Did you know...
  1. Chiron (comet) relates to your deepest wounds, how you heal and discover the strength to overcome pain.

  2. Juno (minor planet) gives a good indication of the type of person you end up with. It describes what kind of significant other you actually need, maybe not what you want (those are ruled by venus).

  3. the North Node shows the general area you have to develop, the life direction in which you may go. the South Node is the place where you feel comfortable. Picture the SN as the roots, and the NN as the branches and leaves.

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What the asteroids/minor planets mean
  • Chiron:Planet of healing. Chiron explains how we are hurt, how we heal our wounds and, shows us where we can do and be better for ourselves and others.
  • Ceres:Asteroid. Ceres tells us how we were nurtured, how we nurture others, and rules food and clothing. While in the signs and houses, it shows our nurturing style, where we nurture, and where we find comfort.
  • Pallas:Asteroid. Pallas is our ability to recognize patterns and our ability to organize and reorganize.
  • Juno:Asteroid. Juno tells us what kind of person we are best paired with (not always romantically). Juno is not the partner we think we would like (that's ruled by Venus and Mars), but the person we might end up with.
  • Vesta:Asteroid. Vesta rules small spaces. Vesta shows where and how we are dedicated, where can focus our attention the best, and where we should take breaks.
  • Fortune:Asteroid. As suggested by the name, Fortune rules our fate and fortune. Where Fortune is placed in your chart determines how you react to and view both your fate and your fortune.

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Hey, could you draw Percy as he listened in on Chiron (Mr. Brunner) and Grovers conversation in the first book?

“We’d only make matters worse by rushing him, we need the boy to mature more.”

“But he may not have time, the summer solstice deadline-”

ahhh re-reading that part in the book just bought back so many memories, its amazing to watch percy grow up in the books. 


Chiron represents our deepest wounds and our abilities to heal the wounds of others. The Wounded Healer integrates one’s experiences of pain and loss into compassion and understanding of the trials of others. In other words, the trials one has faced in their life gives them the empathy necessary to heal those struggling with the same problems. 


Aries:Deepest wounds are in the sense of self. One may go on a journey of self discovery and overcome feelings of worthlessness throughout their life. They feel they are not worth love or respect, yet love others easily and respect everyone.

Taurus: Reflects wounds in self worth. People with this placement may feel neglected or experienced an abundance of negative attention. They feel like they never have “enough” of something, and try to fill this gap with material goods.

Gemini: Wounds regarding communication. May be extremely shy, have a speech impediment or stutter that causes them to feel shame for how they communicate. They may feel they cannot communicate clearly or feel their intelligence is inadequate. 

Cancer: Deepest wounds are in their experience of care. They feel alienated, unloved, uncared for. They find it difficult to let others care for them, yet are extremely nurturing to others. They feel they lack a home, yet are a home to others.

Leo: Deepest wounds regarding expression. They feel they have been overlooked or unappreciated. They may feel awkward and untalented, or like they have never been given the chance to prove their talents. Their creative abilities may have been stifled by parents forcing them to perform or suppressing their abilities.

Virgo: Wounds concerning health. They feel that things that are wrong cannot be fixed. They are obsessed with details and are extremely self critical, or they just give up on perfection and don’t put effort into anything. They heal others, but cannot heal themselves. 

Libra: Wounds concerning relationships. May have had bad experiences with personal relationships, or watched their parents go through a bad relationship. They may be codependent or allow themselves to stay in abusive relationships, because they have a fear of being alone. They need to learn they are a whole person by themselves.

Scorpio: Deepest wounds regarding death. They may have lost loved ones early in life, or feel that a part of them has died. They fear their own power or feel powerless. They know the value of human life, and therefore endlessly worry about their loved ones dying or losing everything they have. They are excellent at helping others with their grief or stress. 

Sagittarius: Wounds regarding tradition and spirituality. They are unable to find solace in spirituality, or cannot settle with one belief. They feel they have no inner wisdom or deep understanding. They feel confined to a basic, mundane existence, yet see the higher powers in everyone and everything.

Capricorn: Deepest wounds lie in work. They feel ignored or unrecognized, and may have been rejected in childhood. They may be workaholics or control freaks, or on the contrary resist any kind of structure or control. They feel like they work harder than others, but reap no fruit for their efforts.

