Guilty Gear Xrd REVELATOR; Faust’s “Stimulating Fists of Annahilation”.

A.K.A.: Faust’s finger attack, Thousand years of pain, Kancho attack, best overdrive in the game

Screenshoted from this video, all creditis due to them

“In Depth Analysis:”

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In Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus, the EX version of Dizzy has a counter-super that ends with her grim reaper wing shooting a bunch of arrows. The entire super is supposed to be guaranteed to connect if the counter is triggered, but if Dizzy throws a projectile beforehand it’s possible for the opponent to escape.

Should this happen, the arrows will continue to chase the opponent around indefinitely, even after all of their hits are depleted. 



I had an idea long time ago and the idea was take pictures of me and drawn my Ocs in them! SOOOOO HERE IT IS!


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