Chirurgeon (Alchemist Archetype)

Many alchemists focus on using their knowledge of the nebulous science of alchemy to destroy their foes and enhance themselves. However, some are more selfless in their goals, and learn to heal the injured and sick with their extracts and surgical skills. In time, they can rival the healing power of many clerics, using science in place of divine mercy.

Thanks to the interaction of chemistry and magic present in an alchemist’s concoctions, they can usually only use their extracts on themselves, unless they learn to infuse them. However, then they have to be used in order to free up space for other extracts, instead of simply divesting the magical power from the extract as normal. A chirurgeon, on the other hand, learns early on how to manipulate the energies of healing extracts, making them available to the rest of the world without locking those uses out.

Eventually, even the most well-prepared healer runs out of spells. When that happens, a chirurgeon is still useful, supplementing surgical skill with an understanding of anesthetic, making things easier for both the healer and the healee.

Finally, the chirurgeon learn how to brew a healing extract so powerful, that if administered within a few seconds of death, can restore someone to life, keeping an ally in the fight longer.

For all of the abilities this archetype grants, the chirurgeon gives up most of their mastery of poisons for. These alchemists make consummate healers, and benefit from a wide array of discoveries and feats that enhance their healing power.

There are many reasons to walk the path of the chirurgeon. A desire to help others, making up for someone they couldn’t save, or perhaps simply the profit that comes with being a healer. Either way, the alchemist will often have to determine how they justify taking the lives of those that attack them on the field of battle.


In a world where disease is used like a weapon, one would think that life would be especially difficult for a nation that forsakes the power of the gods. However, the steam-powered kingdom of Adenspur does just that and prospers, thanks to the guild of chirurgery. They train for years to understand the living body, providing aid to those in need, for a reasonable price.

In the wastelands of Jarde, there is one place that not even the most cold-hearted raider or monster will attack. This healing house is home to several chirurgeons, and any who come in peace, no matter who or what they are, may find aid. More honorable patients stay for an indeterminate amount of time, helping out and guarding the place from ignorant fools and beasts that lack the wit to see its importance.

Veeble is something of an eccentric, a doddering old kobold alchemist who is often absentminded and quick with a joke, but utterly serious and focused when working, providing some of the best medical care. The pained look in his eyes when asked about his history, however, implies a time when he was not the lovable, yipping healer that everyone knows and loves, a time he regrets dearly.

[ OOC ] Gelmorra/Duskwight Lore Bomb

@gelmorra used to have this posted on their Tumblr, but it doesn’t seem to exist anymore.  Considering how useful it was to me as a Duskwight roleplayer, I’ve taken the liberty of reposting it here.  I hope it helps others as much as it helped me, and huge thanks go to the original author for compiling such an amazing collection of Duskie tidbits!

<snip snip – for length and potential spoilers!>

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mischiefandmystics  asked:

~ The five stages of grief are denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. Describe your muse in each stage after losing a loved one.

OOC: I apologize in advance for the novel. It got away on me. Also if the formatting is fucked, I tried. I’m on mobile right now D;

It doesn’t feel real. He sits in his room, at his writing desk, still dressed for battle, the crimson caress of fingertips now dried to his cheek. Istolin cannot move, cannot will his limbs to perform the simple act of standing, much less undressing and bathing.

Perhaps there was some miracle the chirurgeons could yet perform, some way to save Haurchefant. The knight couldn’t be dead, not like that. Not so easily.

The surface of the desk is swept clear in a fit of rage, papers scattering, glass shattering. The chair is next as he stands, sent skittering across the hardwood floor. It does not make him feel better. It does not stop the hot tears from spilling down his cheeks, nor the sobs through clenched teeth. And truly, he is angriest at himself.

He could have intervened. He could have done something. Yet, again, he merely stood by and let the worst happen. He could have…

He is still in the attire he wore on that mission to the Vault, the tunic and leggings worn under his armor days past needing a clean at this point. Not that he is conscious of this, or much of anything. The Ishgardian is not so much seated as he is piled in a heap in a chair by the hearth in his room, the empty bottles about telling the story of one fruitlessly attempting to dull the pain of loss.