Aquarius: Deepest wounds in friendships and conformity. They feel alone, “different”. They don’t fit in. They may have trouble making friends or keeping friends. They may also have problems accepting those who are not like them, or withdraw from society. 

Pisces Deepest wounds in the mind. They are always in a midst of a crisis; they feel like they never catch a break, that the universe is against them. They always feel like they are the victim, or may feel perpetually guilty for no reason. They are confused, and lost. They may be at risk for depression or drug use.


1st House: Deepest wounds lie in one’s identity and self expression. They often feel unworthy of self respect and self love, and struggle to find meaning in their existence. They feel like they lack an identity, or that who they are is not good enough, and may try to change themselves to become someone they feel is worthy of love and respect. They are excellent at helping others “find themselves” and will set aside their own interests and own happiness to please others, but have a hard time doing the same for themselves. 

2nd House: Deepest wounds lie in one’s self worth. People with this placement feel as though everything they have ever had has been taken away from them, and therefore fail to see the worth in themselves as they are, feeling like they are worth nothing if they don’t have “enough” to offer. They may try to fill this lack with material goods. They see the true value of others at a glance, although they can’t see their own worth.

3rd House: Deepest wounds lie in communication, or lack thereof. They feel misunderstood or not listened to. In earlier life they may have experienced verbal abuse that caused a feeling of inadequacy and low self esteem that lasted through adulthood. Although people with this placement are the voice for those who can’t speak for themselves, can easily stand up for those being bullied or hurt, they don’t feel like their words are worth as much as others.

4th House: Deepest wounds lie in family life. People with this placement can come from a broken home or an otherwise home environment that was unhealthy and damaging. They feel rejected or alienated by those closest to them, and may spend their life trying to escape from their past. They are forgiving and nurturing to others, trying to give to others the love and acceptance they never experienced.

5th House: Deepest wounds reside in creative expression. Those with this placement have been held from doing the things they love, and can be afraid to do what they truly enjoy. While they are excellent in encouraging others to be themselves and do what they love, they lack the bravery to do the same themselves. They must learn that it is okay to do things just because they like to. 

6th House: Deepest wounds lie in health. They are preoccupied with their health and may have been sickly as a child. They feel a constant need to improve themselves, yet feel like they never actually improve. Those with this placement have a difficult time following a routine, yet are able to organize and help others; on the flip side, they may be extremely strict with themselves but encourage others to relax and love themselves.

7th House: Deepest wounds lie in close relationships. Those with this placement often witnessed their parents divorce or having a bad relationship. This results in fear and uneasiness concerning their own relationships. They feel rejected and unloved by their partners. They may avoid getting too close to people, and ironically fear abandonment. 

8th House: Deepest wounds lie in death, sex, and resources. This placement can manifest in many different ways; physically, a person might be too dependent on others or have had others be overly dependent on them. They might feel unsatisfied with their sex life, or had painful experiences with sex. They may have painful memories associate with death, possibly the death of parents or close friends. They are able to please others sexually, but not themselves. They can console those emotionally wrought but are unable to make themselves feel better. 

9th House: Deepest wounds lie in growth. They may experience painful questionings of faith throughout their life, may go through different “phases” of belief trying to find the right system to make them happy. They can be close-minded and unwilling to open their mind, yet make good teachers. They cling desperately to their beliefs, yet encourage others to broaden their horizons.

10th House: Deepest wounds lie in reputation. They want to be recognized and admired, because they can’t see worth in themselves unless others do. On the flip side, they may find that they only do things to please others. They are afraid of success because of their fear of failure, and how far they will go to achieve what they want. 

11th House: Deepest wounds reside in friendships. They feel rejected by others and feel perpetually lonely, because they feel alienated by others around them. These individuals feel too different to fit in with the rest of the crowd, yet easily take in those who feel the same under their wing. They have trouble getting along with those who are not like them, and need to learn to recognize that we are all human with different experiences; that everyone is unique. 

