chips do sound good

I’ll always be here

Summary: Dan comes from an abusive background, Phil takes him on as his own responsibility to take care of, things kind of progressed from there.

Genre: Angst, Fluff.

Warnings: Abuse (Mental, physical and verbal) although nothing is really described in much detail, swearing, alcohol

Words: 2422

A/N: This is kind of AU? Like they still have YouTube channels but Dan doesn’t start his until much, much later than he actually did?

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10 Things You Can Easily Do With Phone Cases That Don't Fit Your Phone!

1: stuff them in your bra and work it

2: block out the haters

3: trick people into thinking your quiff is taller

you see, the eat slay love case is a subtle shade of 'gross public swimming pool with a large amount of chemicals’ blue, similar to my hair color, making it easy to fool people.

4: be the cute person you are

5: avoid getting in trouble for breaking school dress code

at my school, and many others, there’s a rule against showing your shoulders. don’t worry! there’s no rule against phone cases, is there?

6: watch people without them noticing

if you just pretend you’re doing something on your phone, no one will suspect that you’re watching them through the camera holes


7: use it as a bowl

dang those chips look good but we’re out of bowls and i’m a lazy can of green beans that doesn’t want to do the dishes what ever shall i do

8: eat them

dang chips sound really good right now but we don’t have any chips and i’m a lazy can of green beans that doesn’t want to go get some what ever shall i do

9: block out annoying sounds

10: use them as earrings

It’s Only A Beginning (14/?) Louis/Nick

Louis/Nick, Tumblr/high school AU. Continued from here. Read the whole thing here

“I don’t know whether you can turn up for a date in an anorak.”

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