bookworm  .       i  was  going  to  paint  my  gaston  fanart  i  had  drawn  or  possibly  re - paint  my  chip  replica      (  he  came  out  a  lil  wonky  yikes  i’m  not  perfect  at  ceramics  )  ,       or  maybe  paint  my  miraculous  ladybug  stuff  i  had  made      (  her  earrings  ,       tikki  ,       the  yoyo  )       but  i  think  .       i  might  just  do  some  tangled  fanart  ??       pls  help  me  !


so i finally figured out what to do with the 50+ paint sample cards i took from the paint store last week…

i love love love this.
pink = joy, positive affirmation, love
blue = calming, de-stress, tranquility, peace
green = grounding, earth, growth

Practicing with a new brush in Photoshop.  Not super happy with the result, but I did have fun drawing it, so that’s all that matters.

I just started Seven’s route again, so I’m bracing myself for the heartbreak.

Also, here’s the video.  Music covers by the amazing @fluttershadowed  (Here’s their Youtube channel)

After a long absence, I’m coming back! Yay! I finally got my Etsy all renewed and cleaned up a bit, so go check it out! This was a painting I did for a friend years ago and I still somewhat regret gifting it away. She’s worth it, though. While you can’t have the original, I have some great prints of it available in my shop!