Between my copy of #lookingforalaska , from the school garden. No one is around so I’m just strolling around in the garden instead of…. you know, doing school things. #chillin #flowers #purple #yellow #flower #cute #girly #school #reading #books #rebel #garden #nature #books #rebels #likeforlikes with cameo appearance from my chipped nail #nail #red #nailpolish #chippes #random

So! May 12th again! And you know what that means - the time has come to celebrate another birthday for silvermonki! (check out her art, btw, she rocks.)

And seeing how she’s been on a Guilty Gear kick lately I figured I might draw her favorite characters from that series. And the mental image of them walking away from an explosion a-la Will Smith and Martin Lawrence on the poster for Bad Boys 2 came to mind… and the next thing I knew I had a concept.

I figured it’s also about bloody time I did a fully colored piece for her after years of sketches.

So yesh, have a great birthday, Katsu! Keep being awesome~



Polish coastline is 500 km long.  There are  several sandy beaches, cliffs, fishing villages and beach resorts. For many, Polish beach on the Baltic Sea is a place to rest, brings the pleasure of communing with nature. For others, like fishing families, is a place of hard work. Since the Polish entry into the European Union the situation of fishing families is getting worse. This material shows the daily-life on the Polish coast.

Tomasz Lazar was born 1985 in Szczecin, Poland. An independent photographer, a graduate of the West Pomeranian University of Technology, Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology.  Winner of photography contests in Poland and abroad (e.g. World Press Photo, POY, CHIPP, Sony World Photography Award, the International Photography Award, BZWBK Press Photo, Grand Press Photo, Lumix Festival for Young Journalism. His work was published in newspapers and magazines like: New York Times, Newsweek International, Sunday Times Magazine, New Yorker  and  Los Angeles Times. Since 2011, he is a member of the Un-posed photography group, dealing with street photography. He is a coffee-lover and a good music enthusiast. He derives pleasure from spending time with other people and devotes most of his time to photography. Recently, he is constantly on the move.

Another Lazar’s project - Children of Siberia is going to be shown in Łódź during FOTOFESTIWAL 2015. Exhibition opens on 29th May at 5:30  in FF Gallery in Łódź (Traugutta 18, 1st floor).

Photographs courtesy of the artist


Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus Wallpapers!

Character List

A.B.A // Anji Mito // Axl Low // Baiken // Bridget

Chipp Zanuff // Dizzy // Eddie // Faust // I-No

Jam Kuradoberi // Johnny // Ky Kiske // May // Millia Rage

Order-Sol // Potemkin // Robo-Ky // Slayer // Sol Badguy

Testament // Venom // Zappa

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No Justice or Kliff unfortunately. No one has high-res portraits of them so I couldn’t make them :c

Get these wallpapers as a PS3 Theme!

anonymous asked:

How much of Chipp's techniques and fighting style are a product of his master's school of ki-derived ninjitsu and how much are his own original attacks? Meaning, were all of Chipp's special attacks, Overdrives, Instant Kills, etc. taught to him by Tsuyoshi before his death or are they all part of his own original style that are only based upon Tsuyoshi's teachings?

Hard to say… the only hint we are given are the names of two of his master’s techniques.

“Tsuyoshi-shiki Meisai” [Fortitude Camouflage]

“Tsuyoshi-shiki Ten'i” [Fortitude Transportation]

It seems that movement and stealth are the two foundations from which Chipp was taught.

That’s not to say everything else was something that was self-taught… far from it!

If anything, Chipp’s ‘evolving techniques’ such as Alpha Plus, or his ability to cling to walls and perform an Alpha Blade… or even his aerial Genrouzan… are all various stages of techniques that he learned from observing his master… and copying what he observed and continuing to grow and take things to the next logical step.

If he does deviate from his master’s techniques with one of his own, I’m sure his bravado will let everyone know!  He’s not exactly the most quiet Ninja, and still hasn’t mastered the arts completely yet.

But, all that running around has to count for something!

anonymous asked:

Do you have a favorite funny moment in Guilty Gear Xrd's story mode? My favorite moments are when May tells Chipp her real age and Ramlethal's reaction when she tries a hamburger (wouldn't be surprised if that becomes her official like in the next game).

I get my jollies off the weird questions you people ask me.

I’m going to say Chipp’s “Holy Zen” and “Bushidooooo” are up there on the list of funny things I’ve seen.

The “Radio Edit” trophy in GGXrd is also a rather fun easter egg.

anonymous asked:

Wo kann man in Berlin geil frühstücken gehen? :)

Chipps, What Do You Fancy Love?, Jules Verne (Brunch!), Cappucino und Schwarzes Café (zwar überteuert, aber 24/7 offen)

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