chips i mean crisps

Got tagged to do the 10 Facts About Me by the awesome @createandconstruct GRACIAS!

1) i LOVE spicy food, I’m sad when I go out to eat and hot sauce isn’t available :// (also latina so)

2) i LOVE dogs and have had two, one passed on (Rocky) and my current lover boy Bruce💕

3) been drawing pretty much since I could hold a pencil but stopped around the second grade and didn’t start back up until 6th grade. I still occasionally stop for some reason and pick it back up months later.

4) i suffer from anxiety and I’m always nervous

5) when I have an otp I INVEST IN SAID OTP OH MY GOD

6) in college for illustration

7) i can eat omelettes everyday if I could

8) i love ‘spicy’ chips/crisps when I say I ‘love’ them I mean I LOVE them and have some at least everyday lol….

8) I HATE BUGS and rats

9) I finally got my ass to learn how to drive and I love it.

10) I wish cole sprouse would keep the dark hair forever and ever

if you got this far YOURE TAGGED :))