chips and marble

GroundsKeeping - Keeping the Balance

GroundsKeeping Notice:

Our Motto “Keeping the Balance"

Students are reminded that paths constructed of white marble chips are designated “Fae-Ways" and appropriate precautions should be observed when crossing or using these paths. Reddish Paths are designated “Free-Ways”. These are constructed of red scoria, crushed blast furnace slag and a small amount of hematite gravel for balance; these provide a more grounded journey and a safer option. Please do not remove hematite for personal use. Students are reminded that thanks to the generous support of our Alumni, maps and bagged hematite gravel are available Free-Of-Obligation from Student Services. Additionally, the Student Co-op has an extensive selection of hematite, iron or steel jewellery available for purchase at discounted prices.  GroundsKeeping will be conducting their annual rebalancing of the recreation areas around the Dormitories. Grassed areas will be treated with an Iron Sulphate solution and inorganic fertiliser; Meadow areas will be treated with seaweed solution, compost tea and a light dressing of organic fertiliser. Students should note organic fertiliser contains “Chicken Manure”, “Animal by-products” and “Blood & Bone”; consequently a strong odour may persist for a week or so and may attract predators. This is normal and expected, so take care. Students with recent or open wounds, and those actively menstruating are advised to avoid Meadow areas for the next 2 weeks as a precaution. Recent rains have opened numerous new fairy-rings which GroundsKeeping are reviewing for marking or remediation on a case-by-case basis. Please report any new and unmarked rings to GroundsKeepers. Next Wednesday marks the Full-Moon and mid-winter solstice; Students should take particular care near the west-wing of the Library leading up to this event. Students are reminded that the Library will be CLOSED from Dusk on Solstice Wednesday to Dawn on Thursday; All “Category A” books (Red Labels) must be returned by NOON Solstice Wednesday; and can be re-loaned once the Library re-opens Thursday. If you are unable to return Category A books in time they should be secured in an Iron Casket, Filing Cabinet or Safe (or similar). AS A LAST RESORT! Wrap offending items in several layers of Aluminium Foil; place them in your locker; sprinkle the item with salt packets and small iron objects; hematite gravel, iron filings, or even steel wool works well. SECURE THE LOCKER and NOTIFY GROUNDSKEEPING.


Reminder that suspicious items or found objects should be reported to GroundsKeeping for assessment. Avoid touching or staring at them. Collections when combined with Placement are particularly dangerous. For example: Do not step into a Fairy-Ring to admire at the Sea-Shell collection



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I know it’s late, but I just got home, and week summary must be done. :)

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Oh and yes, hit a milestone!

1. Hold his name in between your teeth but do not bite down. Let it linger on your tongue for a bit, the way it tastes will be bitter at first. When it tries to take your words remember to put his name in between the lines so he can feel your eyes on the page. Do not let him make you feel guilty for speaking out about the pain. Let yourself say his name after you hold it for awhile, let the world know what he did, what you did, what happened. He does not keep you in a prison anymore by holding your tongue hostage in fear of damage. You do not owe him anything anymore, for the moment he left he gave up on the luxury of concealing his identity.

2. Do not mold your figure to fit his new ideals. He has gotten bigger and you will not let yourself take up space in fear that now he will take to your structure voice now sledgehammer. Your bones are not his. Your skin his not his. Your heart is not his. It belongs only to you. He does not have a say in the way you appear to the world. You get to be without him chipping away at the marble on your hip bones. Sour grapes will always dig at appearances before trying to find something below the surface level to use against you.

3. When you find him everywhere it will be hard to take walks alone. You feel his shadow over you now. You will find him in the cracks in the sidewalk. You will want to tell him about every customer you served today who wore blue jeans and you will want to ask him about the numbers in his head. You will think of all the places you didn’t get to let him in and all the places that feel like a scrapbook. You will want him in your bed with sheets and skin. God you will feel this boy and he will be the bandage you refuse to rip off. But you cannot tell how healed you are if you keep picking at the little things.

