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hey it’s another installment of my un-depression journal!! last week was really good! i got a lot done. i cleaned up my dorm significantly, sold most of my old textbooks, did my laundry, studied in advance for the readings due this week, and took pretty okay care of my body! hell yeah! my life isn’t completely falling apart!

this week im gonna try to use the pedometer function on my ipod. maybe it isn’t the most fitting idea considering it’s dead week at my university so i won’t have a lot of time with which to take walks, but why not! i need to be in as much shape as i can for my job this summer.

anyway! progress is progress! it’s not much relatively but it’s a lot for me.

pikagirl541  asked:

I've had a mental image of cat!Seto picking cat!Mokuba up by the scruff and carrying him like a kitten stuck in my head all day. Just want you to know what you've done to me. (Also thank you, I need cute Kaiba bro kitties to balance out the stress in my life right now.)

he’ll carry mokuba around if he wants mokuba to come with him, but mokuba often protests being carried in general.

so y'all know how I’ve been talking abt an umbrastaff/umbrella tattoo? I tweeted abt it and my mom is hopping on board and said we can go talk to one of the shops in town next time I’m home so it might actually…. happen holy shit