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MARS-Astrology and Sex pt.2

So now that you know how you and/or your significant other actually “do the deed”, it’s time to look at how you seduce, and no this is not where Venus comes in. This is actually when you’ll need to know your rising sign because the house your Mars is in describes your most effective seductive techniques. Also it describes your sex appeal outside of the bedroom whereas you Mars sign is all about the deed. Be sure to radiate your Best Traits when trying to seduce your crush. 

Mars 1st House

Mars in the first house is the Alpha in any pack. They seduce by competition, they love the idea of rivals and the thrill of the chase. In love or lust,they are brazen but completely unsubtle. 

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G R E E N  L I G H T is for the sacrificial party-goer, with neon in their veins and recklessness on their lips they surrender to the noise, heart/drum beat in time, with mascara smudged and fishnets already ripped, they are a chaotic twirling beacon of hope, pulsing with the glow that comes from transcending human emotion. here there is no pain, here is where the party begins.

S O B E R is the national anthem of a lost kingdom ruled by girls with confetti crowns and boys with lipstick smeared cheekbones, where it’s always midnight and laughter cracks like thunder, it’s chipped nail varnish and singing along to a song you’ve never heard, lit fireworks crackling in your ribcage and bathroom floors, the smell of tarmac and city lights blurring into blinding light and the closest you ever get to religion

H O M E M A D E  D Y N A M I T E  is for the revolutionaries, with glitter like war paint and leather battle gear, it’s someone else’s drink in your hair and on your lips, shooting stars and smoke on the horizon, its a mouth overflowing with unforgiving teeth and a girl who sways like a bonfire, anger to the point of apathy and laughing until you cry, throwing your arms wide and screaming at the stars to swallow you whole

T H E  L O U V R E  is a handful of blurry polaroids from a pink summer when you thought the sky stretched on forever, crumpled bed sheets and kitchen counters at 2am, it is drowning in a sea of strangers without putting up a fight, the rotting smell of dying flowers and handwritten love letters, the sound of violin and cracked stained glass panels, it is the golden artificial glow of a naked lightbulb and hands stitched into your hair, white on white on white and watercolour nostalgia in three shades of lilac

L I A B I L I T Y is like a bird with broken wings, staying awake until the sun starts to rise, all pale skies and the ground damp with dew, it’s the drop of your stomach just before a fall, thin cotton against your skin and warm hazy hours of almost-sleep that seep together into evenings in flickering television light, scratched records listened to anyway, and the ritualistic waltz of everyday life, beating on with or without you

H A R D  F E E L I N G S is an abandoned house, with the table still laid for a breakfast, the key in the lock, the portrait of two people immortally framed in a perfectly symmetrical pattern of every day objects and  L O V E L E S S is the bubblegum perfume spritz spirit who lives there, between her books and half-finished poetry and his now cold cup of coffee, dancing alone in the hallway, lips like petals and heart like marble

S O B E R I I ( M E L O D R A M A ) happens behind the closed doors of the church, exposed necks like altars, hips like pews, hundreds of sparkling stained glass eyes and teeth like tombstones, a whole generation brought to its knees with the weight of its future, its the vibration of discordant piano, the glint on rubies on necks, the promise of something bigger than all of this, a fleeting taste of forever 

W R I T E R  I N  T H E  D A R K  is the roses growing up a building, vines curling into stone, playing god for one moment, a full deck of tarot cards, inky starless skies and the inability to let go, it is the process of prying yourself apart from a lover, tearing skin from skin, rearranging bones, the interlocked cages of your ribs and his, it is performance with no audience, it’s ‘i can’t live without you’ and ‘but i will, i will, will’

S U P E R C U T is dangling your feet into nostalgia, the whole world through rose-tinted sunglasses or a camera lens and the sky melting into itself in reds and pinks and oranges - as if the horizon were on fire, its 5am rooftop conversations and scuffed trainers on dashboards and long train rides, tall grass and flavoured lipgloss, it’s seeing their face in every crowd, echoes of their voice in every song, swimming in your clothes and dripping wet hair, it is collecting every beautiful moment and decorating your mind with them until you can’t move in there, like a room full of antiques

L I A B I L I T Y  ( R E P R I S E ) is a turning point, a certain sunrise, a certain car ride, life in a beautiful light, it’s the moment you realise you are not a sad story, it is years ahead of you still unwritten, smiles on lips of people you haven’t even met yet, it is harmonies and abstract paintings with slashes of colour in the black and the crescendo of birdsong, it is glittering dustmotes in sunlight and watching the city from far away, it’s not today, but it is soon, a sunlight soaked summer afternoon years from now when all of this seems so small

P E R F E C T  P L A C E S is where time stands still, is how we keep the morning at bay, it’s an almost evangelic escapism, shedding skins like clothes, spilling feelings like drinks, it is a moment of quiet found between the clouds, it is the bass in the base of your spine, it’s terrifying and temporary and fragile and beautiful because it can never last, it’s the birth of a new world, it’s worship of potential, it is running, running, running into that sunrise with arms and eyes open wide

some damien headcanons i have

super ticklish literally everywhere

not only does he eat pineapple on pizza, but literally has it as the only topping (since it always comes with ham, he just gets a hawaiian without ham). Lucien hates it.