4. His family will become strangers in brand new shapes to fit in the crooked picture frames hanging on the wall. His mother’s eyes will scorch you like all the softness she had before is gone. She does not see her reflection in you anymore. The kid who is scared. The bird aimlessly trying to build their nest somewhere that felt safe. They have taken you and put you in a cardboard box by the side of the road. Tears soaking the edges you want to come home to a home that was never yours.

5. You have loved and you have lost. There will be a second guess in every action you make because of course when you love someone you do not want to inflict pain. But you will not remain if you keep letting him and his thoughts of you seep through the walls. Caring is such a heavy thing to do for someone who does not take some of the weight. I miss you has started to barely make a sound. You will get up in the morning and say his name until it no longer sounds like one. It will feel like redemption.

—  How To Keep Going

you are dream-filled and you are drifting, a reflection of the gold-gilded boy with white wax wings, clutching at sunbeams even as the weight of your own folly drags you down; neither wisdom nor prudence has ever been your crime.

you are angry and you are aimless, a memory of a divinity, all poisonous smiles and a golden apple balanced on your fingertips. this world is burning silk, chipped marble, guilt, and the absence of another choice is all you’ve ever known.

you are wronged and you are repenting, a shadow kneeling at underground shores: mind full of howling, palms outstretched and ready to leave (refreshed and clean and without a single memory of who you were, what you’d done, at all).

you are fighting and you are finished, a dust mote testing for divine wrath — searching in futility for proof or purpose or someone whose rage to blame rather than your own — and asking a silent sky, are there gods, and do they deserve us?

faith: in which a story tells of only one realityabstractedfocus

Cooking (Avengers Preferences)

I need sleep


Warnings; none 

Steve Rogers/Captain America

Steve can do a lot of things - he can fight, draw, dance, look like a model and play ultimate frisbee. But he can’t cook to save his damn life. Meals with you two would consist of microwaveable food and take out. Or, you’ll just go to the tower and get Tony’s fancy ass robots to make you a proper dinner.

Tony Stark/Ironman

As aforementioned, Tony has robots to do that for you. But do you use them? No, they’re noisy, clunky and chip his darling marble worktops (in the kitchen that he never sets foot in, unless to brag about his said worktops). So, most the time you’ll cook for the both of you, simply because he’s even worse than Steve at cooking and can mess up microwave meals.

Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier

Surprisingly, Bucky is actually a very good cook. No one is sure if he picked it up at Hydra or taught himself, but you’ll come home to all kinds of food from salads to lasagna. Natasha originally said that  it’s because of his arm, and just to test it out, you got Tony to hack into it somehow and make it mess up, He still made really great chocolate chip pancakes, despite his dead arm. Bucky, 1, Tony, 0.

Thor Odinson

He can toast Pop Tarts and pour milk on cereal. So, you’re covered for breakfast. But how about lunch and dinner? You do that, because last time he tried to make a sandwich, your neighbour ended up in the emergency room. Something to do with Thor getting mad and chucking a knife. Long story.

Loki Laufeyson

Either Loki read a crap ton of cooking books whilst doing time in Asgardian prison, or he’s just a natural. Somehow, he can cook up literally any food from any continent, and get it perfect every time. But he still can’t work out how to use a toaster - The amount of time you’ve had to stop him putting a fork in one of the slots in an attempt to get the bread out is unbelievable. 

Bruce Banner/Hulk 

Bruce knows the basics of cooking things like pasta and pizza, but anything past the difficulty of fairy cakes is enough to freak him out. So, you are generally the cook in the relationship, but he’s allocated food orderer  and payer (I made a word) whenever you get take out.

Clint Barton/Hawkeye

Let’s not go there. You have banned him from the oven, micowave and toaster for safety reasons - But not just for you, for the entire city. If he were to cook, the Great Fire of London would have to step aside and make room for the Great Fire of Manhattan.

Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow

Natasha is annoyingly good at cooking. She’s not exactly Gordon Ramsay (but if you piss her off, they do become chillingly alike) but she can easily make fancy ass food without difficulty, which could easily beat out your pro-microwaving skills, much to your dismay.

Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch

Wanda can cook all kinds of stuff from her home country. You couldn’t pronounce the names of it, even if you tried, but it tastes good. The irony is, she can’t do simple meals. One time, she left the chicken nuggets in the oven for like two hours and they become more coal nuggets than food. You nearly cried.

Pietro Maximoff/Quicksilver

Pietro has never slowed down long enough to learn how to use an oven. He occasionally helps you with measurements and stuff when you’re cooking something, but he quickly gets fed up and is infamous for starting food fights literally every time he tries to ‘help’ you cook.

Sam Wilson/Falcon

You live above a Chinese takeout place, so do you ever really need to cook? You get a discount and they have a sizable and pretty healthy menu, so you just live off of there. Sometimes you’ll go over to the tower if an actual skilled chef like Natasha is cooking, but usually your evenings are chinese takeout and Netflix.

anonymous asked:

Hi!So I finished Kings Rising and I still don't get the sudden change of Laurent's attitude towards Damen in the first 8 chapters or something. Acting all cold,like he doesn't give a damn about Damen. Also he knew who Damen was all along, so why now?

Hey Anon I think this is a common query people have cause I had a very similar question off anon a while ago (which I answered privately).

So let’s see if I can explain my interpretation of those painful chapters (I was suffering so much you have no idea).

I believe that after the battle of Charcy Laurent knew he couldn’t pretend anymore to be oblivious about Damen’s identity. And he knew the consequences to that. Edit: I deleted the cut cause people using the app couldn’t see the rest, sorry if it’s too long.

First of all there would be repercussions amongst the Veritians. Laurent has been consistently defamed by his uncle for years having convinced the court and the council Laurent’s a spoiled, unseasoned, temperamental, disobedient prince unfit to rule, who had inappropriate feelings for his own brother, who has been colluding with the enemy, who’s now taken the Akielon prince to his bed and fights beside him. So Laurent couldn’t give margin to his uncle’s accusations, he had to stay away from Damen in order not to prove his uncle right, he had to make clear he was making a political alliance in order to secure his rightful claim to the throne, not a lovers pact.

Then there’re repercussions regarding the Akielons Damen is trying to win to his cause. As we all know Veritians hate the Akielons and vice versa, they are enemies for decades maybe centuries, so an alliance between both cast out princes is unheard of, before that the best both countries could manage was truce. And Laurent knew the fact that Damen was his slave would be a huge issue, an insult, a crime to the Akielon warriors. So he had to maintain appearances, he couldn’t show they had feelings for each other, he couldn’t let be of public knowledge they had been lovers. 

He had to earn the respect of the Akielons almost as much as he had to earn the respect of his own people, so he couldn’t appear weak, and he couldn’t let Damen to appear weak either. Neither of them could afford for their allies to believe they were coming together because they were being influenced, or because they were blinded by love and their feelings for one another, they couldn’t afford doubt about their intentions to secure their places as kings. And Laurent knew if he didn’t keep his distance Damen could jeopardize everything (picture Damen giving a speech, like the one he did on the trial, but to Nikandros and Makedon and their army, it’d be a disaster).

Imagine what would’ve happened if it had come to light from the beginning Laurent had slept with not only his enemy, but most of all the man who killed his brother. What people would think of him. And what would people think of Damen.

We have a little glimpse of how that would go, remember how difficult it was to get the Akielon allies because of the mere presence of Laurent and the rumor that the princes were lovers? Remember this scene (that I like to call, Laurent the swerve master)?

‘Bannermen of Delpha. By now, you have seen the evidence that Kastor killed the King, our father. You know of his alliance with the usurper, the Regent of Vere. Even now, the Regent has troops stationed in Ios, ready to take Akielos. Tonight, we call for your pledge to fight them alongside us, and alongside our ally, Laurent of Vere.’

 There was an uneasy pause. Makedon and Straton had pledged to him in Ravenel, but that was before his alliance with Laurent. These men were being asked to accept Laurent and Vere at first sight, less than a generation out from the war.

 Barieus stepped forward. ‘I want assurances that Vere does not hold undue influence over Akielos.’

 Undue influence. ‘Speak plainly.’

