I was ringing up a white couples burrito bowls the other day at Chipotle. Their total was $17.38.

I looked at the guy, and asked, “Is this your trap queen?” with a straight face.

 He looked confused as hell, They then looked at the total.
They started dying for like 3 - 4 minutes possibly while everybody in line looked confused as fuck.

Good times.

OTP meeting for the first time.

Person A is carrying two arm-fulls of chipotle to their car. They unlock it and hear the beep and start pulling on the handle but it won’t open. They let out a groan of annoyance and keep pulling on the handle until they hear a voice behind them. “Are you confused or do you just really wanna come home with me?” They turn around to see Person B standing there with a little smirk on their face and Person A just turns bright red before realizing that the reason it won’t unlock is because it isn’t their car. Theirs is next to it, though they are both the same color. Person B helps Person A get their stuff in the car and walks away. When Person A gets home, they find a slip of paper in one of the bags with Person B’s name and number on it. Person A spends the rest of their night trying to figure out how Person B managed to do that.