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Herbal candle DIY These are good for rituals, scent or the aesthetic of it. Perfect custom altar additions, made just the way you like it. What you will need: -candles or candle wax -herbs/flowers of your choice -a spoon -a heavy book -a clothing iron -parchment paper Optional; -essential oils -food colouring 1. The first thing you want to do is gather herbs and flowers to put in your candle, whether it be for a spell, or ritual or for the scent or aesthetic of it. 2. The herbs must be dry herbs, you can dry them yourself if you like. Pick the flowers of your choice (make sure to dry out any excess moisture) 3. To press/dry the flowers (or leaves), you must press them between two pieces of parchment paper in a heavy book for 15-20 minutes, and then to dry them, run a clothing iron over the paper, keep checking on the flowers to make sure they are not burning so that they do not lose color. Once they are stiff and dry, they’re ready to go. 4. You can use wax chips/blocks or you can melt up an old candle. (BONUS: match the color of the wax to your intent (or add food colouring)). 5. Optional: add essential oils, match the scent to your intent if you wish. 6. Then pour the wax into a glass or mould of your choice, holding the wick in place manually or with a clip until the wax is COMPLETELY DRY. 7. Once the wax is dry, remove it from the mould . 8. Hold an old metal spoon over a flame to heat it. Using this spoon press the flowers into the wax, pressing as deep or as shallow as you like and you can move wax over bits of herb/flower to create your desired effect. VIOLA! You have a goregeous looking and wonderful smelling candle, full of herbs with magickal attributes, which can be activated through lighting the wick. Happy witching ~ @indigo-amethyst

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Idk why all the falsettos headcanons are really lovey-dovey ideals of the relationships Bill Finn created. Not to offend anyone or anything like that, but the relationships in falsettos are MESSES and that’s why we love this musical, because it’s so REALISTIC with REAL PEOPLE. I just feel like the fandom is making it too cutesy, and I don’t even know if we’re talking about the same show? Like why would Marvin and Whizzer have tickle fights? Why would Whizzer and Trina be best friends? He had a fucking affair with her husband. Is it because some people are turning homosexual relationships into a novelty, because (you’re free to disagree, but) that’s how I feel. I think Bill Finn would be insanely uncomfortable if he saw that this is how people view his greatest and most complex work.

marauders as dads; a ranking

james potter

  • 150% in from day one 
  • has a great relationship with his kids, will wrestle and bathtime and be so enthusiastic tbh a 6 year old will lose energy faster than him 
  • will be embarrassing af to his kids when they are teenagers bc he will come to ever quidditch game and get in fights with other parents 
  • spoils his kids with both love and presents and cried the first time he put harry in time out 
  • A+ dad, better than anyone ever 

remus lupin

  • i mean…tries to run away from his kid and pregnant wife bc he is so ashamed of his illness so there’s that
  • but once hes there hes happy and caring and loving and consistently asks himself how a monster like him deserves this love (a lil dramatic but ok)
  • move over atticus finch there is a new intelligent and empathetic dilf around
  • seems stern but will teach his kids every secret passageway in hogwarts before they turn 5
  • Overall, a solid B

sirius black 

  • either has 0 kids or a million illegitimate kids from one night stands there is no middle ground 
  • doesnt find out he even has a kid until they are like 8
  • then sees them every other weekend and brings them to super fun and highly irresponsible events 
  • loves them a lot but doesnt /actually/ parent 
  • really just a cool uncle 
  • D+, stick to being a godparent padfoot 

peter pettigrew 

  • stereotypical boring dad that you see in movies 
  • like wearing a collared shirt with a tie and reading the paper over cereal never really interacting with his kids 
  • doesnt go to his kids quidditch games bc he has work 
  • loves them but feels uncomfortable telling them so he just says vague statements like “chip off the ol’ block” and “ask your mum” 
  • C, isnt the worst  isnt the best. 
BTS Gif Game Prologue
  • If you don’t like who you get, too bad. Lol, jk, if you wanna redo, go for it. (But that’s like cheating, and no one likes cheaters.)
  • If you get the same person twice, redo the last one.
  • Enjoy.

Your Brother - You and your brother had become a lot closer over the past year. He always took care of you, even before your parents’ divorce. He had a shit childhood, and he didn’t want you to be brought up like him, so he took it upon himself to take care of you, since your dad was gone and your mom worked most of the day. She wasn’t a bad mother by any means, she was very passionate about you two, she just rarely had the time to show it, but she didn’t have to, because he always would.

Your Brother’s Best Friend - Because your brother was always taking care of you, he never showed his weak side. This is where he came in. Whenever your brother needed him, he was there. The same week the divorce happened, he walked across town at 2:47 AM with a backpack full of snacks because your brother sent him a text asking if he could talk. Now, he had a car, and was always more than willing to drop everything for the two of you. His parents were practically your second family, and he considered the two of you siblings.

Your Brother’s Asshole Friend - Another a close friend of your brother, he was less willing to drop everything, but that wasn’t what bothered you. What bothered you, was the way he acted around you. He didn’t necessarily “bully” you, but he was an asshole- No, he was the whole ass. He’d get drinks for everyone but you, and would ignore you most of the time you spoke, but when someone messed with you, he was on them like white on rice.

Yin and Yang - Trouble comes in pairs, and these two were no exception. “Brothers from another mother”, as they put it. They were inseparable, but they were complete opposites, balancing each other out. One would always be getting them into trouble, and the other would always be getting them out of it. “Yin” was a messy trouble maker with bad grades and the hottest clothes, “Yang” was an A+ book worm who wore thick framed glasses to school and always had his shirt tucked in. The one thing they did have in common? They were your best friends in the entire world. (Choose Two, First One is Yin, Second is Yang)

Your Flirty Friend - Pretty self explanatory, this boy is constantly making moves on you. You have been with the same group of friends for so long that his actions are seen more as general affection for you than actual flirting, but flirty all the same. The two of you do a lot of skin ship together, from hugs and putting your arms around each other’s shoulders, to laying your head on his lap while playing video games or holding his hand just because it feels nice.

Your Stalker Friend - Most people would find his… Talents, to be creepy, but you were fascinated. He was practically a real life Izaya Orihara. He had the upper hand on EVERYBODY. There wasn’t a single person in the school he didn’t have dirt on, and boy did he use that to his advantage. He was incredibly brilliant; his father was a lawyer and his mother was a the owner of several corporations overseas, and they raised him to be a chip off the old block. When he wouldn’t persuade someone, he would confuse them with his vocabulary and philosophy, including you.

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Your writing is a god send (hehe). Could I possibly request some Icarus au angst? I don't know why but I want to see my favourite trio sad.

Apollo places one elegant finger in his book to mark the place and sighs softly as he looks over at where Icarus is napping on the couch, and Helios knows that Apollo’s picturing the kid dead.

It’s not as though it was some big secret that Icarus will die someday. To the contrary; the gods have known since the beginning – before the beginning, really. They’ve known, even before they were aware of Icarus’ reincarnation, that all mortals are now condemned to age and die. No more gifts of immortality for favorites. And to make it unquestionably final, even Zeus himself has followed this order.

At the time – this was a few decades after the spectacular debacle of the Trojan War – they’d all seen the sense in it, though a little sullenly. They had allowed the mortals to manipulate them into taking sides against each other, with consequences that had left a mark for quite a while.  So the gates had been shut forever after that – Ganymede was the last human to be immortalized.

There were other rules, about the limits of their interaction with humans, but most pertinent to Apollo at this moment is the rule about Dead Mortals.

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