falls asleep in his library while reading more often than he likes to admit

was a punk in his teen years and early 20s and made the transition to goth in his late 20s and early 30s

met mary in college where they were in the same course together

used to drink heavily in college but stopped almost entirely after he had lucien because he didn’t want to set a bad example

gets slightly offended when people say naruto’s overrated. like bitch??? it’s a classic??? wyd???

chips at his nail varnish when he’s nervous

used to have more piercings in his teens and early 20s but let them close up

The signs as mini aesthetics
  • Aires: baseball caps, red clothes, lipstick marks
  • Taurus: plaid, beanies, silver jewellery, pyjama pants
  • Gemini: swollen lips, chipped nail varnish, dyed hair
  • Cancer: blood shot eyes, visible veins, layered jewellery
  • Leo: Denim, braided hair, lip biting, over-sized clothes
  • Virgo: writing on skin, chapped lips, laughter, coloured socks
  • Libra: oversized- glasses, paper cuts, long words, earrings
  • Scorpio: cracking knuckles, heavy clothes, leather, shades
  • Sagittarius: ball sports, track pants, maps, off-road vehicles
  • Capricorn: grey clothes, minimalist style, giggling, books
  • Aquarius: galaxy patterns, fruity drinks, gems, sparkles
  • Pisces: tear stains, high fives, trainers, healthy food
Switching Clothes Challenge

Trigger warning: None

Paring: Dan and y/n

Genre: Fluff

You sat at your desk wasting your time on countless youtube videos until you found something to excite you. You noticed Alfie had uploaded a new video titled ‘The Dress Up Challenge!’ You clicked on the video and gave Zoe and Alfie your attention for 12 minuets. Since that video was uploaded 3 hours ago Dan had been getting non-stop tweets asking you two to do it.

“I don’t know, I just don’t want my channel to be tag videos.” You agreed the idea was the most original of them all. He had been pondering about this idea for a week and Marcus had also upload the tag video featuring Naomi. “Fuck it.”

~Filming the video~

Dan set the camera opposite to the bed. You picked at your chipped nail varnish as he pressed record and sat down next to you. Dan sighed and used his normal intro to welcome his viewers. He introduced you to any watchers who haven’t seen the video posted 5 months ago about your relationship.

Dan passed you his range of clothes ans told you to get ready in the bathroom diagonally. You firstly pulled on his jeans which were far to long and quite a bit baggy, then his yeezus top. You walked into his bedroom asking if he was ready. He immediately burst out laughing, clutching his stomach in pain. “Aw you look adorable.” You sat next to him. the neckline of his shirt was very stretched from his broad shoulders so it hung low on your chest, making you haft to pull it up every five minuets.  

“I can’t stop smelling them.” You said bringing the fabric up to your nose again. “It smells like your cologne.”  You gave him your clothes and you could even hear him struggling to put your tight jeans on. You came into the room with the jeans ending mid shin and the top you gave him turning almost into a belly-top. He tried sitting down but the tough material crushed his junk.

“This is painful.” He laughed. You tried to give him a rsponse but the sight infront of you was hilarious.

We'll Show Them: Chapter Seven: Luci

an: I want to thank my aq brits, my cheerleaders mean everything to me. Thanks to everyone reading this fic too, I appreciate every comment, note and read. Hope you like this chapter! tw: slight homophobia

summary: during Sasha’s public meeting, new information is uncovered that may put the entire office in jeopardy.

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T E E N A G E  G I R L S  +  M Y T H O L O G Y: Dionysus

She keeps a hip flask under her skirt, the metal cool against warm skin. There’s something excitable in her voice, tainted with a hint of madness, especially when talking about this evening’s plans (she gets invited to all of the parties, naturally). Her fingers drum against desk tops, nail varnished chipped. Everyone knows what she does in the bathroom stalls and around the back of the bike sheds where the CCTV doesn’t quite reach. Hers is a life full of fun and risk, fearless chaos that consumes everyone around her like a black hole.

Bored of Me (REQUEST)

Sitting on the couch, I channel surfed as I struggled to keep my eyes open. Another boring Friday night by myself whilst Justin was occupied by other things.

Clicking on Catfish, my screen showed Nev and Max sat infront of their computer.

I yawned and pulled my blanket closer to me, I felt somewhat jealous of whoever hung around with Justin. It’s not that we didn’t do stuff together, because we did, but at times I feel like he has more fun with everyone else.

As if on cue, the front door opened and closed. “I’m home!” He called, I heard him set his keys down on the countertop and I turned my attention to the doorway, waiting for him to enter.

“Hey, why are you sat in the dark?” He asked, chuckling lightly before switching on a lamp.

“I’m a vampire, duh.” I joked, sitting up.

Leaning down to kiss me, I gladly embraced him before Justin pulled away and sat beside me, pulling my body towards him.

