chipu tan

For ChipuTan! As a part of the Tiger and Bunny Secret santa!

his was really fun, but I didn’t get the time I wished for to use on it. Between Christmas, two children and a really super stressful custody case this went from being ‘super ambitious’ to 'omfgosh I hope this is ok’.

I went with Chipu-Tan’s request of Kotetsu, Barnaby and Kaede spending Christmas together. And everyone is happy and CHRISTMASSY. :)

I secretly imagine that Barnaby’s indulgence is wearing comfy, baggy clothes when he’s at home.


What the hell, why not do another Satsuki speedpaint for the day lol.

Also… dearest anon, I’m flattered you think this, because I like paint practice, and I like drawing satsuki. 

However, I think you clearly haven’t seen some of the better paintings (even on tumblr).

For example… wuzidan and masssssan are superior painters to me (by far)

 mongnob,  vagrantschoolgirlalupapapaletteskychipu-tansatsukikiryiunbonpyro, aoi-tama, mspaintfanart all draw much better satsuki’s than me.

I could go on, but instead how about just check out the list instead?