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Rum goes through the portal with Bae and reverts to his woobie self from Desperate Souls, Belle is a sympathetic teacher who helps him out.

Although the sign on the bus informs its passengers that it is “equipped with a hydraulic lift, for your convenience!” (for the convenience of people in wheelchairs and the elderly and cripples like him), Nick Gold has  been around town long enough to know that bus drivers typically don’t notice him. Until he holds up the line by waiting for the bus to lower—and then they notice him.

It’s a simple fact. He harbours no resentment.

But it means that, without fail, he braces his knee for impact, steps onto the pavement the moment the door opens, and tries to hobble out of the way before a swarm of jostling passengers file out of the bus.

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PROMPTATHON, HERE I COME! Let's start with the one you were probably expecting ;) Henry-Gold fluff after the rocky reunion with Nealfire.


“You okay, Mr. Gold?”  

Gold started as Henry sat next to him on the couch.  Emma and Bae were quietly talking in the kitchen, perhaps discussing what their next step was.  

As for Gold, he felt rather dead inside.  Bae had not forgiven him.  Belle did not remember him.  And the boy who was foretold to be his undoing was looking more and more like Henry–the one boy that Gold knew he could not kill, no matter what his past self might say.  

“I know it didn’t turn out the way you wanted,” Henry shuffled his feet. “But there could be some good stuff from it.”

“Could there?” Gold asked in a hollow voice.  Henry took his hand comfortingly and Gold glanced at him, surprised at the gesture.

“Sure!” Henry said cheerfully. “Your son’s my dad–that’s kind of cool. You’re my other Grandpa, just like Prince Charming.”

“Oh joy.”  

Henry laughed at that and Gold managed to give him a wry smile.  Undoing or no, there was the smallest spot of pleasure within him, to be related to this remarkable child.  


“Aur badi behen bhi mataa ke sthaan par hoti hai”

Wishing my big sister Lola a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I’d also like to wish a happy birthday to my Jethani Revati (also Lola), my father-in-law Jarasandha (aka Lola) and whichever relation we assign to ourselves this year!

Our love for all things mythological brought us together (she stalked me on IF rofl) but it’s our collective craziness that keeps us together. I hope you enjoy today to the fullest (I’m sure your family are going to spoil you!) and party hard! I pray that whatever you wish for today comes true! Lots of prem and AALINGANS to you! Pranipaat! :D

Detectives!Gold and Belle for chippedcupofchai's BIRTHDAY

((I hope you like it, Lola my darling! <3 Under the cut for length.))

On a slow Wednesday night, Detectives Gold and French eat greasy burgers and greasier French fries at an out-of-the way diner. Gold drinks coffee and French drinks iced tea (laced with far too much sugar and twice as much lemon as is strictly necessary), and they argue over qualifications.

“I’m hardly a rookie, Gold,” French says, popping a fry into her mouth and narrowing her eyes at him. “So I’d appreciate it if you stopped treating me like one.”

“Well I’d appreciate if you stopped acting like you knew absolutely everything about absolutely bloody everything. You’ve got book knowledge crammed into that pretty little head of yours, but there’s more to the game than criminology majors. It’s about intuition. Training. Instinct. And quite frankly, you don’t have what it takes. Not yet.”

“Thanks for the glowing review.”

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AU - Belle is a lawyer, Woobie!Rum goes to her for help getting custody of Bae from Milah (she can be with Hook or alone, your call)

“Send the next client in, Ms. Boyd,” Belle requested.  The door opened and a middle-aged man walked in.  He wore an ill-fitting suit, his messy brown hair was streaked with gray, and he looked tired beyond measure.  Without even knowing a bit of his story, Belle’s heart bled for him.  

“Mr. Rum Gold?” She checked her planner. “Is that right?" 

"That’s right,” He said quietly, offering his hand. 

“I’m Belle French,” She accepted the handshake. “It’s good to meet you. I understand you’re having some custody problems?”  

“Yes,” Gold cleared his throat. “I just…courts tend to side with the mother, but Milah…Milah is neglectful. She loves our son, I’m sure, but she’s–mothering is not a priority for her. I just can’t…I don’t want to lose my son, Mrs. French…”

“Ms.,” Belle automatically corrected and he flushed.  

She smiled at him encouragingly.  "Mr. Gold, I’m very good at what I do. I’m also very good at reading people. And I promise you–I can help you get your son back.“  

His smile was so grateful it pierced her heart.  Clearing her throat, Belle turned her attention to her files.  She would have to be careful around this client.  

prompt for chippedcupofchai:

spoilery stuff from the Lacey stills, Rumple is heartbroken over what he sees at the bar and Charming buys him a drink

David follows Gold’s line of sight across the room. His eyes widen.

