wall.

“ This is better, now what was your question AJ?” You purr into his ear, your voice as sweet as sugar, a shiver runs down his spine and you giggle softly. “ Uh-Hum” A soft demanding voice startles you, it was coming from behind you, when you turn around Roman is shirtless in his ring pants, title slung effortlessly over his broad, thick shoulder, his eyes bore into yours. “ We have a match to attend” he scowls at AJ. “ Damn, I would like to be involved in that match” You tease, winking at Roman, and biting you lip. Roman bends down a little so he is looking you eye to eye, “ I don’t think you could handle it baby” He says a smug grin stretching across his squared jaw. You turn red, you hate being embarrassed but Roman’s cockiness caught you off-guard. You grin leaning forward and press your hand into his groin, cupping him delicately. You felt him harden under you a he jumped a little from the sudden intrusion. “Oh I think it’s the other way around Roman” You smile sweetly, looking him in the eyes. “ Uh, Right, so we have a match, please release my opponent?” AJ asks a little awkwardly, fidgeting with his belt buckle and looking anywhere but at your hand, still lingering on Roman’s crotch.

“Since you asked me so nicely..” you turn to smile at AJ, releasing Roman who had visibly reddened.
“Have a good match boys, be safe” you call over your shoulder as you walk past them and to your locker room to change into your street cloths.

*Later that night*

You looked up a little startled as you heard a faint knock on your door. Where you imagining things? You know that you hadn’t invited anyone over and it was a little to late for visitors even in the all-day work hours of the WWE talent. Knock-Knock -Knock. No you hadn’t imagined it, the faint knock echoed through the room again, “ Be there in a moment!” You called to the door, wrapping yourself in your thin white silk robe that covered you to mid-thigh, you were not dressed for company, you wore only your white lace Victoria’s secret push-up bra and panty set, Your hair cascaded down your back still a little damp from the shower you had taken about a hour ago. The robe covered you well enough to open the door and see whom it was vesting you at this hour.

“Hey Y/N I jus-” Aj stopped mid-sentence as he took in your appearance “Wow.” He managed his eyes glued to your body. “ Did you need something AJ?” You purr softly, your panties wetting at the sight of AJ in his street cloths. He wore a V-cut dark grey short sleeved top and a pair of form fitting blue-jeans, worn at the knees. His hair fell in his face and he smelled slightly of alcohol, Bourbon maybe? “ You look, just, Wow” AJ started again. You smiled again, “Would you like to come in AJ? I don’t feel like letting the whole hotel see me in my pajamas if you don’t mind” you laughed. “ Yes, God yes I want to come in” AJ replied quickly, walking in as you stepped to the side to allow him into your room.

“ Did you need something?” You ask closing the door behind you. When you turn to see AJ, he is looking at you lustfully, his expression full of want. Your breath catches in your throat and heat races to your midsection. “ AJ?” you repeat, snatching his attention back to your face. “ Sorry, uh-, I wanted to come by to, um, well you see, I, look Y/N I think you know exactly what you’re doing” He stumbles through his sentence, slurring a bit. You pout and bat your eyelashes innocently at him. “ AJ, I don’t think I know what you’re talking about” You coo at him softly. He moves closer to you, so you are standing only a foot apart and looks into your eyes hungrily. “ For some reason, I really doubt that” He almost growls in a deep southern draw that makes you weak in your knees. You both jump as you hear a sudden knock on the door, breaking the thick, palpable tension in the air.

“ I should answer that” You breath softly at AJ, turning before he can stop you. You open the door slightly and nearly faint as you take in Roman’s figure standing in the doorway, his hair pulled into a messy bun, and wearing nothing but a pair of PJ pants that hand loosely from his waist. He smirks at the shocked expression on your face, “ Mind if I come in?” He asks, and before you can answer he pushes the door open, and walks past you, stopping mid-stride as he takes in both you and AJ’s presence.

