Police seek man suspected of setting fire at medical clinic (Canada's only Transgender Clinic)
The suspect arrived at the clinic around 8:45 p.m., police said. They provided a description to the arson squad. Police do not know the motive.

A man is being sought by police after a fire was set at a medical clinic while employees and patients were still in the building.

Sprinklers were set off at the Centre métropolitain de chirurgie on de Salaberry St. near Gouin Blvd. in Nouveau-Bordeaux, limiting damage till firefighters could arrive to put out the blaze. The building was evacuated and no one was injured.

The suspect arrived at the clinic around 8:45 p.m., police said. They provided a description to the arson squad. Police do not know the motive.

Twitter tells me that this clinic is Canada’s only Transgender medical clinic:

Boost this! The media isn’t even reporting that it is a Transgender medical clinic.
Attack on Canada's only surgery clinic for trans people elicits 'zero reaction'
Last Monday, an arsonist attacked Canada's only sex reassignment surgery provider, and no one is talking about it.

On the evening of Monday May 2, Canada’s only sex reassignment surgery clinic was subject to an arson attack. A man, armed with a machete, axe and gas can, set fire to the operating room.

Constable Abdullah Emran of the Montreal police has stated they are treating the incident as a potential hate crime “because this is the only clinic that does [gender confirmation surgery], but at this point we have nothing that confirms it is related to that.”

Press were remarkably slow to respond, with reporting coming in late and often with no mention of the work the clinic does. Social media has also been slow on the uptake with its reaction to this crime.

The Centre Métropolitain de Chirurgie in Montréal offers sex reassignment surgeries, more often called gender confirmation surgery, to transgender Canadians. The arson attack caused an estimated $700,000 worth of damage and put the clinic temporarily out of action.

In a statement, the clinic said they were “forced to cancel surgeries scheduled between Tuesday, May 3, and Friday, May 6, 2016.” Other surgeries are currently being performed at an alternate location. Although the damage isn’t permanent, it is yet to be determined when the clinic will reopen.

For many gender confirmation procedures, the Centre Métropolitain de Chirurgie is the only clinic in Canada that accepts patients referred by provincial health-care programs. Sex reassignment surgeries are at least partially funded by eight of Canada’s provinces, although not all of these provinces cover all types of gender confirmation procedures.

The Montréal clinic is the only clinic in Canada that provides both male-to-female and female-to-male gender confirmation surgery. Trans people travel from both Canada and the U.S. for surgery at the clinic.

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A Fire Has Damaged The Only Clinic In Canada Performing Gender-Affirming Surgery
No word on the motive or how patients could be affected.
By Lauren Strapagiel

The only clinic in Canada where certain gender-affirming surgeries are performed was severely damaged Monday night in a suspected case of arson.

A fire was set at Centre Métropolitain de Chirurgie in Montreal at 8:45 p.m., police told BuzzFeed Canada.

While the sprinkler system stopped the fire from spreading, TVA reports the water and smoke caused several hundred thousand dollars of damage. No injuries were reported and police are now seeking a man in connection with the blaze.

The cosmetic surgery clinic is home to Canada’s only doctor performing more complex gender-affirming surgeries like vaginoplasty and phalloplasty. Led by Dr. Pierre Broussard, transgender patients from across the country are referred to the clinic. With wait times already spanning years — and that’s after the wait for a referral — there’s concern the fire damage could make the situation even worse.

Dr. Broussard’s office declined to comment on how patients could be affected, but transgender Canadians and their allies are concerned about the potential impact and motivations.

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I already shared this a while ago but now it’s better organized.

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Ma mère m'en a raconté une, il y a quelques jours !
C'était dans les années 80, elle avait donc dans les vingt ans et débutait comme assistante dentaire. Elle travaillait dans ce cabinet depuis quelques semaines, mais là c'était la première fois où elle allait assister à une chirurgie. Le dentiste lui sort, l'air hautain :
“Aujourd'hui, c'est le baptême du sang ! J'espère que vous n'êtes pas du genre petite nature, à s'évanouir à la vue d'un peu de sang.”
Elle a haussé les épaules et a répondu, le regardant droit dans les yeux :
“Boarf, ça devrait aller. Tous les mois je gère, vous savez.”
Elle m'a dit qu'il avait pâli et avait fermé son claque-merde :D Il leur en faut peu :p