“Did you have fun tonight?” I asked.

“Yeah, it was cool. It was good to catch up with Hails and Jayde.” Justin replied.

Feeling myself grow slightly jealous, I released myself from his hold and sat up, “That’s nice.”

My voice came of harsh and cold, it wasn’t really intentional, but at the same time I had to tell him how I felt eventually.

“O-kay? Did I say something?” He asked, puzzled. Picking at my chipped nail varnish, I didn’t respond.

“(Y/N), what did I do?”

“It’s not what you did…”

He stayed quiet for a moment, trying to piece things together. “Are you talking about Hailey and Jayde? What did they do?”

“It’s not anybody’s doing, Justin!” I exclaimed, “I-i just… I just feel like when you’re with them you have so much fun and then you come back to me – I feel like you’re gonna get bored of me and leave me for one of them.”

I hated being petty, but it had been building for so long that I had to express how I felt. Honesty is the best policy, right?

“I mean, they’re both gorgeous and fu–”

“(Y/N), shut up.” He laughed, “I’ll never get bored of you.”

“Are you sure? I mea–”

“Listen to me. I think that you are more beautiful than both of them, you make me the happiest guy on earth and I don’t like you comparing yourself to them, because in my eyes you’re perfect.”

Running out of words to say, I pulled him into a hug, “I love you.”

A Day At The Movies

Original Imagine: Imagine meeting Jeremy when he gets on a bus to leave town & Imagine Jeremy showing up at your work with a bouquet of roses because he wanted to surprise you and show you he was thinking about you & Imagine scaring Jeremy because you were in danger and he confessed up to not wanting to lose you and being in love with you

Author: puellaigmotum

Reader Gender: Either (I’ve tried to make this either gender but there may be a slip up or two!) 

Word Count: 4,495

Warnings: blood, violence, fluffy fluff

A/N: This is probably not my best work but it has been a while since I’ve written anything! However, I do have the whole summer to write so there should be loads more one shots to come!

You couldn’t remember why you were sat there. Not really. You couldn’t think about how the cold wind bit at your skin or how the music playing in your ears was just that little bit too quiet. You couldn’t think of anything. Just your next destination and even then, you couldn’t really think of that.

You picked at your chipped black nail varnish, swinging your feet just above the ground. An involuntary shiver ran through you, causing a strand of hair to fall over your eyes. For a moment, you thought you would move it; the light tickle against your nose starting to annoy you. You decided against it, of course. It required too much thought, too much effort. So, once again, you let yourself be immersed by the music; the gentle pluck of guitar strings soothing your mind.

Despite the road being almost dark, save for the one little flickering lamppost beside the bus shelter, you didn’t notice the car pull up beside the shelter. You didn’t even turn your head at the sound of two male voices, seemingly parting ways. Your body did give a little jump when someone joined you on the bench but, other than that, you made no movements.

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Remus Lupin always hid in huge jumpers and baggy jeans,until the summer, when he would lounge around the common room in tight t-shirts and shorts, showing off his broad shoulders and toned legs, causing Sirius to have minor heart attacks when he walked into the room. He wasn’t conventionally handsome - having a slight overbite, and he was thin and lanky, but that didn’t stop most of Gryffindor being half in love with him. His auburn hair was always messy and fluffy, impossibly soft and constantly falling in his eyes, urging Sirius to brush it off of his face. He was heavily freckled with wide, doe-like brown eyes, plump lips and high cheekbones. He had long, clever fingers and delicate hands that made Sirius weak at the knees, and a sharp tongue that was known to even make James Potter, The Straightest Straight To Ever Straight, swoon occasionally. He had a passion for chocolate and coffee that made Christmas and birthdays a challenge for the other marauders as they had all agreed that these presents were off limits, after first year, when Remus had received four of the same gift.

Sirius Black was short, but had the kind of big personality that made people forget that sometimes, until Remus leant an elbow on his head. His thick black hair fell just below his shoulders, but was usually tied up in a messy bun, (it was a joke between the marauders that anything could be lost inside of it, like Peter’s astronomy homework, Remus’s shoe, and James’s dignity). He had faint freckles on his cheeks and shoulders, and very pale skin that never seemed to tan or burn. He had calloused hands and toned muscles from years on the quidditch pitch, that made Remus blush deeply whenever they went swimming in the river near James’s house. He was often caught stealing other people’s things - like Peter’s brightly coloured socks and Lily’s eyeliner. He had a love for puns that made the other marauders cringe and often led to his bed getting filled with treacle.

Peter Pettigrew had sandy blonde hair that never seemed to do what he wanted, but stuck up at funny angles instead. He had blue eyes that the others swore were a normal size, and yet he always felt like they were too small for his face, until Sirius jinxed them to half the size, and he decided they were fine the way they were. He had an acute talent for thinking up pranks and discovering hiding places that was vital for life as a marauder. He was head of the gobstones club, and the chess club, but he didn’t understand how considering how many games he’d missed due to detentions - he suspected James and Sirius of coercing his teammates but didn’t want to risk losing the position by asking. He was short and stocky, and clearly not meant for riding a broom, but this didn’t stop him trying it every year, with the full support of his friends. Despite being clumsy and often tripping over his own feet, Peter was an exceptional dancer.