“ Oh, it seems you already have company” Roman says pointedly as he glares at AJ. “ Yeah she does” AJ shoots back, the friction between them was almost tangible. “ Yeah, Uh AJ arrived just a few minutes before you did Roman, was there something you two needed to tell me?” You ask coyly, your voice shaken at the thought of it. “ I didn’t plan on Styles being here” Roman turns to you, looking you legs to face and back again making you squirm. “ Well he IS here, and I think there is plenty of me to go around, so if you guys needed something please just tell me what it was” You smile deviously at Roman, who’s mouth pops open a little at the hidden meaning behind your words. “ Well now” AJ chimes in walking over to you once again, and grabbing your hand, pulling you into him. “ I think we can manage that don’t you Roman?” AJ’s eyes never leave yours. He leans forward kissing you softly at first, then harder, his body crashing into yours. You moan softly, heat radiating down your body to your mound, which was now throbbing with desire.

“ Oh I think we can” Roman says his voice husky. He walks behind you, pressing his body against you. He winds his fingers into your hair pulling your head back to expose your neck, where he softly bites and kisses, leaving a trail of red from your ear to your shoulder then back again, his body is against yours and you can feel his growing erection pressing into the small of your back. You let out a moan, feeling over whelmed by the pleasure of having both of their mouths on you at once. “Just remember you started this” Roman growls into your ear, pulling your robe down, revealing your panties and bra.
“ Hmm, looks like someone was expecting us” AJ murmurs into your mouth, making you press into him, your body crying for release.

“Please AJ?” You whimper into his mouth, his tongue exploring every inch of yours. “Yes Ma’am?” he questions, “Please what?” Roman breaths into your ear, his teeth finding your ear lobe, his hand running around your waist and to your front, sliding skillfully down your panties and caressing your clit making you cry out. “Please use me!” You beg, thrusting against Roman’s hand. “ I think she wants us, what about you Roman?” AJ teases, freeing your face and moving his hands down to your breasts, under your bra, and pinching your Harding nipples, rolling them in his fingers. “Ah! Yes I do please!” You beg.

“ For such a tease she sure is needy” Roman purrs, his finger swirling around your clit once more, then sinking into your wet pussy. “ Let’s teach her not to tease the wrong guys” AJ growls, and Romans hand disappears from your panties and moves to your back, making quick work of the clasps on your bra, and pulling it down, exposing your breasts and hard nipples. AJ walks you backwards to the bed where he pushes you backwards, your hands catching you as you fall, he smiles at your wanting look as he pulled your panties down, his fingers lingering a second on your wet mound, he then pulls his shirt over his head, then slowly he unbuckles his belt and slides it off, discarding it on the floor beside the bed. “ If you aren’t good I might use that on you later” AJ winks at you. You bite your bottom lip hard, your body aching to be filled. AJ pulls his pants off, and he springs free, He was large, about 8 inches long and 2 inches wide, your salivated as he crawled on top of you, his erection pressing into your hip. “ Ready Y/N?” he asks his hair falling into is face, framing the lustful look he was giving you.

You hear Roman, as he walks to the other side of the bed, resting his knees he reaches down and pulls your chin up so that you’re looking at him, he bends and kisses you, his tongue pressing into your mouth as AJ presses into your pussy, achingly slow at first but then harder, making you moan around Roman’s mouth. He pulls back and you notice his Pajama pants are gone. Leaving him naked, You gasped. He was bigger than AJ. About 9 inches long and 2 and a half wide. You clenched around AJ at the thought of having Roman inside you. He grinned down at your shocked expression. “ Told you, you couldn’t handle it” he teased, taking it in his hand and stroking it softly. “ God Y/N, you’re so fucking tight!” Aj exclaimed as he pushed your knees up, using them as leverge to thrust deeper into you. You screamed out.

