if you really think about it imagine chiron coming to yancy called by grover because of this really powerful half-blood, and he’s expecting this really impressive kid but instead there’s just percy, small and runty and overall unimpressive, but then one day grover’s being bullied by a bunch of bigger kids and chiron watches as percy rushes over and his fists are clenched and his green eyes are fiery, and there he is.

Did you know...
  1. Chiron (comet) relates to your deepest wounds, how you heal and discover the strength to overcome pain.

  2. Juno (minor planet) gives a good indication of the type of person you end up with. It describes what kind of significant other you actually need, maybe not what you want (those are ruled by venus).

  3. the North Node shows the general area you have to develop, the life direction in which you may go. the South Node is the place where you feel comfortable. Picture the SN as the roots, and the NN as the branches and leaves.

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What the asteroids/minor planets mean
  • Chiron:Planet of healing. Chiron explains how we are hurt, how we heal our wounds and, shows us where we can do and be better for ourselves and others.
  • Ceres:Asteroid. Ceres tells us how we were nurtured, how we nurture others, and rules food and clothing. While in the signs and houses, it shows our nurturing style, where we nurture, and where we find comfort.
  • Pallas:Asteroid. Pallas is our ability to recognize patterns and our ability to organize and reorganize.
  • Juno:Asteroid. Juno tells us what kind of person we are best paired with (not always romantically). Juno is not the partner we think we would like (that's ruled by Venus and Mars), but the person we might end up with.
  • Vesta:Asteroid. Vesta rules small spaces. Vesta shows where and how we are dedicated, where can focus our attention the best, and where we should take breaks.
  • Fortune:Asteroid. As suggested by the name, Fortune rules our fate and fortune. Where Fortune is placed in your chart determines how you react to and view both your fate and your fortune.

“He must’ve just come from teaching archery. He had a quiver and bow slung over his #1 CENTAUR T-shirt. He’d trimmed his curly brown hair and beard for the summer, and his lower half, which was a white stallion, was flecked with mud and grass.”

The Battle of the Labyrinth

the image was too good not to draw

he has a wonky lower half since I didn’t use a reference :d

Chiron: Where You’ve Been Hurt
  • Chiron in Aries: Your efforts to express your personality have been thwarted. You suffer from a bad case of fear of failure, and taking the initiative isn’t easy for you. Finding the courage to do so – and you’ve got courage aplenty – is the only way to overcome your fears and feelings of inadequacy.
  • Chiron in Taurus: Stability and security are key issues for you. On the one hand, you long for economic comfort. On the other hand, you struggle to manage your money. To put your desire for material goods and security into perspective, you need to pursue your deeper values.
  • Chiron in Gemini: Communicating your ideas is a challenge, and you may not feel up to it. Seeking knowledge and acting as an educator enables you to heal this feeling of inadequacy. And here’s another issue that may envelope you from time to time: gossip. It’s one way people learn about each other – and yet it can be lethal.
  • Chiron in Cancer: Your domestic life, especially as a child, may be fraught with pain. Relief comes through consciously seeking to creative a supportive emotional environment. True healing comes through realizing that ultimately everyone has to nurture themselves.
  • Chiron in Leo: In childhood, your efforts to get attention were thwarted, and you may doubt your own talents as a result. Creative expression helps heal the pain. Acting and teaching are also beneficial because, putting aside whatever sorrows you may have suffered, everyone needs to be center stage once in a while.
  • Chiron in Virgo: You grew up with extraordinarily rigid rules. Now you struggle with anxiety. Seek relief by focusing on wellness, by serving others without sacrificing yourself, and, above all, by refusing to be a martyr. Or try another approach entirely by taking up a craft where your perfectionism – which is so often a problem on the personal level – is actually rewarded. 
  • Chiron in Libra: Partnerships are vital to your well-being, but they’re also disappointing. You’re certain that a healthy relationship can heal you, and yet that doesn’t seem to happen. Balancing romance with objective reality is essential. It’s also important to defuse the pain of rejection. One possible way to do that is through art.
  • Chiron in Scorpio: My placement. You long for love, passion, and phenomenal sex. But your secretive ways and deep-seated fear of revealing yourself (and hence of being rejected) makes it difficult to fulfill your desires. Healing comes by plunging into your sorrows and working your way through them. Seek psychotherapy or any other form of self-knowledge.
  • Chiron in Sagittarius: What’s the purpose of life? The traditional answers leave you feeling frustrated and alone. A personal search lessens the pain. Strange as it may seem, lifelong education, designed to fit your individual requirements, can bring you healing.
  • Chiron in Capricorn: In your heart, you long for success. You obey the rules, but they let you down. Healing comes when you turn away from society’s rigid definition of status and find other way to express your own deepest authority.
  • Chiron in Aquarius: What’s wrong with people anyway? You’re sadly aware of the resoundingly negative impact of ethnic conflict, societal injustice, and isolation. Addressing those wrongs by working for the greater good can turn your life around.
  • Chiron in Pisces: Pisces is the sign of compassion, sensitivity, and sacrifice. But you can’t help noticing that many people give lip service to those qualities without actually practicing them. Your mission: To see the sorrow and react appropriately without being overwhelmed by it. Finding a spiritual base can ease your angst.