James Potter’s hair was always a mess, and sat on the top of his head like a funny hat, making lily want to mess it up even further. Surprisingly, he was always on top of his homework, preferring to get it out of the way, in order to focus on planning the next prank, whereas Sirius liked to put it off until the morning it was due. His dark skin contrasted with his light hazel eyes, thanks to a combination of an Indian mother and a British father. He loved Quidditch enough to rival his infatuation with Lily Evans, and this resulted in strong, muscular arms and a stomach you could bounce a galleon off (this was discovered after Sirius told him it was impossible). His elbows were unbelievably pointy, and seemed to work their way into the ribs of everyone in Gryffindor at least once a week. He was ridiculously generous with his money, and was constantly giving the others small presents that made them want to slap him and hug him at the same time.

Lily Evans had long red hair that was found all over the common room, and the sharpest winged eyeliner in Hogwarts. Her chipped nail varnish was always brightly coloured, and contrasted with her pale, freckly skin. She gave the best hugs in Gryffindor, but could be very cutting when she was provoked - by second year, the marauders knew never to target her or her friends in their pranks (except for Snape, obviously). She was incredibly intelligent, and was fascinated by lots of different things, this was one of the many things she bonded over with Remus. She was a brilliant musician, and often sang and danced with Marlene, Alice and Dorcas, inviting Peter occasionally when they discovered how talented he was, much to the chagrin of James. She smelled of the summer, even in the winter, and when she smiled, it lit up the room.

The Accident


- Requested by anonymous, but I changed the plot slightly - If you have a request do ask! - 

The door slammed shut causing all the walls to shake, I remained still not wanting to risk being noticed. My eyes remained tightly shut as he came up the stairs, I knew it was late- too late. His slow movement was enough to let me know his current state, I didn’t even have to smell him.

Remaining perfectly still but tense the door knob turned, the lock pulled out and the wood creaked as he tried to be quiet closing it; something he could’ve, should’ve perfected months ago but yet, he still can’t. Kicking his shoes off I could hear the flakes of dirt falling onto the wooden floorboards, replacing last night’s marks again, followed by his jeans, his top, his jacket before he tries to quietly climb into bed. The edge of the bed couldn’t be closer as I hang on barely, not wanting to be near him tonight. 

I felt a cold hand grip my thigh, my heart kept racing as it pulled me back into bed, away from the wooden floor which I favoured at this point. Now his breath was closer it made me want to gag, the awful concoctions he likes to have, no matter how strong they may be. His vile breath got closer to my lips, heat coming off of them as he his shallow breath hummed in my ears, I couldn’t, I wouldn’t. 

Sliding out of bed he looked confused, completely out of it, worse than he has been in a week. Crossing my arms around my chest I was unaware of how cold it had become, I didn’t notice the frost forming on the grass outside, the condensation on the windows blurring the outside, the goosebumps that formed on my legs.  

“You can’t keep doing this.” I quietly stated as I tried to work up all the strength I had in me to finally say it, finally tell him how I feel rather than hide it as I clean the mud, clean the mess he leaves around the house after he’s gone for another day. The tears he doesn’t see or the calls to my friend about it all, about how I need to leave, how desperate I am for things to be normal again. 

He sat, utterly dumbfounded on our bed. Still half out of it but I knew that look in his eyes, he was alert inside but fumbled on the outside. His hazel eyes whirred and widened with fear as I shuffled, trying to fight back the shiver and tears that I felt forming. Moving across the bed he perched on the end near to me, his arms resting on his thighs as he held his head low. “I just, I don’t see the problem.” He murmured causing me to scoff, he quickly lifted his head back up to look right at me. “Why? Do you have a problem with it?” The soft tone had hardened, tears that brimmed my eyes disappeared, replaced by anger that fueled inside. 

“You don’t get it do you?” Releasing my arms from each other I huffed, he remained still as I began to walk around the space. “You come into the house, not caring about how much noise you make at ridiculous times. Today it’s 1am, yesterday it was almost 4am! I can’t take the worry, the fear that runs in my mind of where you are, if you’re alright or if you’re just like this- completely off your face.” He was now blank, unreadable. “Then you come in, kiss me with that awful breath that makes me sick to my stomach. Then you go, and do it all over again.” Tightly closing my eyes I can’t take it, my barriers are breaking down again and I can’t stop them this time. “What happened to you Ash? You were doing so well.” My voice broke and I choked on my own sobs as he sat there, silent, still. 

I waited, I waited for a while as I held my tears back. Restraining myself from screaming at the top of my lungs at him or trying to think back to how things used to be. Memories of us having a glass of wine or a beer with dinner, no more. Going out with friends to clubs, sure lots of drinks but we knew the limit. Yet the man that sits before me knows no limit, he lost control, he is in a pit with no escape route; and all this time I have held the ladder for him to climb out but he turned away. The ladder is going to be taken away, it’s inevitable now. 

