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Man Face Monday - Mayor Handsome, Mayor Broody Edition

Hello Precious Peach! Lots going on. I moved apartments over the weekend. Just two floors up, but it nearly flattened me and now I am looking forward to putting my feet up and watching the snow come tonight here in Virginia. 

Musing over pictures of John Barrowman’s epic birthday party, because holy cabooses…not much to say except if Amell deigns to show up at your party looking liked a Chippendale’s dancer…man, you must be a good friend. I also mentioned to @tinaday3w that if I was a certain Mrs., I would demand those shorts become part of his weekend uniform, as in “hey pool boy, I’ll have a margarita on the veranda.” ;-)

We got some cool spoilers last week. Won’t repeat them here, but I, for one, am looking forward to some good things. Without any further ado, here is some face for ya’ll. The Mayor is under fire right now, and looking pretty glum, or glumly pretty, depending on your point of view. 

First, on a scale of 1- Amell, where Amell is the best you can get, this is kind of 5 Amells.  

Even as an arty version, his hair is fabulous. 

So much hair going in different directions! Love it. 

Puppy eyes. 

Blue for @hope-for-olicity. Lots of blue. 

I dig this Bratva one. So yummy. 

Well, that’s it, my darlings. I hope some face made your face smile. Looking toward a good week ahead and want you to have many fabulous adventures! 

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anonymous asked:

IDK if you got my last ask so I'm gonna resend it so I can save you lol; Basically: doing the Mr. & Mrs. Tourney with Trent. Because Trent. -K

I did!! I was just saying goodbye to my friends.

“What the actual fuck are you wearing Seven?!”

Your eyes had damn near popped out of your head. Your tag partner, Trent Seven, had meandered into your dressing room looking almost like a damn Chippendales dancer. He had a bow tie around his neck, cufflinks on his wrists, and his black ring boots were so polished, you could see your reflection in them.

He chuckled, mischief in his eyes.

“My dear, dear (Y/N), it’s the Mr and Mrs tournament. And I want to have fun while we are beating Scurll and his lady into the mat. Here, you’ll want this.”

He tosses you a small rhinestoned tiara with cascades of mesh and lace. He brought you a damn veil. For a moment or two, you were in a flabbergasted silence.

You eventually looked back up at him, your mouth agape.

“We could always go even further. I did bring a garter, if you’d like me to put it on you.”

Trent was practically beaming as your face flushed.