12th House: Deepest wounds reside in the psyche. This placement relentlessly throws lessons a person’s way until they learn to see the bigger picture, making this placement seem difficult and the person feel cursed or plagued. Those with this placement have difficulties opening up to others, seeking help and helping themselves. They are extremely private and may have psychic abilities, but deny their own abilities. They are extremely empathetic and love to help people solve their problems and discover their true potential. 

How I imagine Chiron reacts to Solangelo:

Chiron: I’m glad Nico has decided to stay at camp and is making friends.

Will and Nico: *starts dating*

Chiron: Good for them.  

Will and Nico: *finds loopholes in rules*

Chiron: Wait no. 

Will and Nico:  *sneaking off at night because the harpies never bother Nico*

Chiron: This is not how Counselors are supposed to behave. Stop it. 

Will and Nico: *summons zombies and uses “doctors notes” to get their way* 

Chiron: You know what. I’m done. I give up.

Everyone remember that camp half blood has an orientation film right? So, what if after everything they reshoot it but with Percy Jackson.

“So, you’ve just found out you’re a demigod. I’ve got horrible news for you-”

“ *somewhere behind the camera* Percy! don’t scare them!”

“I’m just telling them what it’s like!”

“*Grover comes into the shot* Hi! I’m Grover Underwood and we satyrs will help you in all of your-”

“Grover! C’mon man! I’m trying to do my thing here!”

“I know but I think it would be helpful if they knew-”

“*annabeth points the camera to herself* Don’t worry kids you’ll be fine you’re in capable hands! Here at camp half blood-”

“*percy takes the camera from annabeth points it at himself* stop saying my lines!”

“Well if you actually said them first then I wouldn’t have to!”

*camera gets dropped while annabeth and percy argue and grover picks it up while trying to calm them down and you see the two arguing then the camera pans to see Chiron with his hand to his face looking tired because this was going to be a long day*

astrolodew's "Astrology 101" series: Asteroids
  • Chiron:Known as "The Planet of Healing," Chiron deals with anything and everything about disease, health, and how they effect our spiritual path.
  • Ceres:Your Ceres sign influences mothering, parenting, and hard work. Associated with fertility, the stomach, the uterus.
  • Pallas:Your Pallas sign influences the immune system, the arts, the father/daughter relationship, justice, wisdom, defense, and the kidneys.
  • Juno:Your Juno sign influences marriage, fashion, beauty, weather, fairness, women's rights, spouse abuse, female genitalia, and rage.
  • Vesta:Your Vesta Sign carries influence over insurance, investments, security, inheritance, home, family, chastity and sexuality, and devotion.
  • North Node:The North Node influences what kind of experiences we must work to develop to grow spiritually.
  • South Node:The South Node represents the experiences and qualities that come naturally to you and that are typically over-developed. The South Node can be your downfall unless you work to learn and grow from the experiences your North Node pushes you toward. Achieving this brings about more feelings of happiness and and fulfillment, while focusing too heavily on the South Node tends to make you feel quite unsuccessful.
  • Lilith:Lilith shows you the places you are vengeful, where you are willing to become evil to get what you want or need. Simply put, Lilith is your dark side.

honestly, my all time favorite pjo character is chiron. ya know why? he puts up with all the campers’ shenanigans and totally accepts it. he lets the campers be kids and enjoy themselves and is always there for them. everyone is comfortable with him. and he continues to be positive around camp even tho he knows that some of these kids won’t see adulthood. the kids he practically raises are hunted as soon as they leave camp. imagine all the campers he has lost… yet he still keeps the camp going and is still sane. not to mention that he has to but up with mr. d’s crap all the time. if you ask me, chiron is the most hard core character in the pjo/hoo series.


1st: Fragmented, warped, or unstable self image and personality

2nd: Financial issues, rejection of material possessions

3rd: Speech impediment, learning disability, difficulty reading

4th: Coming from a difficult home, issues with mother or maternal figure

5th: Being passionless and apathetic, disdain for creativity

6th: Health issues, allergies, weak immune system

7th: Severe commitment issues, pessimistic, and difficult to be around

8th: Coming to terms with sexuality, death, and pain

9th: Struggles with spirituality, prone to homesickness, a distaste for change

10th: Difficulty dealing with authority, issues with father or paternal figure

11th: A deep yearning to be accepted by others

12th: Inability to change and adapt to their surroundings

Nightmares and Solace

Nico sat up in bed panting and sweating. The covers were tangled around his legs and his heart was pounding through his chest. He gasped for air and tried to calm down, running his fingers through his hair and pulling hard. He scowled into the darkness and whimpered like a little puppy.

