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Emails sent out to people accepted for the zine!!!

I am happy to announce people accepted for the RWBY zine! The following Tumblr users are accepted to the Zine! (Important info is e-mailed to you, check it out!)

If you did not get an Email, let me know!!
Thank for participating and I am excited to see your pieces!

discardedmatter  asked:

Shitty loves to proclaim that he grew out his hair so long (i.e. past regular flo expectations) to tell the patriarchy to fuck off with their gender roles, or whatever. But really, he did it because in their freshman year Jack told him that he used to braid his Maman's hair for comfort during high anxiety times. Shitty only felt comfortable getting the chop once he knew for sure that Jack had discovered several more coping strategies that didn't require Shitty's luscious locks.

oh my fuckin god. shitty loves jack so much they love each othER SO MUCH THEY’RE PLATONIC SOULMATES FIGHT ME ABOUT IT

discardedmatter  asked:

Dex is the designated Blanket Fort Captain because he has experience thanks to his little sisters (does he have sisters in canon?? he does now). Nursey always ended up missing the blanket forts. Until of course he ended up with a huge cast on his leg and was restricted to staying inside the Haus for a week. It was on the 3rd day that Chowder and Dex wordlessly started making a blanket fort in front of Nursey's very eyes. When Dex falls asleep curled up in a ball next to Chowder, Nursey dies.

dex has an older brother in canon so what if they used to have fort building competitions!! so dex got really good at it and he can build a fort super fast too!!! and nursey is like “i should not be impressed by this and yet. here we are”

also chowder and dex totally chill in the fort and draw all over nursey’s cast with rainbow sharpies i’m crying this is Pure

i am putting this all in the title because it is very important. everything about laura is perfect you must know this. everything about her is perfect, as well as becoming a perfect whole that is laura. it doesn’t matter what it is. it adds up to laura and laura is the best thing on this shit earth and the light of my life and the stars of my sky. she makes me strong and powerful and capable. she makes me so happy and comfortable and alight with adoration. every time i look at her i can’t help but smile no matter what. even if i try to suppress my grin it still breaks through because everything about her delights me. i want to be the best girlfriend possible for her because she deserves it, and making her happy & comfortable makes me happy. i would do anything for her. i even ate bell peppers for her and i hate bell peppers. she makes me unashamed of everything. my smile my thoughts my entire self. i’m so happy i get to be with her and i’m so happy she trusts and feels comfortable with me. laura. laura you’re reading this. your blush is so cute laura i adore you