“I, I don’t know.” He shook his head as he spoke but it wasn’t enough. “We got back from tour, you were still away on holiday and I was alone. I wanted to feel alive like I did on tour, the adrenaline rush again.” He started and now I crouched by his legs, looking up at him. “Yet when the alcohol kicked in it didn’t feel the same as it should have. There wasn’t anyone to enjoy it with, the guys weren’t with me, there was no music, no you.” He placed his hand on top of mine, I felt myself giving in, losing this battle yet again, but I needed to hear it. “Just some dull music and an empty house. So the next night I went to a club with strangers, I liked it, I liked it too much and I was hooked. When you got home I thought I would be alright but, but I couldn’t fight the urge to feel the burn in my throat turn to comfort. To feel weightless and enjoy myself for a short while before coming home to you.” 

“But you don’t come home to me Ash.” I stated pulling my hand away from him. “You come home to your girlfriend who you never see, never spend time with. What you come home to is someone stricken with fear of what you could, what you could, what you’d do.” My words fumbled as my voice hitched in my throat. 

The look he held in his eyes was rare, I’d only seen it twice before. It held deep despair, utter regret and self inflicted hatred. “I, I would never do anything to you.” He looked me deep into my eyes, reading my soul as if it were an open book with a font the size for a child. “You know that, right?” The long silence said it all as his question hung in the air. 

“I just need some time.” I said as I went to grab my jacket, ignoring the shuffling of sheets behind me before a strong hand was attached to my wrist, refusing to let me go. “Ashton.” My voice remained stern, “You’re hurting me.” It was blunt, too blunt. He released me after a minute of struggling, and with that I fled. 

Looking down to my red wrist as I picked my keys up, taking one last look at all the memories we once held dear in this place before slamming the door shut. The few steps to my car felt heavy, with each step extra weight gained on my shoulders rather than be availed, sitting down in the car seat I gripped onto the steering wheel, refusing to turn around and glance back. Looking back always meant defeat, I wouldn’t give in, I shouldn’t, I couldn’t. 

Turning on the engine and flooding the car with conditioning I began to drive away, refusing to turn back. Everything remained dark, too dark. Yet I just kept driving, still unsure of my destination but I needed an escape for just a little while, just to get away from it all. 

Driving along I didn’t even hear it. I didn’t feel the strong force smash into my car or the amount of pain I felt in that moment. All of the air got knocked out of me, as the car turned and I heard crashes and a lot of smashing from the glass. Remaining upside down and breathless I couldn’t move or breath, I couldn’t feel anything and I heard some voices or screams in panic near by. 

Fighting against the temptation to close my eyes I heard someone telling me to stay, keep my eyes open but the urge was too much for my feeble state to take. 

I welcomed the darkness like an old friend. 

Waking up was difficult, more so than normal. Part of me felt restrained, unable to open my eyes with ease as I reached over to feel him by my side I was greeted by a plastic barrier. Moving my hand over my face I felt something in my nose, looking down I blinked quickly. I was in a hospital? Drastically looking around for anyone I saw a nurse walking towards me, I moved to sit up but she quickened her pace and her hand gently placed on my shoulder she shook her head. 

“I wouldn’t advice that miss, you were in a very serious accident.” My eyes went wide as I looked around, looked down to see my leg in a plaster, I felt pressure on my head and ribs. “Broken leg, broken ribs and a very bad concussion. You were lucky to make it out in one piece.” She half smiled whilst I focused on the beeping of the heart monitor next to me, zoning out as she told me what happened, only reconnecting as I heard his name. 

“He’s here?” I spoke up and she stopped, looked down to her papers then back to me, nodding. 

“He’s been here all night and most of the day, waiting to see you once you were awake. Shall I send him in miss?” Pondering the thought of seeing him she patiently waited as I fiddled with my nails, the only thing I could do with ease without causing more pain. A small nod followed and with that, she was gone. 

Waiting felt painful, a different kind of pain. It felt like it was drawing all of the anxiety I had building up into one place where it continued to grow and swirl with various ideas on what he would say or do. I heard shoes squeak across the floor and pants of heavy breaths. Tearing my eyes away from the once chipped nail varnish there he hovered by the doorway, unsure of what to do. 

His eyes were red, a different red. They weren’t bloodshot, recovering from hangover and getting high red, but torn apart red. His face was wet, I could see where he had been crying. He parted his lips to say something whilst my eyes locked on his but no words came out, the two of us were left in silence whilst my heart monitor continued to beep, increasing the longer we stood still. 

“You’ve been here all night?” I spoke up and he nodded. 

“I phoned you after you left, you answered the phone except it wasn’t you.” He tried to speak with ease but struggled, his voice was cracking even though it was barely above a whisper. “It, it was some woman who was trying to tell me there had been an accident, I heard sirens and I kept yelling for you.” In my mind I could picture him sat there, no matter how hard I tried to shut the picture out it was all I could focus on. “I came here, and I waited all night. No one told me anything so I assumed the worst.” He sighed as he wiped his face. “I was so worried. I was convinced I lost you forever and the last memory you would’ve had of me was when I was a drunken ass.” He scoffed and took a few steps towards me. 