He was fine, he told himself. He was safe. There was no voice, no fire, no monsters, no heat. Not in camp. Still, he couldn’t stop his hands from shaking or get a grip on himself long enough to pull free of his covers.

The worst part was waking up alone. Waking up to a lonely, dark cabin with no one to assure him he was okay. He was on his own when it came to that. Usually he didn’t mind the solitude. But at moments like these, when terror gripped his heart so tightly he couldn’t breathe or think, he wished his cabin was full of siblings like everyone else’s.

Nico took a deep breath and sighed as he sat back against the wall. He didn’t want to go back to sleep. And judging by the dark blue tinge in the sky and fading stars outside his window, it would be morning in about an hour anyway.

He stayed awake, looking out his window until he saw the lights in the Apollo cabin flicker on. They always woke up first. The Hypnos cabin was the only cabin that never turned their lights on. They tried to sleep in as much as possible- even that meant not waking up until the next afternoon.

The door to the cabin opened and Will stepped outside, his arms crossed, and a smile on his face. Nico felt those funny skeletal butterflies flutter around his stomach again. He was shortly followed by Apollo who looked gloomy and tired.

It was sort of funny to see them together. One had brought him to camp, the other made him stay. Despite his uneasiness, Nico smiled.

As the morning went on, and the sky became brighter, the other cabins woke up. Soon campers were all over the place, mostly going to the pavilion for breakfast. Nico figured he should leave his own cabin.

He got dressed and walked over to the Apollo cabin, and Will smiled at him as he neared him. “Morning, Nico.”

“Morning,” he answered. He nodded at Apollo who seemed lost in his thoughts. “Breakfast?” Will nodded and fell in step with Nico.

As they ate, Nico busied himself with food, and the Apollo kids talked among themselves. Someone dropped their tray and the resonating sound made Nico jump in his seat. He could still hear that voice in his head, and it made him tense and nervous.

He stood abruptly and Will turned to him with a confused look. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah. Yeah, I’ll be right back, okay?” Will frowned, but he nodded, and Nico turned away. He started for the Big House, unsure yet of how to explain. He wasn’t sure Chiron would be very lenient with this, doctor’s note, or no doctor’s note.

Hesitantly, he knocked on the door. “Come in,” he heard. He walked in and found Chiron in his wheel chair eating cookies and drinking tea. “Hello, Nico,” he greeted.

“Hi, Chiron,” he said anxiously. “Uh, I wanted to ask you something.” Chiron nodded, encouraging him to continue. “Well, it might sound kind of crazy, but…. I wanted to know if I could maybe… get permission to… sleep in the Apollo cabin?”

Chiron’s bushy eyebrows furrowed together in a scolding look. “Now, Nico, you know I can’t let you do that. And I don’t care if you have a doctor’s note, it’s-”

“I don’t,” he interrupted. “I don’t have a note. Will doesn’t even know I’m asking this.” Chiron pursed his lips and grumbled. “I have nightmares. Really bad ones.” The disgruntled look on his face melted away into confusion. “About… Tartarus.” Nico cleared his throat. “I know what it sounds like. But I wake up alone in my cabin, freaking out and screaming, and I… I just want someone else there. It’s not just because of Will, okay, it’s Kayla and Austin, and the other Apollo kids. They’re… my friends. I just don’t want to keep waking up with no one to help me anymore.”

Chiron took a deep breath and huffed through his nose. He rubbed his beard thoughtfully and sighed. “Alright,” he granted. “I forget just how much you’ve gone through, son of Hades. Forgive me. I’ll allow it, but- there had better not be any funny business, okay?”

“I swear,” Nico promised, feeling relieved. “If you must know-”

“I don’t.”

“The most that’s ever happened is a kiss on the cheek, Chiron,” he continued anyway. Chiron raised his eyebrows in surprise. Nico shrugged. “It’s still new to me. The whole ‘feelings’ part of it…. And I guess it still seems a little strange? You know, old habits die hard. And this is a very, very old habit.” He shrugged again.

