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captive prince is a fantasy-historical romance novel trilogy by australian author c. s. pacat! i actually think it’s a little cheaper on the play store than amazon; i only paid $20 aud for it in total. there are also 4 short stories set in the universe, 3 of which have currently been released: green but for a season (a midquel), the summer palace, and the adventures of charls (both sequels).

i’ve always described it as a thoughtful, sweet political romance with a trashy gay porno aesthetic; you have to like one of these things, and at minimum tolerate the other, in order to enjoy it. i personally love it very much but it’s not the sort of thing i would recommend to everyone; there’s a dearth of female characters, some disturbing content, and the premise can definitely be alienating, especially to usa audiences.

some big content and trigger warnings: slavery, rape, abuse, CSA, corporal punishment, animal death, and just general corruption and treachery. it’s not gratuitous; for a point of reference, if you made it through the game of thrones TV show, i reckon you’ll be fine here. but bad things do happen, ceaselessly, throughout book 1, though nothing is fetishized, things improve immediately in book 2, and the series does a good job of resolving all that conflict and drama in a believable way so when the characters finally fall in love, you are right there with them.

i can’t lie, it does take a lot of Dealing With Things to get through the series – i only barely made it through book 1. but i do really think it’s worth it! it’s a very rich, dense narrative, but the writing is clever and unadorned enough to lead you through without it becoming frustrating or boring. the series is a mess of trauma and betrayal, but the ending is wholly and unambiguously happy. it’s written by a queer australian, like me! and the romance is. oh my god, it is so good. it is so good. the happy ending is so bone-deep satisfying, because you come to admire the characters so much, and their joy is just utterly gratifying to see.

if anyone needs more detailed content warnings, could you please send me an ask off anon, or PM me! and be safe; if you’re not sure you’ll be able to enjoy the series, just skip it. the only important info you need to retain is that damen and laurent are in love.

Hanamaru Pippi English Lyrics

I’ve been sitting on this translation for almost a year now haha

Hanamaru Pippi’s lyrics caught the ear of many people in Japan–many had fun coming up with their own widely-varying interpretations of the song. Lyricist Asaki is actually quite well known for her undecipherable lyrics; I came across a lot of comments like, “It’s Asaki so just give up (on trying to understand the song).” So the song contains an absurd number of double meanings and oddities.

Also see the translation notes at the end!

Hanamaru Pippis are Just for Good Little Kids
Hanamaru Pippi wa Yoiko Dake
Artist: AOP, Lyrics: Asaki, Composition/Arrangement: 96

hirari hirari mo suki no uchi to
Drifting through the cracks

かけこみ すべりこみ うっとり
kakekomi   suberikomi   uttori
In a rush, just in time–In a trance

これぞカミカゼ[2] 沿う太陽
kore zo kamikaze   sou taiyou
This is a kamikaze; the sun rides along

虫の息 ひと知れず
mushi no iki  hito shirezu
A dying breath, unknown to the world

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Chiras is about 3-4 years old so he can already talk
he just doesn’t really like and do it

He likes more to speak in pictures or make text boxes with his text
(He is very talened with magic for his age)

Chiras is the non-canon/canon son of Xans in another timeline
he won’t appear in the UV comic

In my experience, good storytelling is actually best learned through what not to do. Really learn to criticize—not hate—everything you consume. When something is bad, ask yourself why is it bad, and try to come up with different ways it could’ve been improved, even if it’s just for thought exercises (who knows? You may even inspire yourself a really good idea for a story too). If it’s already good, criticize it anyway, because then it teaches you how to always look more deeply in general and teaches you to think.


THIS. I mean the general philosophy goes for a lot of things as well…like how life in general is kind of “well there’s no one RIGHT way to live it but there’s are lot of obviously wrong ways!” Mostly though it is very, very applicable to what I’m trying to figure out with storytelling– I think you are all seeing how much I’m struggling with CODA and how it’s a lot of “WELL that didn’t work out LET’S TRY THIS INSTEAD!!” And a lot of criticism is…I have learned that I don’t have to agree with the exact detail of criticism but to pay attention because the criticisms are usually dead-on in what I need to work on. As in not the “how to change” necessarily, because that tend to vary too much between people, but “what to change”. Similarly I’m trying to learn look at the stories that I’m reading / watching and trying to figure out why somethings are really good and others are really terrible. It’s an on-going process.

