🌈 some soft things to stay alive for:

  • seeing a heart-shaped cloud
  • music you could fall asleep to
  • warm blankets straight from the dryer
  • gifts with a lot of thought in them

  • surprise breakfasts in bed
  • hot cups of cocoa when it’s cold
  • rainbows during a sun shower
  • cute artwork that you connect with

  • little hopes that come true
  • feeling safe with someone you love
  • taking care of a used plushie
  • yummy edible cookie dough

i cant wait until i live in a little cottage by a creek with baby ducklings swimming in it. vintage teddy bears, shortalls and boots in muddy pathways, flowers surrounding my feet… i cant wait

💐things to help a sad age regressor💐

🌼check on them, talk to them, ask them what’s wrong/what happened!

🌼offer to turn on their favorite show or movie

🌼give pats or run a hand through their hair


🌼make them a tiny meal with their favorite foods and snacks!

🌼read or tell them a happy story

🌼run them a nice warm bath, get some bubbles and toys !

🌼tickle or play peek-a-boo!!

🌼hold their hand

🌼ask them to draw or write what’s wrong

🌼bring their favorite stuffie or toy to them

🌼wrap them in a comfy blanket!!

🌼and maybe your baby just needs some time alone! let them have a nap if they need one!

🌼 and remember to always always always be there for your baby!! they always need your love and care in their dark times!