He reached his hand out to mine but I pulled mine away. “Just because I was in an accident doesn’t mean I forgive you.” I spoke up, “I left because of you Ash, I can’t go back to what we have, it isn’t what I want.” My voice too cracked slightly but I adjusted the cannula in my nose, trying my hardest not to sit up or risk causing more pain in my ribs to occur. 

“I, I spoke to some people.” He began, “I’m getting help.” My eyes met his as he continued, nodding as he went. “I want to be normal again, I want us again.” A small sad smile formed on my face as he went on to explain what he was planning. “It may take a while but I don’t want this anymore. I was toxic, you deserve so,” He glanced down to the small bruise that formed on my wrist. “so much better than me, and I understand that.” He placed a gentle kiss on my forehead, gave me one last longing look and began to walk away. 

Stunned I couldn’t respond, I watched him walk away. No looking back. No words, just tears. I returned to my silence as my heart monitor slowed down, sadness flourishing through my system like the love I once held dear. 

Three months of recovery. It was hard, it was painful and tiring. But I was going home, back to my home. Taking a look at the house I dramatically left that night I got out of the taxi with the help of my brother who got my bags as I observed the outside. All those flowers were still in their same condition, borderline dead.

Walking inside it felt different. There was no music, no drum beat, no evidence of life. Moving through the halls all the photos were still in place, trophies and memories displayed throughout my vision but it wasn’t right. I heard my name being called from the kitchen and as I walked in there was a letter, addressed to me in that rough rushed handwriting. 

I love you with all my heart, I always will. But the truth is I’m no good, I’m getting help but whilst this happens I don’t want you to be around me. I’ll be unstable, agitated and constantly acting out. When it’s all over we will see each other again, whenever you are ready to see me and whenever I am ready to come home and restart our lives together you know who to call. You’ll always be in my heart and never be the toxic. Love, Ashton. 

The paper began to get wet as my tears fell, smudging his writing ever so slightly as I let out a deep breath. I grabbed my phone and dialed the number, it went straight to voicemail. That goofy voice and the giggle that followed, it was the version I missed, that I craved for in this moment as I held my arm around my waist. “Ashton,” Sniffing I wiped my nose, holding my shaking hand below it as I let out a sigh. Shutting my eyes tightly I felt tears continue to fall, “I’m ready.” Pulling my phone away from my ear I clicked the all too familiar red button and collapsed to the ground, a broken, shaken mess. 

I’m ready.” 

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Jealous (N.M)

|based on the request:  *Y/n’s meeting with her male best friend in Starbucks and the boys will come in and be like ‘Woah, isn’t is y/n?‘ and they’ll talk about how good she looks and who’s the guy. Nate will get jealous because he likes her so he’ll be kinda grumpy, the rest of the boys notice, they’ll talk to him about it and later when they invite her around he’ll tell her* kind of imagine, please?

|2k words, unedited as usual, 2 IMAGINES IN ONE DAY!!!, love you lots xoxo|

“Should we just sit in here?” Sam asks after he orders his usual drink from Starbucks, along with a croissant. It’s well over 100 outside and even with the AC on in the car and being parked under a huge tree, it’s still too hot to sit in there and wait 30 minutes for the Jacks to get here.

“Yeah, you get my drink and I’ll get the table under the AC vent.” John says and quickly makes a rush to the only empty table in here. I roll my eyes at how much patience he doesn’t have to wait for his drink and sandwich to be ready.  

“Okay, Swazz, whatever.” Sam rolls his eyes and walks over to the waiting bay. I silently follow after him and stuff my wallet back into my pocket along with my phone.

I look around the busy building, scanning everyone to see if I knew any of them, but I don’t recognise any of them at first glance – I snap my eyes back to look at a girl with dark brown hair shoved up into a messy bun, I would recognise that hair anywhere. It’s Y/N.

“Sam,” I nudge him without taking my eyes away from her table. “Y/N’s over there, and she’s by herself.”

He looks up from his phone and follows my gaze. “Maybe you should go over there and join her, give her some company.” He jokes.

I never should have told him that I had a bit of a crush on Y/N, worst mistake of my life. I had just met her and I thought she was really nice and sweet and extremely good looking, and I stupidly made the decision to tell Sammy and the other guys what I thought. None of them have never let me live it down – and it was well over a year ago when I told them. They always make stupid jokes and innuendos when she comes over and I’m pretty sure she’s starting to pick up on them.

She’s been my best friend ever since we met, and typical me, I have to have a stupid, childish crush on her. In a way, she is the female version of myself. She likes the same music I do, she plays video games with me, she doesn’t care about how she looks in front of me but at the same time, she likes to look good. We have the same sense of humour, most of the time, and we just get on really fucking well.

She is what I look for in my future wife.

One drunk and very high night, we ended up hooking up. We both remembered everything the morning after and we had a bit of a laugh about it but honestly, it was the best sex I’ve ever had in my life. We still hook up from time to time but I know that she doesn’t feel the same way about me.