No one has said anything; he has driven maids and butlers away with orders and taken to drinking himself into a stupor in solitude, door locked to even his dearest friends.

The crash happens a week later, eight days of hard liquor, no food, sleep coming only as in short bursts as a brief side effect of intoxication. He has somehow made it to the Last Vigil, standing over the edge, swaying dangerously, a bottle of who-knows-anymore in hand. It takes two men to bring him from the ledge, where he collapses, heaving, and sobbing, and breaking down for perhaps the first time as the full force of his grief rips through him.

The war is over. Nidhogg has fallen. It was all worth it in the end. For the most part, anyways. Istolin stands at Providence Point, overlooking the grave of the late Fortemps commander, violin in hand.

“I hated this piece for the longest time,” he speaks, as if the man were there with him. The pale Ishgardian certainly felt his dear friend’s presence. “You told me not to give up, that I would turn it to something to be proud of… you were right, as always.”

He brings the bow to the strings, and the Point is alive with music as he spins and dances to the melody, a look of peace and something akin to joy on his face, despite the tears.

Yes, his friend is dead. There was no way of bringing him back. But as the last notes ring out, as he places kiss-touched fingertips on the shield resting against the tombstone, he knows Haurchefant is far from truly gone.

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would you consider doing Obi's POV for Drink Deep of Lethe? If it's too long, then any part from it? Thank you.

Nanaki knows what they say about these woods.

It’s haunted, they say in Clarines, voices dropped low. Young maids go there to die of broken hearts, and they haunt the trees. Walk careful, lest they think to curl up in your arms and take yours instead.

It’s rife with fey, they say in Tanbarun, pressing thumb and forefinger to ward their words, pretty things to lure young men to its heart. They feast every night, flush with human flesh.

But it is in Sama where they stare, where they shake their heads at the superstition of their neighbors. There’s no beast in there, they say frankly, it is the woods itself. It hungers. It hungers.

What a coincidence, he thinks as he sets tinder alight, so does he.

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[Renautus] Carbuncles are ok I guess

Su’s doing the arcanist thing and the old dragon’s promised that she’ll get in on all his scholar secrets or some shit as if that’s a thing. Like. Okay so he wrote a bunch of books on that shit based on his experience which may or may not be y’know legitimate and I’ve seen the fuckin’ soulstone (where the fuck did he get it) but still like.


She’s super upset because her magic wasn’t working to help her elf boyfriend or whatever the fuck he is and part of me is like, okay so maybe you’ll move on right? right? But nah. Apparently not. But she hasn’t been to the house much, not really, so?? I dunno.

Okay and her hunch about how maybe her conjury was having an impact on her health is kinda matching up with what I kinda maybe sorta went behind her back to ask about back when we were in Ishgard last time.

Like, the chirurgeon or whatever basically said that like, illness stemming from not having proper nutrition as a kid shouldn’t be near as bad as what she’d been and if she was using her own aether or energy or whatever to heal instead of whatever “the elements” provide well then yeah it’s probably the cause. Like, she’s getting all the good food she needs to be healthy so 

And yeah i’ve noticed a big difference. She still tires out faster than I do and she has her moments because her body just isn’t used to being pushed all that much but she’s not … it’s been what, a week, two, and she’s actually able to keep up with me most of the time when we’re doing the adventuring shit. We’ve been able to help out around Aleport pretty steadily with like a normal night’s sleep and not a few days’ rest between jobs.

And she’s really pretty good with the offensive spells. She’s got a good idea of the whole strategy thing, and she works really well with that carbuncle of the dragon’s. She’s picked up fairly good on the poison/disease spells and draining from her enemies and it’s kinda… showing?

We celebrated her learning how to drain from badguys and how to summon her own carbuncle with oranges and rolanberry wine that I stole from the old man’s stash. So that was cool.

I literally don’t remember any other time that she’s been this… okay maybe not happy but like, capable? Knife-ears even taught her how to use one of the real specific healing spells that arcanists get taught early on so there’s that and she can use it without tiring out so fast.

