(Very Purely Hypothetical)

Jily Week 2 Day 3: Letters (or notes) or Pop Culture

James, Lily Evans wrote in her spiral-bound, muggle, charmed-to-the-teeth notebook. Are you there? Merlin I hope so. I charmed this instant reply thing for a reason, you know! Your girlfriend wants you at her beck and call. I can practically hear Sirius groaning from here as you hurry to find a quill and reply to me.

Yeah, Lil, I’m here, and you’re right, Sirius is groaning. How’s Cokeworth?

Driving me mad. I’m going to murder someone shortly. Don’t let the Ministry get hold of this, I don’t much fancy a stay in Azkaban, alright?

You’ll be fine, Lily! Remember what we talked about? Mumble nonsense words around him, keep your wand on you and twitch it at random, the walrus will be right terrified of you. And the Easter hols are only two weeks. You can do it!

It’s not even the walrus! Him I was prepared for. But there are multiple Dursleys here, he brought the whole bloody… what is the collective for walruses? Pod? Herd? Wait, I’m going to look it up, there’s a dictionary around here somewhere.

I asked the others, Sirius said that it’s ‘an ugly of walruses.’ Not sure I want to know how he has that information at the drop of a hat. Still, it’s fitting, right?



You actually went to look it up, didn’t you.

You’re on holiday, you headcase, and you’re still studying.

It’s not studying it’s… I don’t know. Shush. I like Sirius’ dictionary better, mine just said ‘a herd.’

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Depeche Mode “Master & Servant” played on 3½" floppy drives and 2 hard drives. (Thanks again, Bree!)
Played slightly more “chiptone” than accurate (are those PC-speaker playing the melody?) but it’s a six-piece band…