A Male Chiropractor Wants Women To Use Controversial Methods To Contain Menstrual Flow
Should women stick their labia together rather than use tampons, pads and other sanitary products? One chiropractor says yes, despite a heavy flow of naysayers.
By Kavin Senapathy

Can we glue his mouth shut? His testosterone is clearly messing with HIS head to think he understands any of the woman’s reproductive system!

And I’m confused as to why this is the photo lol

Wallace Kirkland :: Contestants (from left) Marianne Baba, Lois Conway and Ruth Swenson pose with trophies and their X-rays. Winners of Miss Perfect Posture contest at chiropractors convention, 1956 (Life Magazine) / source: NPR

Feeling better 😀

So my chiropractor FINALLY got my lower vertebrae to pop loose today (locked L4 & L5 the past 10 days which lead to sciatica). I’m still tender, especially standing up from sitting. But on the mend. Working on my lower back stretches and then building my core.

I’m mad at myself for not doing more core workouts during December and January. I knew that was my weakest link. Gotta be smarter about getting back to 💯 before I hit the pavement 🏃.

So a couple weeks off in all… I can ease back into things and hopefully I didn’t lose too much ground. All this will make me cherish every pain-free mile I have ahead.

35 Weeks and 6 Days Cont.

Just got back from my chiropractor appointment and man, I gotta say that was slightly dissapointing. She adjusted me and said that my hips were totally out of alignment and that was because my sacrum was going sideways under my left SI joint (I have no idea what it should be like normally..) and that what she did should fix it for a little while and I’m super glad about that because maybe I’ll be able to sleep better. The dissapointing part was that she never checked Maddie’s position to confirm that she was head down now. She did the webster technique apparently but she did a couple different things and I’m not really sure what was what. She also was basically like, well if she already flipped yesterday then there’s no way we’ll know if getting adjusted helped that at all. I was kind of expecting there to be no way of knowing so whatever. During the consultation she told me that since my hip pain has been present since the beginning of my pregnancy it was highly likely to revert back because my muscles have been trained for that position for 7 months now. She didn’t say when though and I’m sure there’s no real way of knowing that either. I’m still glad I went, I’ve only got a month left until my due date so I hope my hips just stay put long enough that Maddie is able to get into the right position for birth. I really hope when I go to my appointment next week that she’s head down and I’m not mistaken in interpreting the changes I’ve felt as her flipping. I’ve been so focused on getting her flipped that I haven’t even really been thinking about actually giving birth, but now that I’m pretty sure she’s head down I can’t stop. I’m finally figuring out what I want to try to induce labor and it’s making me so excited! And I’ve been imagining what it’s going to be like and oh dear God I’m so stoked to finally meet her. I’m glad that I’m going to be trying to have a water birth too, I can’t imagine it any other way. In this book I’m reading, the author says to envision your birth and use it as a meditation practice to prepare yourself for the pain and it’s like I can finally do that now without some weird part of me worrying that somehow I’d jinx myself into early labor with her being breech still. I have a hard time imagining what I’ll do the whole labor, but I can just see her first few moments and I catch her and I’m holding her in the water in front of me and she opens up her eyes and has a cute little squished face and ahhhh I’m just so excitedddd. I can’t believe I’m so close! Tomorrow I’ll be 36 weeks, and after I hit 37 weeks I’m good to deliver at my birth center! It feels weird that I’m actually that far along, I don’t feel like there’s a whole baby inside of me who’s developed enough to be ready to be born. I thought I would be a lot bigger too. Maybe I’ll believe it and think my belly’s ginormous when we get to 40 weeks. Lol watch, I’ll end up going almost to 42 weeks and then I’ll be kicking myself for ever thinking this way. Hopefully I’ll go into labor naturally before it’s too late for me to deliver at my birth center.