“Maybe I should.” I shrug and turn around to see if my drink was ready. “I haven’t seen her in a few days, it would be nice to talk to her-”

“Who the hell is that guy?”

I instantly turn around to find out what he’s going on about. Y/N isn’t alone anymore, she’s sitting opposite some Spanish-looking guy with a huge smile on her face. I’ve never seen that guy before and clearly, neither has Sam. Who is that guy?

She looks so happy to see him and he can’t stop smiling as he looks at her and talks. I can hear her laugh from here. She has a really pretty laugh.  

God, no wonder they never let me live it down, I sound like a right whipped pussy when I talk – even think – about her.

“Bro, calm down.”

I hate seeing another guy being the one to make her smile and laugh like that, I should be the only one who’s able to do that. Call me possessive, I don’t care. I want to know who the hell this guy is, making my girl smile.

‘My girl’? Really Nate? All she is, is my best friend and nothing more. She doesn’t think anything else of me. I’m just her guy friend from Nebraska who raps called Nate. That is all.

“Why are you telling me to calm down? Nothing is wrong.”

I’m such a liar.

“Your face is going bright red and you’re clenching your fists so hard I can feel the pain.” Sam laughs and picks up his drink that was just called. “You’re so jealous, Nate.”

“Whatever, Sam.”

I am such a jealous asshole.



“Naaaaathan!” Her loud voice screeches through the house. It’s only 6. She said she would be here at 7. I’m in the shower. “Where the fuck are you?”

I roll my eyes and step away from the running water. “I’m showering!”

“Why are you showering now? You were expecting company.”

“I wasn’t expecting you for another hour!” I hear the bathroom door open and close seconds later, I can’t see anything through the shower curtain though.

“You need to be more prepared next time, bub.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.” I smile and step back into the water. “Are you just gunna sit in here whilst I shower?”


She always acts like it’s not a big deal, just sitting in my bathroom when I’m naked and only being covered by a thin bit of material, but it’s a little bit weird. I’m fine with it if we’ve just had sex, but if it’s just hanging out… It’s just awkward. “That’s kinda weird, Y/N, not gunna lie.”

“I’ve done it before and you didn’t find it weird.”

“That was different, you were in the shower with me last time.”

And that was after a long, very sweaty… workout.

“Well, I can get in there with you now if that’ll make you feel less uncomfortable.” She teases, and I can’t help but to feel a little something almost everywhere in my body.

If she’s going to be playful and tease me, I can do the same. Nothing’s stopping me. “If you do that, then I won’t be able to keep anything down.” I can just imagine how her cheeks are burning red at the fond memory of just a few weeks ago.  

Ah, what a good night that was.

“At least buy me dinner first.”

I raise an eyebrow. “Wine, dine and sixty-nine?”

“Better than Netflix and Chill.”

This is why I get along with her so well. We could have just hooked up and after, we would be laying in my bed with pizza and a spliff, watching random movies and episodes of That 70’s Show on Netflix and joking around about each others techniques.  

Y/N is literally the perfect woman for me.

I run a soapy hand through my hair and rub the shampoo into the strands. “So uh, I saw you earlier today.”

“Oh really? Where? You didn’t come and say hi.”

“At Starbucks.”

With that damn ass guy who couldn’t keep his eyes off of you.

I can just vision her nodding her head slowly and playing with her chipped nail varnish. “I thought I saw John, but my friend arrived before I could get a decent look over at him.”

“Friend?” He looked like he was interested in being more than just a friend. “Who is that guy?” My ego is intrigued to know. It needs to know that I’m the bigger man in her life and that nobody is going to overtake my place.

“Just some guy I met in college a few weeks ago, real funny guy, really sweet.”

I’m real funny and I’m really sweet.  

I can be so much more than funny and sweet, too. I’m so close to worshiping the damn ground she walks on. I really need to man the fuck up and grow a pair.

“Yeah? You like him?”

She better not like him.


I clench my jaw and shove my face into the stream of hot water. “You looked pretty damn happy with him from what I could see, all I could hear was your laugh so I take it you like him a lot.”

“Are you jealous of him?” Fuck. “You sound pretty jealous.”

I dig my teeth into my bottom lip and continue to wash out the soap in my hair. “Do you like him, Y/N?”

“He’s a friend, Nate. A friend. Just like how I’m friends with Sammy and Swift.”

“So, I’m not your friend now?”

“Well, yeah, you are my friend, Nathan, but you’re more than just my friend and you know that.”

I do know that but I want to know what we are exactly. We’re not just friends and we’re definitely not a couple but we act like a couple. We fight like an old married couple, we cosy up to each other when we’re watching movies like teenagers in love and we fuck like rabbits.

That’s the honest truth.

“What am I to you then?”

I hear her sigh, “You’re my boy, you know? Like, you’re my best friend and I trust you with my life, and you’re also my part time lover, like you said earlier, I guess. There isn’t really an in between with us. We aren’t friends but we aren’t friends with benefits. So, you’re my boy.”