 ‘They say the Prince of Vere is your lover.’

 ‘Who we take to our bed is not your concern.’

 ‘If our King takes Vere to his bed, it is our concern,’ said Barieus.

 ‘Shall I tell them what really happened between us? They want to know,’ Laurent said.

 ‘Do I have the question clear?’ said Laurent, speaking in Akielon. ‘You are asking if I lay with the man who killed my own brother?’

Laurent wore the slave cuff with utter disregard. He had no owner, the aristocratic arrogance of his posture said that. Laurent had always possessed an essential quality of the untouchable. He cultivated a faultless grace on the reclining couch, his chiselled profile and marble-chip eyes those of a statue. The idea that he would let anyone fuck him was impossible.

 Barieus said, ‘A man would have to be ice-cold to sleep with his brother’s killer.’

‘Then you have your answer,’ said Laurent.

And finally there are repercussions for Damen and Laurent’s relationship. That conversation they had at the tent right after the battle of Charcy is very powerful and encompasses a lot of what Laurent feels. The way he said it was meant to hurt Damen but deep down the content of his words were close to what he felt, especially the doubt and the hurt of being lied to. Also, before then Laurent was the only one, to his knowledge, who knew who Damen really was, so I guess it was easier for him to process his feelings when he was the only one who knew he was sleeping with the man who killed his brother. He probably didn’t understand it either, how he could fall for Damen of all people. It was very confusing and very difficult for him to accept his feelings before, let alone now that everyone would know Damen’s real identity.

Besides, Laurent needs to be in control, he must have the upper hand on every aspect of his life, so he had to have control over this too. He couldn’t let himself get hurt, he couldn’t let Damen dictate the tone of their first real encounter as Laurent and Damianos, he had to let Damen know he knew all along, he had to see Damen’s reaction to the truth, he had to see what would be Damen’s actions from that moment on. Would this change his feelings about Laurent? Would Damen fight for them even with everything that was at stake, even when Laurent himself was pushing him away? Laurent was giving Damen a chance to take a step back and to give up on them.

So I believe at the same time that Laurent was trying to assess his own feelings and Damen’s too, he was also trying to make an alliance between two enemy people to work out. Imagine how confusing that must be, the rollercoaster of emotions he was going through. So his incongruent behavior at the beginning of Kings Rising is very understandable.

I think that once he started to gain everyone’s trust specially Makedon’s, the alliance was secured, Nikandros was almost tolerating him, and he saw Damen’s feelings were true he started to slowly let himself show his feelings too.

Besides, after their encounter with Jokaste when they learned Damen probably had a child that was in danger and being sent to The Regent, Damen needed Laurent, he was hurting so Laurent couldn’t keep his cold stance towards Damen anymore. Laurent realized Damen needed him to be by his side as much as Damen had been beside him this whole time. Which was not an easy thing for Laurent to do, because no matter how many times Damen proved his value and his feelings, their past wouldn’t go away, their history of mutual hate was difficult to leave behind, he had to overcome so much to allow himself to love Damen as Damianos.

So I believe the fact that Damen probably for the first time needed him and he knew he was the only person who could comfort Damen, he was the only person who could help Damen was a huge turning point for Laurent’s behavior.  Because after everything they went through Laurent believed against all logic that Damen loved him and that he loved Damen too, so Laurent would do everything in his power not to let his uncle and Damen’s family hurt him anymore.

Phew, this was long. It’s just that Laurent is so complex and Laurent’s feelings are even more complex and difficult to explain, I felt it was important to have a full perspective of what he was probably feeling throughout that first half of Kings Rising to understand why he was first hostile, than cold, than loving towards Damen. This seemingly contradictory behavior is one of the things I like the most about Laurent, because it shows how complex of a character he is <3

What do you think Anon, my interpretation makes sense to you? If you had a different perception feel free to tell me, I love hearing different opinions.

