Strengthen your back, spine, shoulders and arms. Overcome your fear and move away from the wall to improve your balance. Try a freestanding handstand Photo thanks to @stevecook #drjames_chiro #chiro #chiropractor #chiropractic #adjustment #wellbeing #balance #health #healthyliving #spine #yoga #acroyoga #handstand #shoulders #checkyourspine #staybalanced #chiroadjusted

When I can’t seem to find anything natural about work, I bring work to nature…….

Behind me was a beautiful graveyard that consisted of graves as old as the first Australian civilization, (1800’s)

A little xen time is essential every here and then…..

PS Happy meals are the epidemy of life!!

One of the many truly flabbergasting aspect of being a human is our anatomy, how we’re built and systemized to perform many functions.

I always wondered who was responsible for our creation,
I mean we couldn’t have just arrived and evolved within a large time era just from a cell right? I know they say nature is a freak, but not to that extent right?

So the only analogy left to be considered for this dilemma is the existence of a being much more powerful than us and all living creatures on earth.

A being that possesses endless power and grace, that only the minuscule amount of that power and grace was used to create an extraordinary creature like us, the humans.
This is just one of the many infinite reasons I believe in a being above me (god), and how with only a trinkle of his love, we were created.

BTW, sorry for the little piece of my mind 🙊 I’m beyond excited for my human anatomy class to begin…..🙉


Thanks to my handsome doctor, Dr. Sean who always help to treat my injury from workout. Totally trust him as my experience from lower back, neck and even my ankle injury all have been treated properly and effectively.

Yesterday I went to see him for my swollen ankle and today I would say it’s 70% recovered, as it’s only 10 percent swollen with 20% pain compared to yesterday 100% swollen with 100% pain.

Thanks Dr. Sean :)

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Benefits of an Adjustment


(And the meaning of those benefits)

1.       Restores motion and overcomes abnormal restrictive barriers. (You have more freedom of motion.  You will be able to have fewer restrictions in your daily habits.)

2.      Restores symmetry. (Both sides of your body will look the same. Look at yourself in the mirror; is one shoulder higher?)

3.      Normalizes biomechanics and load distribution.  (It gets all of the vertebrae engaged and working;                                                                                                                                                                                         just not some or most of them.)

4.       Pumps out waste products and edematous fluid. (Motion causes waste to be pumped out.  Without motion the discs become stagnant and degrade quickly).

5.       Improves nutrition to the discs and articular cartilage. (Motion causes nutrition to be pumped into the disc. Without motion the discs become stagnant and degrade quickly).

6.       Normalizes proprioception (position sense) and kinesthesia.  (You will have improved balance and stability).

7.       Stimulates sensory-motor reflexes which improve dynamic muscular stabilization of joints. (You have better muscular control).

8.      Accelerates healing (because of movement):

a.   increases metabolic rate.  (Heals faster).

b.   increases collagen and protein production. (Have better joints).

c. improves the alignment of new connective tissue. (Stronger ligaments and tendons).

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Why See a Chiropractor After Symptoms are Gone?

Why See a Chiropractor After Symptoms are Gone?

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Chiropractor – Gentle Neck Adjustment

At some point in your life, you’ve probably heard an acquaintance, friend or family member say something like this: “Once you start going to a chiropractor, you’ll have to keep going back forever.” Most of the time, this is meant as a caution—a warning that chiropractic care is somehow addictive, cultish or (at worst) ineffective.

As chiropractic physicians,…

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LIFE Vision Seminar April 2016 Welcome from Dr….

​LIFE Vision Seminar organizer and host, Dr. Gilles LaMarche, welcomes chiropractors thinking of attending Life University’s LIFE Vision Seminar. For more information go to

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LIFE Vision Seminar April 2016 Welcome from Dr….

LIFE Vision Seminar organizer and host, Dr. Gilles LaMarche, welcomes chiropractors thinking of attending Life University’s LIFE Vision Seminar. For more information go to