“And you’re my girl.”

“My mum asked me if we were dating.”

“Can you pass my towel?” I say as I turn the shower off and stick my hand out of the shower curtain. Y/N silently passes it to me, I wrap it around my lower body quickly and step out from behind the curtain. “What did you tell your mom?”

“I said that we aren’t but sometimes it feels like we are.” I pull back the shower curtain and step onto the towel on the floor.  "She thinks that you’re my future baby daddy.“

"I am your future baby daddy.” I wink jokingly and walk to my bedroom with Y/N trailing behind me. “Mike said that he thought we were dating when he first met you.”

“Everyone thinks that.”

“It’s because we make a bomb ass couple.”

“My mum said that she would have beauty queen quality grandchildren that she could show off to all of the other grandma’s in her knitting group and make them jealous because their grandchildren won’t be as gorgeous as hers.”

“Maybe we could give her one of those in 9 months?” I joke and throw myself onto my bed. Y/N sits down next to me on the other side – her side of the bed. “But yeah, I was kinda jealous of that guy in Starbucks with you.”

“Why, babe? There is nothing to be jealous of.”

“I just want you to myself, I don’t want to be sharing you with other guys.”

“You have never been sharing me and you never will be sharing me.”

“Do you promise?”

“I promise.” I wrap my arms around her waist and pull her over to me. She sits herself on my lap, straddling me and resting her hands on my chest. “Do you promise to keep yourself always from other girls and just for me?”

“I promise.” She grins and places a sloppy kiss on my cheek.  

“My cheek? Really?” I give her a look which causes her cheeks to heat up and flush a delicate pink colour. “Give me a proper kiss, c'mon babe.” She flashes me an adorable smile and leans down, connecting our lips in a passionate exchange.

This is the start of something beautiful.

Fic: Blame It on the Gin

@shipperqueen93 prompted: “Rumbelle: wake up in bed together after a long night of drinking. They have no idea who the other person is.”

I know this scenario has been done before so I’ve put a slightly different spin on it.

Rated: T


Blame It on the Gin

When Belle woke, she was aware of two things, and these two things blocked out any other kind of coherent thought from her head.

Firstly, her head felt like it was going to explode.

Secondly, her bladder felt like it was going to explode.

Stumbling out of bed and making her way in the direction of the bathroom, Belle became vaguely aware of a third thing, which was that she was fully dressed apart from conspicuously absent panties and tights, which she came across on the floor beside the bed. Not bothering to pick them up, she attended to far more pressing matters, still wondering why she would remove her underwear and not any of the rest of her clothing before collapsing into bed.

It had been an interesting day. Weddings always had a tendency to be interesting events for Belle, especially when they weren’t weddings in which she had to play an important part. Belle had been a bridesmaid so many times that she was beginning to think that perhaps the old adage of ‘always the bridesmaid and never the bride’ actually rang true, and she had bitterly given up all hope of her ever finding someone to actually walk down the aisle with herself.

Still, at this particular wedding, she had not been a bridesmaid, so she had been free to indulge in as much of the open bar as she liked. In fact, she had not even been technically invited to this wedding. She had been dragged along by Ariel as a plus one, because Ariel, having recently come out of a relationship, couldn’t bear the thought of turning up to her Aunt Ursula’s wedding without some kind of moral support to get her through all the questions from nosy relatives. As it had turned out, after Ursula and Ella had gone off to enjoy wedded bliss in private, Ariel had spent the majority of the evening party with her face firmly attached to one of Ella’s godsons. (Belle thought his name was Eric but she couldn’t be sure. All she knew was that he was wearing a navy uniform, and Ariel was a sucker for a man in uniform.) Thus, Belle was left to muddle through the rest of the evening alone.

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(finally the last of the fill-in-the-gaps for the “peace beneath the city” series so far. this one comes just after “favours”, but isn’t as closely tied as “grief” and “debt” are, so you don’t necessarily have to re-read it. enjoy!)


“I’m worried about Will.”

Honeydew looks up from the ham he’s carefully carving the skin off in preparation for roasting, knife held in mid-air and a frown on his face. “What d’you mean?” he asks, thoughtfully, finally pausing in his task to glance over at Xephos where he’s kneading bread dough on the table just a tad more aggressively than necessary. “He’s a good kid. Polite enough. Seems to be settling in well and getting on with Lalna.”

“He’s been… off, though, hasn’t he?” says Xephos, rubbing floured hands on his apron absently before lifting the lump of bread dough out of the bowl to properly knead it against the counter. “Distracted, tired, out-of it – he’s got those big circles under his eyes, he’s not been finishing his food… I mean… it’s not just me fretting, is it? There’s definitely something off.

Honeydew chuckles. “I think anyone’d struggle to finish your meals, given the size of them,” he jokes, and then winces at the look Xephos throws him, some of the humour draining out of him. “I know, I know,” he says, heavily, setting the knife down lest he cut himself whilst not paying attention. “I’ve noticed it too. Like he’s ill, almost.”

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