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So, you stole the corpse?
“We have always paid a lot of attention to everything that was
going on around and we risked much, but always cognizant of
what could befall us. Many still today say that the photo-montage
of the album you mention is the most real that they have
ever seen in their life and I’m very happy they consider it a
superimposition. I looked for a protection, and obviously when
one does certain practices one is at risk and thus you should be
prudent. My only problem was having left some larvae in my
house during a séance. We were excessive that time, and I had
to live with them for about a year and a half…then with much
patience I was able to distance myself and today I live in the
same house without any problems.”

Interview with Wildness Perversion from Chips & Beer Mag #5.

Horror Movie Night

Word Count: 374

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: None? 

A/N: Based off of @impalapossible ‘s aesthetic 

“Did you get everything?” You asked Dean as he plopped down on the couch. He had his hands full of bags and he started pulling everything out.

“Candy.” He said, dumping several bags of candy on the table. “More candy. Chips. Beer. Liquor. You popped the popcorn, right?”

“Done.” You grabbed the bowl, and slid it into place. “I think we’re good.”

“You’re sure you wanna watch horror movies?” Dean questioned, raising his eyebrow. “On Halloween?” Cocky asshole. The last time you watched horror movies together, you’d screamed so loud Sam came running out of his bedroom with his gun thinking you’d been slaughtered. But not just you. Both of you. Dean was no better.

“You know…those are big words for someone who buried his face in my chest during My Bloody Valentine.” You snarked. “I’m willing to bet you freak out first.”

“One. I did not freak out.” Dean defended. “And two I buried my face in your chest because I happen to like it there.”

“Perv.” You chucked a piece of popcorn at his face, bouncing it off his forehead while he laughed at you.

A few hours later you were halfway into a candy-induced coma, lying on Dean’s chest. You kept laughing every time Dean got hit with a jump scare, but grabbing his hand anyway, comforting him. It was you that would truly need him though. You’d completely forgotten about your one horror movie fear until it was staring you in the face.

The Babadook.

The scream you let out was almost inhuman and you spun around, straddling Dean’s lap and burying your face in his neck. “Uh huh.” He chuckled as his arms protectively wrapped around you, keeping you safe from the fictional monster. “Who’s freaking out now?”

“Shut up.” Your voice came out muffled and broken. Dean turned the TV off and pried your face away from his neck.

“It’s gone.” He smiled. “It’s not gonna get you, big brave hunter.”

“I wasn’t even scared.” You lied. “I just wanted to get you like this.”

“Oh yeah?” Dean raised one eyebrow, scanning your body and squeezing your hips. “Trick or treat?”

“Treat.” You leaned in, kissing him deeply, tasting whiskey, popcorn, and candy on his tongue. “Definitely treat.”

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Fun Meals # 5 Plus by MurderWithMirrors
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I have no control over what my friends are going to think of me, but I liked what you did. I like it that you choose to be with me over them. I know there shouldn’t be a situation where you are forced to choose between me and anyone. But thank you for listening, I did what I did because I want to protect you. Like what you told me before, you are also my future and I will always protect you. I will protect us. I don’t care if I will lose my friendship with them. They are bully and I don’t think that they will help us. Love, we don’t need them. We are enough and we are wonderful together. We can spend a lovely night with cuddles, potato chips and beers. We can be infinite without them.
Manila Bay View Park Hotel
March 17, 2017 / 9:48 PM

Southern Gothic

A family sits down for dinner. The main dish is cornbread. The father makes another vaguely racist comment. A socially aware teenager sighs internally.

Customers stroll through the aisles. At least four people are wearing a t-shirt advertising the local bank. You’ve already seen and avoided someone you know. A man in a rebel flag muscle shirt struts towards you. You are nervous. He swerves around you at the last second.

It is the day of the big game. The white people have stocked up on salsa, chips, and beer. There are three cookouts on your street. You plan to spend the day with your headphones on so you won’t hear your neighbors yelling at their television screens.

You are driving at night on a rural highway. A rabbit runs across the road. You swerve to miss it. You breathe a sigh of relief. A large doe proceeds to plant itself firmly in your path. You feel personally victimized by Mother Nature.

It is time for lunch. The local diner is having a special. You scan the menu from your booth. Two rather loud women sit behind you. Amidst the gossip, you recognize a name. Everyone knows each other around here and they seem to know you. They are discussing your recent divorce. They know more details than you do. All you wanted was a sandwich.