This is usually what happens when I decide to go on a diet

I think I should go on a diet…

Always my plan of what I’m going to eat…

OK! I’m actually going to do it this time!!

but this is what usually happen on diet day…

A little later…

Ok! I’ll have one chip. that will stop my cravings. (I mean one can’t hurt)

But before I know it…

Well there goes my diet…

But actually…


Paint chipped walls spotted with framed, faded photographs of old boats and faint whispers to be told of a life at sea. The creaking wood beneath threatening to bend, moaning under the immense weight of decades of lives past. The soft touch of warm Sitrah light dancing in through an old dusty window frame and coming to settle so delicately upon tables and chairs. Mosques that rise above the buildings and small stone houses, prayers to Allah are carried poetically and wholesome, over the dry and beaten land. A light touch of a warm breeze grazes the thin curtains of the tiny coffee shop nestled by the sea. The small, cracked white cup of cardamom left steaming on the chipped gray marbled table.



Review: There are some beautiful descriptive sentences in here, that paint a lovely imaginative image. It feels detached, though. Consider an introduction sentence that sets the scene, whether that be a physical place or not. Otherwise, great job. Keep on writing. ❤


fenrir8919  asked:

When you buy chips for yourself only to find out later that your siblings ate it before you.

“Dale, you can see everything. You fail, however, to reason well from what you see. You are too timid in drawing your inferences.” Windom knelt down and picked up a piece of chipped white marble from the floor with a handkerchief, studying it carefully. He smiled. “Sometimes the circumstances of the world we live in are not so black and white.


Something There {Bucky Barnes}

Originally posted by unlucky--bucky

Request: Requested by anon: One shot about Bucky being in Hydra/being the Winter Solider and he remembers a little bit about the reader from his past?

Character: slight Bucky Barnes x Reader

Author: @alloftheimaginesblog

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Recipe here if you want to try them. Brookies happen to be an off the wall combination that my sister and I came up with years ago when we couldn’t agree on baking brownies or cookies.

Just a short drabble that popped into my head when I was watching a baking show today.

@winchesters-favorite-girl @straightasdeanwinchester 

Originally posted by itssamforyou

Since finding the bunker Dean has basically claimed the kitchen… much to your utter annoyance. Once day when Sam and Dean are on a supply run you take advantage of free reign of the kitchen. You smile to yourself when you discover all the ingredients for a sweet treat you like to call brookies- a combination of cookies and brownies. You’ve made this sweet at Bobby’s as well as Jody’s many times but the thing is that your brothers have never tasted brookies, because EVERY single one was eaten by the time your brothers came to get you. You turn on your music and start to bake.

You preheat the oven to 350℉ while the oven is preheating you grab a 9 by 12 pan and spray it thoroughly with cooking spray, then set off to the side while making the brownie mix. “I really hope that the boys like these I mean considering the fact that every single time I bake these, they don’t last long.” You say out loud to yourself as you put the batter in the pan and put it in the oven.

🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝

“Something smells good.” Dean says when they get back to the bunker. “Like Y/N is baking something.”

“Well let’s go find out, cause you’re right it smells amazing in here.” Sam agrees. The two of them head to the kitchen where they find you pulling a toothpick out of brownies. They’re not completely done so why the hell were you pulling it out of the oven? “Uh Y/N what are you doing? I don’t think those are done.”

“They’ll finish baking once I marble in the cookie dough.” You answer as you close the oven door, not paying much attention to your brother’s question.

“What?” Dean asks. Now his comment brought you back to reality. You groan.

“You guys weren’t supposed to be back yet… which means you idiots just ruined the surprise.” Dean’s eyebrows furrow together in confusion. “How did we ruin the surprise, we’ve walked in on you baking before.”

“True, but you’ve never had brookies.” You then return your attention to marbling the cookie dough into the half-baked brownies.

“A what now?” Sam asks.

“Brookies. They’re brownies that have chocolate chip cookies marbled on top.” You say as you put the pan back into the oven.

🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝

When the brookies were cool enough to touch you cut three out one for your brothers and you. “Wow.” Sam says when he takes a bite.

“Told ya that they’d be good.” Dean takes a bite of his then tries to steal the entire pan. “Hey not the whole pan Dean!”