Garish Room #28 [2017 ver. member A to Z case of Reita] part 2

- Obtain (recently acquired thing that increased the intensity of sensations)

Reita: This is due to the story, which I recently mentioned, but it’s the fact that I bought the speakers. After I used the previous ones about 8 years, I purchased a new product from Pioneer recently. The stand is attached to the sides of the speakers, and since they do not touch the ground, the sound is quite different. Even the discs, that I used to listen to, were sounded for me with new sensations, the mood was updated and it was fascinating. In these speakers, regardless of if the bass sounded or I did a mixing test on them, they further widened the range, so I could immediately heard sounds that were not played.

- Picture (photo of the times Dainippon itan geisha)

Reita: (Looking at photos from the past) Hmm …What’s that, though a little, but my hair ends sticked out horrible. Still, it’s great to be young; since I repainted the black parts of the hair in the blond by myself, there were traces and it was quite noticeable. (loking at photos  「舐~ zetsu ~」 ) Probably they are not so bad, because we look great. How to say…it’s great that we look so good on them (laughs). These thrills, now I’m no longer able to do this. And I don’t remember at all why I wore white and blue clothes. It seemed like something complicated, to acquire the necessary skills, and because of this we often performed. Approximately then, it was time, when we inserted symbolic drawings, that was so in Ruki’s style, or at that time we also used kanji. The day of filming the video 舐 舐 ~ zetsu ~ 」was very hot. And what was the hottest, the drums, right? Waiting until they corrected makeup of this guy, was very very long, in addition, all suffered greatly because of the heat (laughs).

- Question (things you are skeptical of)

Reita: Our society consists of people who constantly complain [* he is referring to official complaints about the service, as well as the type of fraud ]. And I really don’t like this. Also the reason why I stopped watching TV is, in essence, that the complainants irritate me, but even more I get furious, when, in addition, people around are too involved in this.  I believe that a guy, who is called reckless, is certainly not connected with those who are in a safe place, then “what is this chain of negative” (when bad events occur one after another)  - I often feel something like this.  One part among the complainants has declined quite in number, they seem to have come to common sense. Even if we apply this to our activities,  where, first of all, there is rock and punk, these are not the things that decent people do. “Although you performance to the public, it does not mean anything at all” - I hate such ambience. Jsut because we are people who have crossed the limit “I cann’t do this”, we do have a certain pattern, to which we aspire. Still I think it doesn’t mean that you can always feel close to us and become friends easily.

-  Resistance (not subject to discussion part)

Reita:  In make-up, when I’m in public places, I play the role of Reita. I don’t feel too much need to show my inner world,  and at the time of applying makeup, I also change what is inside me. And since it’s very important, it’s the part of me not to discuss.

- Sexy  (a favorite part of the female body and gestures that excite the feelings of men)

Reita: Favorite part … there is a lot of (laughs).  Navel or so-called «hara chira» (when you accidentally saw someone’s stomach, which was hidden under the  clothes  before that),  It seems to me pretty sexy. So, I’d like women to always go screaming “banzai” (laughs) [*  during shouting “banzai”, usually raise their hands; so Reita heads to the fact that a T-shirt or a jacket will roll up and you’ll see a navel].

-  Treasure (treasures that you really appreciate)

Reita: The car. I sold the red mustang, that I used on the set for a magazine, 2-3 years ago, and now I drive another car, but I really like it.  Even if it becomes useless, I want to buy another one similar model of the car.  Also recently on Twitter I asked everyone to send me a photo of their cars, because I also was interested to see the cars of other people, do they have any stickers, or maybe they were a little remodeled, or how they have chosen an interior finish.  Since I also grew up in the countryside, I drove the car from the age of 18, so having a car was something  certain.  When you go by car, it’s like a secret room, in which no one can enter, and I also really like it.

- Under ( kohai, which you accept)

Reita: Basically, I don’t admit them because of their meager skills (laughs). Speaking of kohais, are they not rivals to us? A long time ago, since I showed some enmity directed at the guys, who performed together with us at concerts as rivals, I didn’t like the fact that I had to admit them openly. Therefore, even now I still don’t support the relationship with kohais.

-  Violence (episodes when you were very angry)

Reita:  Hahaha! When was I angry? It happened only once, but … because the other members are not such to be angry (laughs). It was about 5 years ago, during the tour, I scolded loudly, I think that neither before nor after I didn’t do this, only at that time. I think, in that situation, probably, it would be wrong not to get mad at a new employee, bass technician. Since I always make mistakes, I don’t blame people when they also make them,  but due to some mistakes, my head was just full of various worries, later, too, mistakes continued to follow one after another. This went on and made me angry. And since I couldn’t change this feeling, it wasn’t very good. I think that one mistake isn’t a mistake at all. A real mistake is to continue to make the same mistake repeatedly.  So the next day I talked with him as always with a smile… No, if I were angry, it would be something very serious (laughs).  