I really missed working with my sister, okay.

FF RP Character List

Stormblood is here and since I turned my blog into a general FF shenanigans one I thought I’d make a master post for all my character info! I am super into RP on Discord even if I don’t have a lot of time for in game right now so hit me up any time!

Sonelle Cosseau is a traveling alchemist and chirurgeon who recently has turned her attentions to utilising alchemy offensively to keep herself out of harm’s way. She is a Duskwight with a troubled history and a complex relationship with her homeland. Recently she has come to rest in Thanalan where she services a handful of organisations, some more secret than others, and has made a variety of new friends with one particular Ishgardian being a little more special to her than anyone else. In general Sonelle is a quiet but confident woman with malms of experience who is more content to be a fixture at the back of a room rather than an active participant.

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L’Naho Rhee is a Seeker of the Sun who was raised in a more traditional family tribal system out in the desert. Always dreaming about adventure across Eorzea, she made a deal upon reaching her sixteenth birthday that she would be allowed to take long, extended trips away from home to satisfy her wanderlust on the condition that she returned to stay when a new nuhn came to power. Events in her life have never been simple however and now L’Naho finds herself standing on the brink of a major decision - choosing the one she loves at the expense of losing her family and home.

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Alakhai Qalli is a kindly Xaela woman who, for the vast majority of her life has been content to travel with her people as a warrior and huntress and general community member. Recently she has taken herself and her lance on the road to defend those who cannot defend themselves, to seek adventure, meet new people and share songs and music. Alakhai is a loyal, protective, friendly and generous woman who is not afraid to speak her mind and employs gentle sarcasm and sass as required, especially with friends. But she also runs to a high temper and when provoked, isn’t afraid of a little collateral damage in the pursuit for justice. 

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Dagasi Tumet is a spunky Xaela who came to Eorzea for two reasons: to get drunk and participate in mad brawls. A muscular, talented fist fighter, she wanders in search of the perfect opponent and rival to overcome but hasn’t quite found that just yet. In the interim she is happy to meet new friends. Provided that they spar with her a lot.

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So as we know, Gridanian conjurers will deny life-saving care to anyone, even children, if it is the ‘will of the forest’, but that can’t be the end of the story.

I mean, I don’t know about you, but in my experience the parents of critically ill children do not give up on their baby’s life because someone ordered them to. They try everything.

Which leads me to thinking that there is probably a semi-underground network of ul'dahn apothecaries, coerthan chirurgeons, and gridanian conjurers who disagree with the idea that elementals can order them to deny care to anyone, who provide care to those who have been turned away by the Gridanian healthcare establishment (such as it were). I say semi-underground because that’s an interesting pickle to be in, legality-wise–Gridania forbids defying the will of the forest/elementals, but can it really forbid or punish people seeking outside medical care? Or not forbidden generally but yes if seeking medical care in express defiance of the elementals wishes as conveyed by the conjurers? That’d be an incredibly cruel law to have on the books, but you know, if one has put oneself in a situation where one believes the denial of lifesaving care to children can be justly mandated I don’t know how one expects anything but cruelty to follow after… anyhow. It’s a dilemma. But I’d really be surprised to hear that there’s nothing like this and these critically ill/injured of Gridania who are turned away by the establishment just resign themselves to suffering and death.

It’s a small sheet of paper, tacked onto the marketboards for a short time before it’s quickly moved:

“Chirurgeon offering free examinations and treatment.  Donations accepted but not required.

There are details as to the location and time below that:

WHAT: Reoccurring RP Event!  D'inra Tia, the good doctor, will be offering free exams and treatments.  Got a nasty cut that smells funny?  Does it burn when you pee?  EAR MITES?  Come get checked out in his office in the <<KITTY>> FC house!

WHEN: 3rd Saturday of every month, 1PM EST.  NEXT DAY: 11/15

WHERE: Mist, Ward 2, Lot 28, Dinra’s Office

Donations for treatment are accepted and will go toward buying a house to have a full RP clinic at some point in the future!  Please spread this around and come chill and have some casual RP!