A Male Chiropractor Wants Women To Use Controversial Methods To Contain Menstrual Flow
Should women stick their labia together rather than use tampons, pads and other sanitary products? One chiropractor says yes, despite a heavy flow of naysayers.
By Kavin Senapathy

Can we glue his mouth shut? His testosterone is clearly messing with HIS head to think he understands any of the woman’s reproductive system!

And I’m confused as to why this is the photo lol

Wallace Kirkland :: Contestants (from left) Marianne Baba, Lois Conway and Ruth Swenson pose with trophies and their X-rays. Winners of Miss Perfect Posture contest at chiropractors convention, 1956 (Life Magazine) / source: NPR


this chiropractor commercial is incredible


The first thing that comes to mind when the word chiropractic is mentioned is a hunched little old man going in the relieve his back pain. Would you believe me that the best thing you could do for your body is start going to the chiropractor at the youngest age possible? It’s true! Look at the picture above. The curves in the before spine are called subluxations. A subluxation is the misalignment of your spine or neck. Because the spine is bent, the nerves that connect from the spine to the organs are being pinched. When a nerve is pinched, you lose functionality in your body. Chiropractors are trained to remove those subluxations. Removing misalignments of a young person is ideal, since the spine has has not hardened or begun to grow arthritis. The adjustment process is much quicker and the product is a perfect spine!

Just because going to the chiropractor at a young age is ideal does not mean you should not go if you are older. Although the process may take some time, or your spine can never be completely perfect because of hardening or arthritis, you will still come out much healthier than before - and you’ll feel better, too. But that isn’t true for everyone. Many will still end up with a perfect spine! A good example is my own father. We began going together at the beginning of this year. In his x-ray, growth of arthritis showed in his neck. Obviously that cannot be removed by chiropractic, but since then we have been going three times a week and his neck has slowly curved back into shape. it is so blatant that his energy has increased significantly. You can tell just by looking at him that he is much healthier than he was at the beginning of 2013!

The art of chiropractic is amazing. You don’t rely on medications or surgery to heal your body. Chiropractors remove interference and your body heals itself! That’s the miracle of life.

A healthy spine is a healthy body!


My first extensive chiropractor visit!

I had so much work done today it’s crazy.

First the chiropractor did some basic assessments on me to test ROM and strength of certain areas.

Next I had accu-stem done, which involves having acupuncture needles pass an electric current into trigger points in muscles. I don’t know much about it but will probably research it more.

I had 4 needles in my left hip and 2 in my left shoulder. It felt so weird! Like my muscles were vibrating. My leg was twitching like crazy too. I was super proud of myself for not freakin out about the needles.

Next I got graston done on my left lat, left tfl/glute med, left hip flexors, and right side hip flexors. That shit hurt so bad. My left side was worst. He was like “yep, you’re definitely going to have some bruising on your hip flexors. Sorry” lol.

Next he did some shoulder ROM stuff. Then adjustments of my spine, hips, and shoulder.

He even did some work on my left forearm and hand.

Finally he put rock tape on me. I have one long piece running from the back of my left shoulder all the way across my back and down to my right hamstring, another piece on each hip flexor, and another on my left forearm.

For my shoulder he recommended external rotation exercises and for my hips, a stretch against the wall that Tom actually showed me last week.

Got to training and coach wouldn’t let me train since I’d had so much work done. If I’d have known that I would have schedule for Tuesday or Thursday.

Hopefully all this helps!