chiptune set

There was a chiptune music rave in Steven Universe ⊟

Complete with a suite of Nintendo handhelds in the DJ’s setup! You can listen to the actual chiptune set composed by Aivi and Surasshu for the “Alone Together episode. Steven Universe is the best show.

Speaking of Steven Universe and music events, the show’s creator Rebecca Sugar and supervising director Ian Jones-Quartey will be at MAGFest this weekend for Q&As, signings, and more. I am jealous of everyone who will be at MAGFest this weekend. :o(

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goldennotgreenberyl-deactivated  asked:

Hi! I LOVE your music. I noticed how beautiful the music on Steven Universe was, then I found out it was called chiptune, and I've been listening to it a lot, especially you guys'! What kind of program would you recommend for a piano player who would like to try to compose/play chiptune music for the first time?

Thank you so much!

I’m not the most qualified person to answer this, but I’ll try my best. For chiptune specifically, there are 2 ways you can go about creating songs: “sequencing” and “tracking”. Sequencing is when you use a sequencer to play/record/arrange notes–I think it’s easier to get into if you’re used to approaching music from a performance standpoint. Tracking is where you program sounds in a spreadsheet-like format.

For sequencing chiptunes, you can pretty much use any sequencer (Garageband is fairly easy to learn and usually comes free with Macs) and find a set of chiptune sounds to use. Woolyss is a great resource for finding chiptune plugins and samples! For tracking, a popular program that uses sounds from the classic Nintendo chip is Famitracker (Windows only) and a lot of people use LSDJ on Gameboy.

surasshu uses ChibiTracker, but it’s pretty advanced and best to have someone to help ease you into it!

I hope that helps a little!