“Nico…. Ah, child. Mr. D had very strong feelings about you.”

“Excuse me?” he questioned. He knew who it was, but he didn’t understand what Chiron meant.

“Did you know that Dionysus is also god of transgender people, effeminacy, and he took it upon himself to go ahead and be the patron god of homosexuality?” Nico choked on air and felt his cheeks go red. “When you met him, not only were you ecstatic to meet him, honoring him greatly in doing so, but… he knew about you, my dear boy.” Nico furrowed his eyebrows. “If I recall correctly, when you ran away from Percy, Dionysus called you a troubled young man. Percy didn’t understand, but I noticed Dionysus’ interest towards you. He was… in his own way protective. I know it can be difficult to accept that part of yourself, but you have this home now. The gods themselves-”

“If you’re trying to tell me I’m completely normal, thank you, but…. Chiron, I don’t think I’m anywhere near normal. I mean… I was born in the 1930s. I was stuck in time, and then it turns out I’m half god half human? And I can talk to spirits and I have a room in the Underworld for whenever I want to visit, I mean…. None of that is normal.”

Chiron smiled a kind, warm smile that made his brown eyes twinkle. Nico wondered how he’d suddenly started spilling everything out to him, but there was no going back. “No, I suppose not. But who wants to be normal when you can be extraordinary? You’re a hero, Nico. Embrace that. And let yourself be happy.”

Nico chuckled and smiled at the centaur. “Huh. Yeah. I guess you’re right. Normal’s overrated.”

He scratched his head awkwardly, but before he could say something else, the door opened. “Hey Chiron, do you think- oh. Hey, Nico.” Will walked in slightly confused. “What are you doing?”

“Just talking to Chiron,” he answered.

Will nodded and turned back to Chiron. “So we were wondering if maybe you could tell the harpies not to scratch us when taking our food? And maybe tell them to let us finish first?”

Chiron chuckled and nodded. “I’ll take note of that. Also, Will, could you please set up another bed in your cabin?”

Nico fidgeted and Will furrowed his eyebrows. “Do we have another new camper?” Chiron glanced pointedly at Nico and Will turned to him in question.

“Um, actually, I asked if I could sleep in your cabin.” Blood rushed to his cheeks as Will’s blue eyes widened. “I get nightmares,” he explained. “And I just thought you and Kayla and Austin could… you know help me when I wake up from them.”

“Oh,” he said in surprise. “Oh, okay.” He smiled, giving Nico a warm happy feeling. “Well, when you’re done here, come on over to the infirmary, okay? There’s some campers with some nasty cuts.” He glanced at Chiron expectantly.

“Actually, I think… we’re done?” Chiron smiled and nodded. “Yeah, so let’s go.” He followed Will out of the Big House and to the infirmary.

For the rest of the day, Nico felt a little better. About himself, about the night to come, and mostly about this new relationship with Will. It helped a lot that Will never pushed him to do anything. He never tried to hold his hand, he never tried to kiss him, he never got too close. He never did anything to make Nico uncomfortable. He let Nico set the pace, and Nico couldn’t be more grateful.

That night, Nico went into the Apollo cabin nervously. The others whispered and gave him surprised looks, but Will calmed them down. “Don’t get any ideas, he’s here with good reason.” He led Nico to the bed they’d set up for him. “Let me know if you need anything, okay?” Nico nodded mutely as he looked at the bed.

Will walked away to his own bed and the other campers shuffled around in their PJs to their own cots as well. Nico took off his jacket and changed into a looser shirt to sleep in. As he got into bed, he noticed some of the Apollo kids giggling at Will who looked very red in the face as he got into his own bed on the other side of the cabin.

He ignored it and laid down as someone turned off the light. He’d be okay. It was alright.

Suddenly, he was looking into Percy’s bright green eyes as snow settled around them. “Take care of her. Promise me!”

Percy hesitated before nodding. “I’ll do my best.”

Suddenly a scream ripped through the air and Nico gasped. It was Bianca. He wasn’t sure how he knew, but he did. But when he started running to look for her, he found himself at that same tunnel-like entrance with its unnatural pull.