“ Oh! God AJ yes please harder!” You whimper, taking Roman’s Cock into your mouth, he throws his head back at the warmth of your mouth and the pleasure of having your tongue swirl around him as you suck first softly, then harder. “ Good girl” Roman murmurs, his hand guiding your head up and down on his shaft.
“ Mmmm Y/N” AJ grunts as he continues pounding into you. “ Please Roman I want to feel you in me too” You bat our eyes up at him. “Is that so?” He grins, and AJ thrusts once more then pulls out agonizingly quickly, leaving you aching and wanting to be filled again. “ Up” Roman directs you. You sit up and he moves under you, pulling you on top of him. He positions himself at your entrance from behind, and slowly pushes his huge head inside your ass. “ Ahhh!” You scream out your nails digging into his sides, “God yes please more!” You beg, as AJ moves to push back into your now soaked pussy. You had never felt so full in your life, the men moved in unison, Roman pounding into you from behind, grunting and breathing heavily on your neck, whispering your name repeatedly in your ear as he did. AJ was working on top of you his breathing ragged as he pushed as far as he could into you, moaning out as he did.

They crashed into making you scream a slur of profanity and God’s name, intelligible words in between. You felt the pleasure starting at the tips of your toes then move up your legs and down your arms to focus almost painfully at the centre of your body. “ PLEASE IM GOING TO CUM!” you scream out, making the men pound into you harder. “ Me too baby me too!” you felt Roman burst around you, sending you over the edge into the nest orgasm you’d ever had, it sent shivers down your spins, and made your toes curl tightly. Seeing you cum was to much for AJ and he to came hard in you, filling your pussy with cum.
“ Y/N!” he grunted, pulling out after a moment. Roman to pulled out, and you moved of the top of him, sprawling out on the bed next to the two men. Your breathing heavy and a smile on your face.

“Well, maybe you could handle it after all” Roman teases breathlessly, making you and AJ laugh.

Morning part 8

The morning light breaks in and Saitama wakes to a good smell. He hums and stretches feeling only a lump of blanket where a boy use to be. He sleepily looks around. He sees that Genos was in the kitchen cooking. A gold fuzz already growing on his head and very naked.

Genos looks over and sees his master sitting up shirtless in bed. Lazily rubbong his eye while sporting chiseled abs and chest. “Master!” deep bow, “I took the liberty to clean, and organize master’s apartment, and make breakfast.”

Sleepy Saitama “Why aren’t you wearing anything?”

“I apologize”, genos put the bed shirt back on, “I did not want to soil master clothes.”

And was the apartment cleaner? The table was clear, no more empty take out boxes. Laundry picked up from the floor with washer running in the background. From the futon saitama could tell the pile of dishes in the sink was now in the drying rack.

Sai glances 360 around the room. ‘Did he scrub the walls?’ The glass door was shining. Everything was shiney! More awake now saitams says “You didn’t have to do all this,” Saitama has never worked this hard cleaning.

Eyebrows cross, shoulders back and with great seriousness genos says, “It is my job as your deciple to do chores!”

“This place looks new. Good job.”

Most enthusiastically “HAI!”

Sai squints as if looking at a bright light, ‘too much energy this early.’

Genos served sai a plate of omlet rice and a cup of hot tea. “I went through the ice box and cubbords for ingredients. I hope it is up to master’s standards” Genos then sits away seiza style.

“Wow, thanks genos!” Without another thought digs in. “Hmmm!” The food was tasty, poping with flavor.

“Im glad you are pleased” genos bows deeply.

“Are you gonna eat?”

“That is not nessicery, I do not require food master.”

“But are you hungry?” -saitama Looks at genos making eye contact.

“I…. I am not sure”- How long had it been since last he felt hungry or ate?

Sai splits the omlet rice. “You need food to keep up your strength. Leason two: you need 3 meals a day for a healthy body. breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Even a banna in the morning is fine.”

Sai feels it is his responsibility to resocialize genos and get him prepaired for the real world until he’s well enough to be on his own. then the kid will learn his “master” has nothing to teach and leave on his own.