-  Warning (what do you pay attention to in your daily life)

Reita: For a long time, I always received instructions from my Mom like “I think you should have your own opinion on any issue” and the words “listen well to what people say” penetrated into my soul. Therefore, even though I say “but I think in this way”, but I don’t impose my opinion over this. Now I have this way of dealing with others “it’s clear, there are such people”. I wonder if it’s good or bad. And, maybe there is also the fact  in me that I don’t have inflated expectations about people. I think that’s probably why I’m not angry with them.  I have no thoughts like “I want to do something, or I want to tell them something”, so, maybe that’s why I’m not angry. Only me can understand what is me, and probably there is no need to try to make you understand me, if it’s against your will.

-  X-factor (what would you like to try to do in the future that you never did before)

Reita: It’s about acting, there is one documentary video from the tour, where once long ago Hide-san became angry in the locker room and hurled a mirror, that split into parts. So I would like to do something like this (laughs).  I do not often get a chance to break things in my daily life.

-  Yesterday  (what did you do yesterday, from the moment when you woke up before you went to bed)

Reita:  In the morning I woke up at 8 o'clock, since the day before was the last episode of  "SMAP × SMAP" [* TV show, organized by SMAP. The last episode was shown on December 26 and after 28 years the group ceased its activity]. I wrote a tweet “good morning”, combining it in meaning with this theme. In fact, we had to go with Ruki to photoshooting for the album of the best ballads, but it began to rain, all were canceled, and we hastily left there.Therefore, after cleaning up my room, I went to the gym. After training the muscles, I ran and then made stretching. It seems to me that if you start the morning with body training, much will be done in the right way.  Well, since the stories about muscle training will be badly received by the public, let’s stop on this (laughs).

-  Zero (what you would like to get rid of)

Reita:  Still, I really would like to forget that during the performance I fell, I really want to forget it.  Even on tour 「DOGMA」 I once very effectively fell, seems it was in Yamagata.  It also was included in the documentary, but since now we live in a society that constantly uses social networks, it would be known fact for everyone in any case, right? So, after the performance, I told about it by myself.  There is nothing left but to make this the topic of a popular discussion (laughs). 

translated from japanese to russian by shimizu_ran.vk for the_gazette_quotes.vk

translated from russian to english by me

as always thx for reading and sorry for mistakes ^^


what a coinicdence that just a few days ago @crossoverdude and me made this fusion which then somehow turned into a child of Xans and Demi!Sans 0w0
except one of the drawings is everything drawn by Crossoverdude 

This is child is non-canon and won’t appear in UV neither Demitale (like chiras)

Demitale belongs to Crossoverdude
Undervirus belongs to Jeyawue

Raavi belongs to us both -3- ♥
Men Don’t Want to Be Nurses. Their Wives Agree. | Susan Chira
There’s one way to help unemployed men get jobs. But they’re not interested.
By Susan Chira

Another example of the difficulties of getting workers displaced by the economic turmoil of an automated world into jobs that machines can’t do (yet): men displaced from manufacturing and other traditionally male jobs won’t move into heath care, teaching, or administration: traditionally female jobs:

The jobs report for May contained discouraging news: continuing low labor-force participation, now below 63 percent overall. About 20 million men between the prime working ages of 20 and 65 had no paid work in 2015, and seven million men have stopped looking altogether.

The rage and despair of some of them helped propel Donald Trump to the White House. They may be waiting for him to deliver on his promise to bring back well-paid manufacturing jobs. Economists fear a long, fruitless wait.

In the meantime, the jobs most in demand — like nursing and nurse assistants, home health care aides, occupational therapists or physical therapists — sit open. The health care sector had the largest gap between vacancies and hires of any sector in April, for example.

And it is not only blue-collar men who recoil at taking traditionally female jobs.

Ofer Sharone, an assistant professor of sociology at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, has studied middle-aged white-collar professionals who have lost their jobs. He found that some men who might have been willing to consider lower-paid jobs in typically feminine fields encountered resistance from their wives, who urged them to keep looking.


Nursing offers a perplexing case study. In theory, nursing should appeal to men because it pays fairly good wages and is seen as a profession with a defined skill set. Yet just 10 percent of nurses are men, despite “Are You Man Enough … to Be a Nurse?” posters and other efforts to enlist men.

The hope is to focus on millennials who may be less bound by notions of traditional masculinity, said Brent MacWilliams, president of the American Assembly for Men in Nursing and a former commercial fisherman who is now an associate professor of nursing at Wisconsin-Oshkosh. He has seen more men apply to nursing schools, but he acknowledges his group will fall short of its goal of 20 percent male nurses by 2020.