“You need to make these more squirt.” Dean says with a smile as he cuts himself another one.

“I’ve made them multiple times- the only reason why this is the first time that you have had them is because they’re normally gone by the time you pick me up from either Bobby’s or Jody’s.”

“Well they’re just that damn good kiddo.” Dean then ruffles your hair. It always makes you smile when you can make Sam and Dean smile.

access to the lower level/backyard in my grandma’s house where my brothers, cousins and i would play and stay over all the time when kids. all of the original tiles in the house are terrazzo, a tile composed of various chips of marble and granite fixed with concrete and polished, making a very durable flooring material. like the earlier hydraulic tile, they became so popular that imports ceased in order to start producing them in the island instead.

i remember walking barefoot on it and still feeling cool despite the hot summer temperatures.

photograph in the balcony area here.

kodak portra 160

mamiya rz67 pro iid

vega baja lakes, pr

as i gained more math experience i thought my ability to read math text books would improve, but here i am in multivariable calc and i still feel like getting knowledge directly from the readings is analogous to a monkey with a spoon trying to chip away at a block marble.

This body of mine has never belonged to the sun,
but even in the dark, the moon peeks through the clouds
and anyone watching can see I am not made of stardust,
much as I wanted to be.
I am all mortar and earth and wet concrete.
I am all flowering thorn beds, all thick-rooted trees.
They went mining for granite in my ribs
and found coal in the space between my lungs.
Because I am dinosaur bones:
ancient leviathan, fossilized teeth, I am
the metal-cased, molten core.
I am everything above, I am everything beneath.
I am diamonds, I am gold, silver, bronze.
Iron and opals and calcite and silt.
Other children picked feathers off the sidewalk while I
made room in my belly for giant squid’s beaks.
If I am the killer whale then I must also be the krill.
If I am the destroyer, I am the destructed.
I must be this way.
Mother Earth, she made me out of stone,
and I have been chipping away at the marble
to find the angels underneath,
but I am no Michelangelo.
My sculptures, they come out with clawed hands
and mangled wings. They come out with teeth.
And I love them.
Every jagged inch of them.
They are wicked things.
But they are me.
—  SALT QUARRY, by Ashe Vernon
The signs as cupcakes
  • *check your sun for cake favor*
  • Chocolate- Aries
  • Vanilla - Taurus
  • Red velvet - Gemini
  • Funfetti- Cancer
  • Rum cake- Leo
  • Chocolate chip - Virgo
  • Carrot - Libra
  • Marble - Scorpio
  • Eggnog - Sagittarius
  • Pumpkin - Capricorn
  • Strawberry- Aquarius
  • Piña colada- Pisces
  • *check your Venus for cake filling*
  • Carmel- Aries
  • Fudge - Taurus
  • Marshmallow fluff- Gemini
  • Dulce de Leche- Cancer
  • Nutella - Leo
  • Peanut butter- Virgo
  • Cream cheese- Libra
  • Cookies&cream- Scorpio
  • Blueberry- Sagittarius
  • Vanilla pudding- Capricorn
  • Fruit- Aquarius
  • Raspberry - Pisces
  • *check your rising for frosting*
  • Chocolate buttercream- Aries
  • Cream cheese- Taurus
  • Lemon buttercream- Gemini
  • Strawberry buttercream- Cancer
  • Chocolate ganache- Leo
  • White buttercream- Virgo
  • Cookies&cream- Libra
  • Dark chocolate buttercream- Scorpio
  • Key Lime frosting- Sagittarius
  • Coconut buttercream- Capricorn
  • Mint buttercream - Aquarius
  • Maple brown sugar- Pisces
  • *check midheaven for toppings*
  • Chocolate sprinkles- Aries
  • Oreo cookies- Taurus
  • Rainbow sprinkles- Gemini
  • Chocolate kisses- Cancer
  • Chocolate drizzle- Leo
  • Carmel drizzle- Virgo
  • Strawberries- Libra
  • Marshmallows- Scorpio
  • Gummy worms- Sagittarius
  • M&M's- Capricorn
  • Fondant- Aquarius
  • Almonds- Pisces