The Window, the rubber and the string of destiny.

Here at Chirco we have seals for days!  That’s not an arctic reference, it’s just a fact…jack.

The shop guys were kind enough to let me shoot a few pics of a windshield with seal they recently installed.  I had heard about the mystery of the string and soap.  It always reminded me of the 3 seashells in Demolition Man.  I never really knew how it worked, but I didn’t want to ask anyone because it seemed like everybody already knew.  :)

In any case here is my non-expert pov of what went down.

Not a bad car.  I noticed the missing glass right away.  My observation skills are not legendary, but I did pick up on that.  Note:  You can get great Mexican blankets here, Ponchos too….stove covers are harder to come by though.

Here you can see Bob working the string into the seam.  He actually did it pretty fast.  His language was colorful and made my ears pucker a couple times, but all in all he nailed it.

Next Bob applied the soapy water.  I thought there would be some chanting or chicken bone rolling but really it was just a lot of spraying.  I’m not gonna lie….I wasn’t impressed.  :)

This is a picture of John trying to hold back the distorted view of Bobs face through the glass.  John is usually pretty quiet, but apparently the soapy smear of Bobs face took him to a bad mental place and he just babbled incoherently about $50 flip flops and sea monsters.  It was weird.

OK…John held the windshield in place and applied pressure as Bob began to pull the string of destiny and seat the windshield in it’s groove.

This is Bobs view of the same scene.  Apparently he’s cool with flip flops and sea monsters.

Bob carefully pulled the string of destiny and John followed with pressure from the other side.  I don’t mean “pressure” like…“Dude, Bob….you know if you fail at this a meteor is gonna crash in Tucson and probably land on your truck and then Joe won’t be able to borrow it to go to Bugorama and then people won’t be able to play Chirco Plinko and then Lemorris won’t get to hug Lorin.”….I mean…weight pressure.

It was kinda cool to see the teamwork.  They are clear pros and did this part lickety-split.

…and TA-DAAA!!!!  all done!  

The whole thing took them like 4 minutes and it really was impressive.  

Big thanks to the Shop fellas for letting me invade their space.

Pretty cool.