Belle—at least, someone who looks very much like Belle—lounges at a jukebox with a tall drink in hand and a handful of men hanging off her every word. Or perhaps her every movement. Her every slow, languid, sensual movement, specifically designed to stir the blood, flashing skin beneath a purple shirt and a short black dress.

And Gold looks like he’s about to burst a blood vessel. Or cry. Or both.

One of the men traces a finger down maybe-Belle’s neck, and she teasingly bites the air beside his hand. David steps slightly closer to Gold, hoping to divert his attention. “So, uh, do you have a plan?”

“My plan is to keep from murdering every man who puts his hands on Belle.” His hand tenses on his cane and his eyes never stray from the jukebox.  “The details are still a little hazy.”

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ooohhhh you're still taking prompts *insert gif of Rumple's happy dance* one more installment of that lawyer!Belle and woobie!Rum AU, please!

If there was one thing Belle had learned as a lawyer, it was not to get emotionally involved with your clients.  

This has never been a problem before.  Belle had learned the art of detaching herself from the emotional aspects of a case–whether it had to do with an abused child, a battered wife, an abandoned son–she found she was better able to serve the client professionally and logically if she refused to allow any emotional investment.  

But it was getting harder to do that with Mr. Gold.  

The more hours she spent with him, the more she learned the ins and outs of his personality, the more she began to long for him.  He was such a quiet man, so very reserved and humble.  He looked so broken sometimes–she wondered what kind of cruel things Milah had said to him, that he should act so scared.  

But there was that determination, that ironclad determination that he would get his son away from his neglectful wife.  Belle admired that.  

They spent long hours, poring over his case together, stuck in her office past midnight.  Only coffee fueled them as Belle was determined, despite her reluctance to get emotionally involved, to win him everything he deserved.  

Sometimes, the way he looked at her…it made Belle wish he wasn’t a client, that she had just met him in a coffee shop or in a bookstore.  She tried to shake those thoughts–Gold was newly divorced, he surely wouldn’t have that on his mind.  He was probably still in love with Milah, poor man, despite how abominably the woman had treated him.  

So Belle ignored her feelings and did her job.  When she won him full custody, with visitation rights from Milah, she felt almost sad that it was unlikely she would see him again.  

“Thank you, for everything you’ve done, Ms. French,” Gold told her, true joy in his eyes.  

“I’m glad I could help you,” She told him sincerely, shaking his hand.  He held her hand for a long moment, swallowing nervously.  

“Ms. French,” He began nervously. “I–I wish–”

She stared at him with bated breath, still feeling his calloused fingers wrapped around her hand.  

“It’s–it’s nothing,” Gold said finally, releasing her palm. “Thank you, again.”  

Belle couldn’t help but feel disappointed.  "Of course, Mr. Gold,“ She tried to smile at him. "I’ll miss working with you.”  She nodded at him, giving him a professional smile as she turned away, heading towards her car, unwilling to let him see the hurt and sadness in her expression.

I apologize in advance for this.

prompt for chippedcupofchai: Belle and Gold as a detective duo;

 ((Just a warning, this is basically ridiculous crack. xD I have no idea what happened but apparently I had Scooby Doo on the brain and detective!Belle is actually the bubbliest person I have ever conjured.))


Gold narrowed his eyes and stared down at his diminutive partner, who was pulling a pair of thick, square framed glasses out of her purse. “Don’t do this to me, French. Just don’t.”

“You’re my partner, not my boss. You can’t tell me what to do.”

“It will be humiliating.”

“It will be hilarious.”

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Numero dos - Emma introduces Neal to her parents.

“Mom, Dad, this is…uh…Neal. Henry’s father.”  

Neal stared at Emma’s parents.  She’d warned him that they looked unnaturally young, due to the effects of the curse, but he supposed he still hadn’t been prepared for it.  

“Nice to meet you,” Charming extended his hand rather coldly and Neal could tell he was already disliked.  Men who broke princess’ hearts were clearly not looked kindly upon.

“It’s nice to meet you too,” Neal mumbled, shaking his hand firmly.  He had to keep thinking about Henry.  All of this–coming to Storybrooke, meeting Emma’s parents–all of it was for Henry’s sake.  

And perhaps a little for Emma’s.  

“Why don’t you come in?” Snow asked a little frigidly. “We can all have some tea and–talk.”  Her eyes pinned him and he cleared his throat.

“Sounds great,” He tried to sound enthused.  

