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Cooking (Avengers Preferences)

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Warnings; none 

Steve Rogers/Captain America

Steve can do a lot of things - he can fight, draw, dance, look like a model and play ultimate frisbee. But he can’t cook to save his damn life. Meals with you two would consist of microwaveable food and take out. Or, you’ll just go to the tower and get Tony’s fancy ass robots to make you a proper dinner.

Tony Stark/Ironman

As aforementioned, Tony has robots to do that for you. But do you use them? No, they’re noisy, clunky and chip his darling marble worktops (in the kitchen that he never sets foot in, unless to brag about his said worktops). So, most the time you’ll cook for the both of you, simply because he’s even worse than Steve at cooking and can mess up microwave meals.

Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier

Surprisingly, Bucky is actually a very good cook. No one is sure if he picked it up at Hydra or taught himself, but you’ll come home to all kinds of food from salads to lasagna. Natasha originally said that  it’s because of his arm, and just to test it out, you got Tony to hack into it somehow and make it mess up, He still made really great chocolate chip pancakes, despite his dead arm. Bucky, 1, Tony, 0.

Thor Odinson

He can toast Pop Tarts and pour milk on cereal. So, you’re covered for breakfast. But how about lunch and dinner? You do that, because last time he tried to make a sandwich, your neighbour ended up in the emergency room. Something to do with Thor getting mad and chucking a knife. Long story.

Loki Laufeyson

Either Loki read a crap ton of cooking books whilst doing time in Asgardian prison, or he’s just a natural. Somehow, he can cook up literally any food from any continent, and get it perfect every time. But he still can’t work out how to use a toaster - The amount of time you’ve had to stop him putting a fork in one of the slots in an attempt to get the bread out is unbelievable. 

Bruce Banner/Hulk 

Bruce knows the basics of cooking things like pasta and pizza, but anything past the difficulty of fairy cakes is enough to freak him out. So, you are generally the cook in the relationship, but he’s allocated food orderer  and payer (I made a word) whenever you get take out.

Clint Barton/Hawkeye

Let’s not go there. You have banned him from the oven, micowave and toaster for safety reasons - But not just for you, for the entire city. If he were to cook, the Great Fire of London would have to step aside and make room for the Great Fire of Manhattan.

Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow

Natasha is annoyingly good at cooking. She’s not exactly Gordon Ramsay (but if you piss her off, they do become chillingly alike) but she can easily make fancy ass food without difficulty, which could easily beat out your pro-microwaving skills, much to your dismay.

Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch

Wanda can cook all kinds of stuff from her home country. You couldn’t pronounce the names of it, even if you tried, but it tastes good. The irony is, she can’t do simple meals. One time, she left the chicken nuggets in the oven for like two hours and they become more coal nuggets than food. You nearly cried.

Pietro Maximoff/Quicksilver

Pietro has never slowed down long enough to learn how to use an oven. He occasionally helps you with measurements and stuff when you’re cooking something, but he quickly gets fed up and is infamous for starting food fights literally every time he tries to ‘help’ you cook.

Sam Wilson/Falcon

You live above a Chinese takeout place, so do you ever really need to cook? You get a discount and they have a sizable and pretty healthy menu, so you just live off of there. Sometimes you’ll go over to the tower if an actual skilled chef like Natasha is cooking, but usually your evenings are chinese takeout and Netflix.

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