Can you imagine how intensely teen!sherlock watches teen!john the first time they undress each other? How thrilled and frightened he must be? His sharp eyes are locked on John’s features, shaky fingers attempting to undo the buttons of John’s shirt, breath stuttering unnaturally as John’s deep blue eyes widen with every naked inch he exposes of Sherlock’s body. His pink tongue snakes out, licking his lips in anticipation as Sherlock’s crisp button-down opens, revealing his pale, not-nearly-as-chiseled-as-John’s chest and stomach muscles. And Sherlock watches, exhilarated and equally terrified that after months of imagining this, of picturing exactly what this would feel like, being exposed like this with the person he loves most, he truly has no idea how John will react.

But when his John lifts his blond head, peering up at Sherlock through light, curling lashes and whispers, “My god, you are beautiful,” so tenderly it makes his chest ache, Sherlock simply cannot remember what was so scary about this in the first place. 

“It’s not as bad as it looks, doll,” Bucky tries to hide his wince as you continued to clean up the open wound across his chest that he’d got from the latest mission. 

You were trying to focus on your job of patching him up, rather than the fact Bucky was half naked and you had your hands over his chiselled chest. 

“Uh, huh,” you cleared your throat before tossing the bloody rag in the trash and preparing the needle and sutures to stitch the rather large and deep wound. 

You’d be lying if you said having to watch Bucky and the rest of your friends go out and risk their lives on missions pretty much every day didn’t scare the hell out of you. But, your skills as a nurse definitely helped with the aftermath, and you were thankful you could be at least some use to the team. 

Bucky let out a grunt as you started sewing up the wound. “Not that bad, huh?” you sassed, humour in your voice in an attempt to distract him from the obvious pain. 

“I’ve had worse,” he murmured, your eyes meeting his for a quick moment and the sadness flittering across your face at his words. “But, I’m glad I have a beautiful nurse to patch me up these days,” he gave you a soft smile that warmed your heart, a slight blush crossing your cheeks.

You gave him a quick smile in return before focusing back on your task in calm silence, trying to ignore the hammering in your chest. You knew he was just aimlessly flirting with you, but deep down you wish you meant as much to him as he did you. 


Kim Taehyung X Reader

Summary: Your, to say the least, interesting neighbor always wears pajamas. Always. Until one day he knocks on your door, with an odd request. 

Note: I finally posted something wowzers, it’s not the best but then again I am a poorly motivated teenager so, whatcha gon do? 

     You were worried. Not a bad worried but a worried you never thought could happen. You were worried if your twenty-something year old neighbor had actual clothes. 

     Whenever your neighbor of 6 months would knock on your door, usually asking for an oddly specific food, he was always wearing boxers or pajama pants. 

      Did he not have any normal clothes, or God forbid, a shirt? You weren’t complaining though, the weekly occurrence of you seeing his beautiful tan skin and chiseled chest definitely brightened your day up a bit. But at this point, it almost concerned you. 

     Does he not have enough money for any clothes? 

     He often came over for food or the rare occurrence when his cat would go missing, asking you to go out on a quest with him to find it, which you always accepted. But if he couldn’t buy food, could he buy clothes? 

    Maybe I should buy him a shirt or something. 

     Loud knocks on your front door awakened you from your thoughts. As you walked to the living room, the knocks continued and started to get louder. 

     "Oh my fucking god, I’m almost there!“ You semi-yell, not wanting to alarm the person on the other side of the door. As you twist the doorknob you hear a deep chuckle, confirming the identity of the knocker. 

     "Tae, I swear if Mr. Fluffers went missing again-” You quickly choke on your words as you see whats in front of you. 

     Taehyung was dressed, in actual clothes. You looked up and down, enjoying every second of the view. His tan chest was covered with a white dress shirt, accompanied by a black tie and his long legs that usually only wore boxers or the occasional Adventure Time pajama pants were covered by black dress pants instead. To top it all off, his feet that usually had mismatched socks attached to them were covered by black dress shoes, but you could still see the multi-colored striped ones underneath, causing you to smile. The only thing that hadn’t changed was his hair. His usual brown locks that were pointing in every direction stayed the same, though he might’ve ran his hands through it a few times to try to control it. To say the absolute least, he looked amazing. 

     "Take a picture, it lasts longer.“ Tae winked, which earned a blush from you.