“It will be!” Henry cheered. “This is like I always wanted! All of these awesome fairytale characters under one roof–and all of them my family!”  

The four of them, despite the tension, couldn’t help but smile at that.  

chippedcupofchai replied to your post “Fun Fact: When Bheem told Sahdev to bring fire so he could burn…”

The Sanskrit term here has been mistranslated. Rather, kmg took a line by line rather than word by word approach. It’s more to the effect of “aapko shobha nahin dega”. It won’t befit you to show our unity fall apart and play into their trap.

OK so.


I mightn’t know much about Sanskrit, but in three years of defunct Sanskrit classes in school (and my recent efforts at understanding it) and all the meager reading I’ve done, I have learnt that in this language, more than the words themselves, it is the sequence they’re written/spoken in that matters when it comes to inference of their meaning. So the same words can mean different things if placed in different formations (this is literally the second thing you’re taught when you’re learning Sanskrit).

Now, I just went through the entire plethora of tomes at the temple library here, and as expected, we do not have the Mahabharat. So I pulled up the Sanskrit text of this part of Mahabharat on the internet, and sat with a Sanskrit Swaym Shikshak and tried to make sense of it. But my Sanskrit is weaker than my English and Hindi, and so, I could only make basic sense of it, which is of little (but some) use.

Then I went to Nanu (who is a Sanskrit scholar), to whom I was reluctant to go (because umm, I’m supposed to actually be practicing maps instead of translating Sanskrit), but since we’re scholars, after some initial worrying over why am I trying to understand Mahabharat in Sanskrit RIGHT NOW, we both dove into it with a lot of enthusiasm.

Nishkarsh being, that 

  1. We’re (actually, my Nanu is) planning to buy the Gita Press Gorakhpur’s printing of Mahabharat with Hindi anuvaad for me because curiosity isn’t ever suppressed at my place (but we mutually decided that this will happen in June next year, because abhi I have Boards + Law Entrance to prepare for, and once I pick up the Mahabharat properly, I won’t put it down) and also because
  2. We cannot rely on an Internet version for 100% accuracy, and Gita Press has done commendable work in the field of Sanskrit, Hindi, and Hindu literature, thus their print copies and translations are the best we can get today; and
  3. The last, and most important line of that verse (in which Arjun speaks to Bheem after Bheem wants to burn his Jeshth’s hands) means what Kisari Mohan Ganguli translates it as. That “it will be add to our fame”.
  4. All of this is of no use because it’s the best to read a text in the language it is written in, which is why I should work towards improving my Sanskrit and Marathi.
  5. Lastly, PLEASE POINT ME TO ACCURATE TRANSLATION OF THIS THING PLEASE? Otherwise I’ll die of curiosity and guilt.


THANK YOU FOR YOUR REPLY AND INPUT!! I appreciate it a lot! ^.^

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PROMPTS! Belle x Abigail x Emma brot3; spoilery stuff from the Lacey stills, Rumple is heartbroken over what he sees at the bar and Charming buys him a drink; Belle and Gold as a detective duo; Rum goes through the portal with Bae and reverts to his woobie self from Desperate Souls, Belle is a sympathetic teacher who helps him out. More to come!

When Emma climbed into the back of an antiquated Jeep Wrangler with Katharine (Abigail?) and Belle,  under pretense of having a ‘tea party’, she wasn’t entirely sure what to expect.

Getting lost in the woods, maybe? Belle holding the map upside down? (After-all, she’d only been… well… outside for a few weeks.) Stumbling upon clearing and sitting at a picnic table laden with chinaware and forced to wear horrifically frilly dresses? Would it be a ‘princess’ party like a six year old’s birthday?

What Emma did not expect was for Abigail to park in the literal middle of nowhere, in some unspecified area of the woods, and unload a bag of guns from the trunk.

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Happy Birthday to one of the most sweetest, sincere, intelligent, and sarcastic (heheh) people I know. Lola<33 I love youuu! I hope you had a wonderful day, just something small I made you(: I stacked it for you too! *hint hint* jk jk. So i have to go pick my sister up from the train station now…bye:D


Today marks the day that my very dear friend and sister from another mother, my ati priya Lola di first graced this earth. I met her on India Forums and we became fast friends. It was her deep knowledge of the hindu scriptures, her interest in mytho shows, her fabulous taste in television (we share quite a few fandoms), super duper talent at photoshop, and lovable and easy going attitude that drew me to her. Here’s to another year of you being awesome! I hope your birthday is as happy, full of hugs and smiles, and colorful as this gif set, but hopefully, not as cheesy. I love you!