chirstmas movie

Hip-hop unit as the seasons of the year

Wonwoo - winter

• sweater paws
• coffee hot enough to burn your tongue
• a gazillion blankets
• staying in bed all day
• showers hot enough to almost burn your skin
• chirstmas movies marathon

Mingyu - summer

• lots of ice cream
• or popsicles
• turning on the air conditioner super cold to get comfy under the blankets
• going to the beach and playing in the ocean
• but regretting as soon as he gets out cause now he’s all sticky

Seungcheol - fall

•stepping on every crunchy leaf he sees
• getting disappointed when he steps on one that was soft
• hot cocoa
• walking in the park till it gets to cold to bare
• taking pictures of every dry tree
• he doesn’t care if they all look the same

Vernon - spring

•so many colors
•putting flowers behind his ear
•walking around just to feel the scent of flowers
•taking pictures underneath cherry blossoms
• iced tea
• never wanting to stay home
• cause c'mon the world is just too beautiful to stay inside
Before You Know It We're Singing Christmas Songs (I Think I'm Ready For Something New) - Anonymous for ofcourseidont

Rating: General

Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings

Word Count: 3,805


Prompt: where they take the kids to anne’s and jay’s for chirstmas and they’re spoiled a little bit and it’s cute like car banter and cuddling by a fireplace chirstmas movies, etc.