chirparo replied to your post: Are you aware that the correct spelling to Eren’s last name is Yeager, not Jaeger? o7o)a Just thought I’d let you know, ‘cause apparently, it’s a misspelling.

Hey sweetheart, you might ignore it but the fact is the author officially decided that his name is Yeager not Jaeger anymore. Please be informed and google it for godness sake.

Darling girl, God can ascend from high Heavens, holding Lucifer’s hand, dancing on the grassy fields of Iceland while the Angels and Demons smoke the peace pipe and read yesterday’s newspaper, all while the stars in the sky align and spell “Yeager” and I still wouldn’t write it that way.

chirparo replied to your post: Thing is tho guys the average animator…

Except that most employees at Disney or major studio are straight males. Sexism in animation industry is not something new. I even heard from my teacher story of getting employed at Pixar by going to Pixar company party and being young single female

I didn’t even get into that but It’s so true it hurts. And I’m surprised when people are blind to this very REAL reality. Men are seen as superior in this industry and those ideals are what these companies have been built on. 

I do agree with you. However, I always thought of them as costumes. They are entertainers, they are expected to wear these costumes. They are very revealing clothes for 7year olds BUT I tend to think of them as costumes