     "As weird as this sounds,” You breathe looking him up and down once more, “why the fuck do you have clothes on? It’s kinda throwing me off.”

     Tae chuckled, fixing his tie with his right hand. As he did this you looked over his demeanor. He seemed nervous, almost. You could see his throat bob whenever he swallowed, and he kept reaching up to the collar of his shirt, adjusting it. 

     "Uhm well, okay this is weird- but let me finish okay!“ He yelled, throwing his hands up, as to make sure you didn’t shut the door in his face. You blinked at him and nodded, waiting for him to continue. 

     "So as you know, I live by myself- not including Mr. Fluffers. But I might have possibly been lying to my parents for like maybe 6 months-ish, telling them that I have a girlfriend." 

     You blinked a few times to collect yourself. He didn’t have a girlfriend? With his looks and personality it was almost impossible to believe. 

     "So, I kinda need a date, and since you love me so so much, I figured that you would be the best person to ask.” He finished. Wow he talked fast, but so did you if you were being honest. 

     Feeling a blush creep up your neck, you looked down at your attire. Your ripped jeans and flannel, accompanied by cat socks didn’t really seem date appropriate.  

     "Also you’re really cute so this might as well be a real date, just…with my parents.“ He finished, scratching the back of his neck and smiling awkwardly. Cute

     Looking at him you could tell how desperate he was, for fucks sake you wouldn’t want the kid to disappoint his parents. Plus he said it was basically a real date, and you couldn’t ignore the growing feelings you had for him. But then you realized, you hardly knew anything about the damn boy. 

     "Tae, I don’t know much about you how could I-" 

     "I’ll inform you on everything in the car! Plus I come over here enough that you should know at least a little about me. Please, please, please (Y/N) this is really important and I really wanna go on a date with you and your cute ass, so I would prefer it if you got ready in the next 10 minutes.” Tae said all in one breath, taping his watch and smiling while pushing you aside so he could come sit down on the brown couch that resided in your living room. 

     Closing the door, you looked back at him with astonishment. As he sat down he fixed his tie once more and smiled up at you. 

     You couldn’t say no to that smile. 

     "You’re lucky you said I had a cute ass, fucker.“ You huff as you walk back to your bedroom, hearing a deep chuckle from the living room.

-The Wisdom Of Emond's Field-

by  Allen Joshua Arnold‎

As I recall, I saw her first
Descend a flight of stairs.
I felt her gaze, a blaze of life
Engulf mine in a glare.
The fury in her eyes shone bright
With a light no dark could yield.
That’s the day I fell in love
With The Wisdom Of Emond’s Field.

Bound and sworn, a hound of sorts,
My sword pledged to another.
In my chest, a chiseled stone
Was honed to know no lover.
Yet as I watched her walk away,
I felt my layers peeled.
That’s the day I pledged my heart
To The Wisdom Of Emond’s Field.

Far from home, I roam this land,
A king without his crown;
To hunt the shadows haunting me,
And strike Sight Blinder down.
My kingdom lays in ruins,
But it’s she I can still shield.
That’s the day I laid my crown
Before The Wisdom Of Emond’s Field

On the day she went away,
She wore, dangling from a string,
Around her neck, close to her heart
My family’s signet ring.
Mashiara, keep it near,
And know our love is sealed.
That’s the day I swore my life
To The Wisdom Of Emond’s Field.

Every night, I watched the sky,
And held her in my heart.
No moon that passed before my eyes
Could pull our love apart.
For in my chest now burns the flame
Of a passion she revealed.
That’s the day I vowed return
To The Wisdom Of Emond’s Field.

On the day I found my way
Back to my lover’s side,
I found her body in a lake;
She barely clung to life.
I pulled her from the water’s grasp,
And saw that she was healed.
That’s the day I said my vows,
To The Wisdom Of Emond’s Field.

Mashiara, love of mine,
I have no lands to give.
So, my heart, I hand to you,
For as long as I might live.
You found, deep down, a part of me,
I thought remained concealed.
That’s the day I crowned my queen,
The Wisdom Of Emond’s Field.