Perfect For Me
  • Perfect For Me
  • Ron Pope
  • Chira Feels
You sit in the bathroom and you paint your toes
I sit on the bed right now and I sing you a song
It's not always easy, but somehow our love stays strong
If I can make you happy, then this is where I belong

And I'd just like to say
I thank god that you're here with me
And I know you too well to say that you're perfect
But you'll see, oh my sweet love, you're perfect for me

I know all your secrets, and you know all of mine
You're always here to hold me up when I'm losing my mind
I wish that I was stronger so that I had more to give
I'll share everything I have and we'll find a way to live

Even after all this time, nothing else I ever find
In this whole wide world can shake me like you do
Its true that something so sublime that there aren't words yet to describe
The beauty of this life I've made with you

And I'd just like to say
I thank god that you're here with me
And I know you too well to say you're perfect
But you'll see oh my sweet love you're perfect for me
And I know you too well to say you're perfect
But you'll see of my sweet love you're perfect
Oh my love I swear you're perfect
Yes I promise, you're perfect for me

In my experience, good storytelling is actually best learned through what not to do. Really learn to criticize—not hate—everything you consume. When something is bad, ask yourself why is it bad, and try to come up with different ways it could’ve been improved, even if it’s just for thought exercises (who knows? You may even inspire yourself a really good idea for a story too). If it’s already good, criticize it anyway, because then it teaches you how to always look more deeply in general and teaches you to think.


THIS. I mean the general philosophy goes for a lot of things as well…like how life in general is kind of “well there’s no one RIGHT way to live it but there’s are lot of obviously wrong ways!” Mostly though it is very, very applicable to what I’m trying to figure out with storytelling– I think you are all seeing how much I’m struggling with CODA and how it’s a lot of “WELL that didn’t work out LET’S TRY THIS INSTEAD!!” And a lot of criticism is…I have learned that I don’t have to agree with the exact detail of criticism but to pay attention because the criticisms are usually dead-on in what I need to work on. As in not the “how to change” necessarily, because that tend to vary too much between people, but “what to change”. Similarly I’m trying to learn look at the stories that I’m reading / watching and trying to figure out why somethings are really good and others are really terrible. It’s an on-going process.


While everyone’s watching the villager from Animal Crossing curb stomp Link I’ll be playing this game!

Me and Chira have been joking for a bit about how That Which Wills, our sexy magical girl/boy comic, would make a great fighting game. Because zodiac magical girls would be AMAZING in a fighting game. So when I saw the amazing Suzanne was taking animated pixel art commissions (GO CHECK THIS OUT SHE IS AMAZING) I jumped right on it and she was more than happy to oblige!

So here is Liam, doing the classic heel bob you get in all fighting games. FOR CHIRA, BECAUSE I THOUGHT SHE MIGHT ENJOY SEEING LIAM READY TO REEK SOME ROSE PETAL HELL ON THE ENEMY.


“That Man” - Caro Emerald.

Also this. Roommate’s listening to Chira’s stream– she’s got remarkable taste, her.


Huun Huur Tu, “Chiraa-Khoor”

Whaaaaaaaaaat, did you really think I could go this long without linkin’ my bros 

pleasedwithcheese replied to your photo: “Oh…. ohmai… There are so many of yo— WAIT!!…

I am Chira, not Rachi! .. I think.. Thuuurr is my name Rachi? No? I didn’t think so. You got all the right letters. I think. … Thuuuurrrr… DX

“Oh shoot!! I got it wrong?? D: My memory must be all messed up from the travel here…. Chira–oh yes!! Chira–yes that is correct!” She pauses when Chira calls for ‘Thur".. “…Thur?” She asks with a small voice, as if remembering something important that is juust out of her reach.

So I was looking through my old art recently and chatting with Niaro about the good old days and I stumbled on my old characters that I haven’t really touched in like 2-3 years. and these character original sheets ohmygod i

so i wrote on them to make myself feel better about myself lmfao;;;

but I decided to draw them again because i mean WHY NOT RIGHT

yeah enjoy my terrible stuff from 2008 while go over here and just pet my art happy that i improved a little bit

Who'd Have Know
  • Who'd Have Know
  • Lily Allen
  • Chira Feels

It's 5 o clock in the morning,
Conversation got boring,
You said you're going to bed soon,
So I snuck off to your bedroom,
And I thought i'd just wait there,
Untill I heard you come up the stairs,
And I pretended I was sleeping,
And I was hoping you would creep in with me.

You put your arm around my shoulder,
It was as if the room got colder,
And we moved closer in together,
And started talking about the weather,
You said tomorow would be fun,
And we could watch A Place In The Sun,
I didn't know where this was going,
When you kissed me.

Are you mine? Are you mine?
Cos I stay here all the time,
Watching telly, Drinking wine,
Who'd have known, Who'd have known?
When you flash up on my phone,
I no longer feel alone,
No longer feel alone.

I haven't left you for days now,
And I'm becoming amazed how,
Your quite affectionate in public,
In fact your friend said it made her feel sick,
And even though it's moving forward,
There's just the right amount of awkward,
And today you accidentally,
Called me baby.

Are you mine? Are you mine?
Cos I stay here all the time,
Watching telly, Drinking wine,
Who'd have known, Who'd have known?
When you flash up on my phone,
I no longer feel alone,

Let's just stay, Let's just stay,
I wanna lie in bed all day,
We'll be laughing all the way,
You told your friends,
They all know,
That we exsist but we're taking it slow,
Lets just see how we go,
Now let's see how we go.
Ever Enough
  • Ever Enough
  • A Rocket To The Moon
  • Chira Feels

No I'm never gonna leave you darling, 
Oh I'm never gonna go regardless.
Everything inside of me,
Is living in your heartbeat.
Even when all the lights are fading,
Even then if your hope is shaking,
I'm here holding on.

I will always be yours,
Forever and more.
Through the push and the pull.
I still drown in your love,
Drink till I'm drunk.
And all that I've done,
Is it ever enough?

I'm hanging on the line here baby,
I need more than ifs and maybes.
Come down from the highest highs,
Still searching for the reason why.
Now I know what it's like,
Reaching from the other side.
After all that I've done...