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Alex Toth art book - written by Toth - edited by Manuel Auad - Kitchen Sink Press - 1995
For the serious Toth fan - or the simply curious - crammed with hard to find material from limited circulation publications, plus unpublished material from Toth’s personal sketchbooks. Toth writes extensive commentary about his work and process, and comments on his own influences and his development. The introduction is written by Milton Caniff. CHECK IT OUT HERE!

Ninja - Brian Chippendale - PictureBox - 2006 - NEW
This was Brian Chippendale’s (co-founder of the Providence RI based Fort Thunder) first book publication - giant, oversized, bursting at the seams with 80 pages of the titular comic plus collages, drawings, and posters. Mostly black and white interior, with some color where it counts. This will need some attention and time to fully comprehend. CHECK IT OUT HERE!

Moebius 2 - Arzach & Other Fantasy Stories - 1987
From Moebius, the master himself, comes this collection of fantasies featuring the cone-hat-wearing, Pterodactyl-riding, mysterious character Arzach (first created by Moebius in 1974 - and impacting France in a similar way to how The Dark Knight hit the US). Nine short stories, many of them told without the use of dialogue or even sound effects, all in stunning full color. CHECK IT OUT HERE!

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4,000 Houses for 4,000 Followers: No. 58:

Dumfries House, Ayrshire, Scotland. 

The Prince of Wales spearheaded a campaign to purchase it for the nation.

The house dates from the 1750s. It is particularly significant because of the large amounts of original Thomas Chippendale furniture, specifically designed for the house, that remains in situ. 


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