“No, no, no,” he pleaded. He tried running the other way, but it was too late. He was being pulled down again, and he couldn’t even scream as he fell into the depths of Tartarus. “Not again,” he pleaded. “Please, not again.” He stood shakily and began walking. He’ made it out before, he could do it again.

Then, a voice like razorblades cut through his dream. “Oh, son of Hades. Do you really believe you can escape again? You may control the dead above, but you have no power here.” Nico tried to ignore it, shivering despite the heat. “Run, little boy, run,” the voice cackled. “You can never escape. I promise you that.”

Nico realized he’d been going in circles. He was going in circles and he couldn’t find a way to stop. He could see anything, not a river or a monster, or anything but the dark, barren floor. “Not again,” he whimpered. “No, no, no!” He fell on the floor, and felt the heat sear into his skin, burning him mercilessly. He let out a blood curdling scream.

Suddenly, he was sitting up in bed, the lights were on, and several voices around him were whispering. He wasn’t alone. It wasn’t dark.

He realized there was a strong pair of arms around him, shushing him as he gasped for air and shook violently. His shirt was matted to his back, soaked through with sweat, even his hair curled together in wet clumps at the nape of his neck and against his forehead.

He heard several gentle voices saying his name, asking if he was alright, if he needed anything. “Guys, hold on, let him catch his breath,” Will said near his ear. Nico gripped his shirt tightly and curled into him, hiding his face. “Hey, it’s okay. You’re safe. You’re perfectly safe, Nico. Sh, sh.”

“Here, I brought some water,” Kayla said in a hushed voice. Will pried Nico’s hands away gently and took the glass. Nico was shaking too much to hold it himself, so Will helped him drink it. Someone else put a cold cloth against his face, and pushed the hair out of his face. Another person had their thumb against his wrist to check his heart beat.

Nico took a deep breath and finally took in his surroundings. The Apollo cabin. The Apollo kids. Even Apollo himself was looking at him worriedly. They were all around him, but not close enough to freak him out. They were all looking at him curiously, worriedly, some with that determined look of a doctor.

Then right in front of him, sitting on the edge, was Will. With his hair in a mess from his pillow and his kind smile, and relaxing blue eyes. “Will,” he breathed in a hoarse voice. He leaned forward and wrapped his arm around him gratefully. Will chuckled in his ear and hugged him back.

“Hey,” he whispered. “Feel better?” Nico nodded and pulled away. “Do you want to talk about it?” he shook his head. “Okay, that’s okay. Alright guys, go ahead and go back to bed.”

“Th-thank you,” Nico stammered before they left. “Thank you.” Several of them gave him sunny smiles before leaving.

“Here,” Austin said, handing him a shirt. “You soaked that one through. I figured you could use another.” Nico took and smiled gratefully.

“Okay, arms up,” Will said softly. Nico gulped and did as he was told. Will was careful not to touch his skin as he helped him change his shirt. He was blushing slightly, and Nico could see his freckles a little more as he did, but Will remained calm and collected. “Let’s get you back to sleep okay?” Nico began to protest, but Will shushed him and pushed him back gently to lay down. “You’ll be fine, you dork. We’re all right here.” He fixed the covers for him and kneeled down beside him. “Close your eyes,” he whispered. “Can you get the lights, Austin? Thanks.” Austin did and returned to his bed.

Meanwhile, Will remained kneeling next to Nico. Without giving it much thought, Nico poked a hand out from under his covers face up and offered it to Will. Slightly surprised, Will put his hands into Nico’s and their fingers interlocked. His fit perfectly between the spaces of Nico’s and Nico sighed in content.

He shut his eyes and Will began to sing softly for him. His voice was husky and melodic. It sent warmth through Nico. Peace and serenity. He laughed lightly and Will stopped singing. “What?”

Nico laughed again, and in a sleepy voice, he said, “You’re my solace, Solace.”

Will chuckled and said, “And you call me a dork.” He squeezed his hand lightly and resumed singing. Slowly, Nico fell asleep. But this time, he dreamt of himself as a little kid, laughing, running down wet cobblestone streets beside his sister as a gentle laugh from behind them followed, calling their names.