Nursing and teaching, another growing field dominated by women, may require levels of education or training that can be daunting for those men who were less successful in school but made a good living in manufacturing.

There is no ‘answer’ to this: it’s a dilemma. The concept of a ‘masculine’ job is not just in the heads of the men: their wives and co-workers tease them if they take traditionally female work. The entire system works against the best interests of everyone involved. Patients who might benefit from physically stronger home health care aides can’t get them. Men who would benefit from secure work can accept the shame associated with ‘women’s work’. And the female co-workers might benefit from higher pay is men joined their workforce, and demanded higher pay.

Everyone loses.

So, once again, when some blowhard at a conference or cocktail party starts to go on about how easy it will be to create new jobs in the coming ai-dominated economy, just point out to him the current 63% labor force participation, and the 27 million out of work men 20-65 that had zero hours of paid work in 2015. And that’s before widespread automation has spread out beyond manufacturing, mining, and a few other automation-intensive sectors. Wait till driverless cars and trucks hit the millions of cabbies and truck drivers, and robots and factory homes hit the construction industry.

they-call-me-aria-vargas  asked:

Hola Chira! I have a suggestion for something you could do. What about what happens when you and Romano fight, or disagree on something, and what? This is probably a pretty bad suggestion, but hey, worth a try :) Hope you find something! (Sorry if my English was incorrect)

Chiara: Well I might not have a goddamned boyfriend, but I- I… Uh… Crap, nevermind… Doesn’t matter.


Lovino is: @ask-lovifreakingvargas

Antonio is: @askaphspain

anonymous asked:

I know there's tons going on but I wanna thank you for the way you portrayed Nens struggle with his sexuality and stuff like, LGBT people don't get tons of representation and when we do it's usually "out and proud" characters.. I like that Nen got to wrestle with it.. I also wanted to ask (and I've probably asked before but) do you know of anymore good LGBT+ webtoons or comics in general? I'd like to start reading more comics, but I only really like your writing I've noticed...

Thank you, nonnie! 

Honestly, I never thought Nen’s situation would be a big thing? I mean, I felt like his and Gawain’s (and all the characters’ struggles) were just real things, and in my headspace it seemed very normal to have such feelings and reactions.

It wasn’t until I got messages on the subject that I realized how many readers were able to relate to Nen in particular.

I mean, I’m sure I’m not the first to have such a character, but right now I’m just really glad he exists because he’s made me learn a lot of things about so many wonderful people <3

As for comic recs, I’m on mobile so forgive me for not including links! Here are some I enjoy quite a lot:

- Starfighter by Hamletmachine (adult content)

- It’s Always Raining Here by Hazel and Bell

- Knights Errant by Jennifer Doyle (16+yrs)

- Sfeer Theory by Chira

- Check, Please! by Ngozi Ukazu

- Always Human by Walkingnorth

how hanae wants to be cheered
hanae natsuki

a summary of daiya no ace radio excerpt i found on yt ~

hanae wants to be cheered by cheer girl and when asked at what time does he wants it, he casually said “when i’m feeling down and when i’m feeling horny” wwwww

so they were all like, “do it!!! stimulate your imagination!!!” and here it goes;

- when feeling horny version -

girl!Hanae voice : Hanae-kun. It’s me. You notice it right, that I’m wearing cheer girl outfit. You know why? Bcos you said you like cheer girl cosplay. How’s it? You can see the armpit too, chira chira!! (chira is sfx for peeking)

ehh Hanae-kun?? Hanae-kun, what’s wrong? what’s with that?

wait don’t hide it with cushion! wait up Hanae-kun, ah i understand that you’re tired from work, i totally understand how you feel and your feelings now that you’re going to turn 23 yrs old. I’m rooting on you!!

now come close and face me, so close you can feel (my/our??) breath. I’ll cheer on you!! ikimasu!

go!! go!! Hanae!

go!! go!! Hanae!

go!! go!! Hanae!

- when feeling down version -

girl!Hanae voice : Hanae-kun! Here I am!! Today I’m wearing cheer girl outfit. Here, you can see my armpit! chira chira (peeking sfx)

how’s it? since you like cheer girl ~ eh? Hanae-kun, are you tired? hmmm, then take a seat on sofa over there, I’ll give you a massage. 

eh? why you (cover it with) the cushion….?

wwwww and ohsaka was like, oiii! what’s the difference, the armpit peeking flow is still the same!!!

ps : whenever “out” is mentioned, it is equivalent to bleep

[ audio source : x ]