35 Weeks and 6 Days

I am so freaking excited right now. Maddie definitely flipped sometime between the day before last and yesterday afternoon. On Saturday she was head up during the day and then in the evening we went to our friend’s first roller derby game. I was on my feet for an hour before the first game ended and I was able to grab a chair before the second game started. It was one of those really uncomfortable metal chairs and I had to sit straight up to be comfortable at all. It was really fucking loud in there too and Maddie was moving around like crazy the entire time. After that we got some food and went home and I couldn’t feel any difference in her position but I didn’t check at all. Yesterday in the morning I thought she had her head to the left, but I couldn’t really get any sort of grip on whatever body part I was feeling and I wasn’t 100% that it was her head. Then I went to my grandpa’s house and hung out with my cousin for a while. She asked me to help her feel the baby moving and so I put her hand a little bit above my belly button since I can usually get Maddie to move her arms around when I push on her back and butt. A few seconds after I put Rose’s hand on my stomach Maddie hit really hard. I’ve never felt her hit that hard with her arms before. She hit again a second time while Rose had her hand there and it was just as hard as the first. Later in the evening I was laying on the couch and I still couldn’t feel Maddie’s head, but up in between my ribs I could feel something that was hard, round, and broader than her head. All along the right I could still feel her back like I normally do, but that definitely wasn’t her head at the top. I could also feel something knobby down low and to the right and I’m assuming that was her shoulder now. Last night when I made that text post it was after I was feeling hard kicks and movements up top that I’ve never felt that high up before. I was able to push on her up high and she kept shifting around and it definitely felt different to how it normally feels. Now I’m convinced that she’s flipped head down because she’s had the hiccups two times and the ticks are above my belly button! I’ve only felt her hiccups really low like in my pelvis before. It’s ironic that she decided to flip now because I have that chiropractor appointment scheduled for today at 3:30. Ah oh well, I’m still going to go since it’s a good idea to get adjusted before labor anyway to encourage your baby to get into position. And I want someone else who’s experienced to check her position too :) it’s only $50 for the consultation and first adjustment, and because (I’m pretty sure) she’s head down now, I’ll probably only do this one unless she flips again.


this chiropractor commercial is incredible

anonymous asked:

Chiropractors. Bullshit, right? Why do people still study it (and stuff like homeopathy) and even try to take entire degrees in them?

I mean, I don’t know a ton about what chiropractors do, but I am a bit suspicious, honestly. Especially when I hear people who say they can cure infections and cancer and junk with their manipulations. But I’m sure they can be helpful when treating the right issues. 

Osteoblrs, can someone please explain to me in a less-than-novel-length post how OMT is different than chiropractic manipulations? Because to the untrained (read: MD and layperson) eye, it all looks the same.  But I am told that it is not. medmonkey, I’m lookin at you. Maybe a PMTH morning report? Mebbe? Please?

Why do people study it? Why do people study anything? Because they’re interested in it. They believe in it. And it can provide them with a living. 


My first extensive chiropractor visit!

I had so much work done today it’s crazy.

First the chiropractor did some basic assessments on me to test ROM and strength of certain areas.

Next I had accu-stem done, which involves having acupuncture needles pass an electric current into trigger points in muscles. I don’t know much about it but will probably research it more.

I had 4 needles in my left hip and 2 in my left shoulder. It felt so weird! Like my muscles were vibrating. My leg was twitching like crazy too. I was super proud of myself for not freakin out about the needles.

Next I got graston done on my left lat, left tfl/glute med, left hip flexors, and right side hip flexors. That shit hurt so bad. My left side was worst. He was like “yep, you’re definitely going to have some bruising on your hip flexors. Sorry” lol.

Next he did some shoulder ROM stuff. Then adjustments of my spine, hips, and shoulder.

He even did some work on my left forearm and hand.

Finally he put rock tape on me. I have one long piece running from the back of my left shoulder all the way across my back and down to my right hamstring, another piece on each hip flexor, and another on my left forearm.

For my shoulder he recommended external rotation exercises and for my hips, a stretch against the wall that Tom actually showed me last week.

Got to training and coach wouldn’t let me train since I’d had so much work done. If I’d have known that I would have schedule for Tuesday or Thursday.

Hopefully all this helps!