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here’s some pictures from last night and today! i stayed up late last night for homework and i’m doing the same again tonight! i have an art history exam tomorrow and i’m not ready at all, but i’m not stressing! i’m just gonna read the book, my notes, and my flashcards and take it as it comes! also today i went to chipotle with my boy! but newsflash the queso isn’t good :(


Bay leaves in food.

I hate that post that brands people as stupid for not knowing that the bay leaf they found in their Chipotle was ‘supposed’ to be there.

No. It is not actually supposed to be there. I a trained chef with multiple high level culinary qualifications know that they should always be removed from cooking prior to it being eaten. They are used to flavour things like soup, then the leaf is removed. They taste and feel unplesant. Though not poisonous they are kinda sharp and they can and have been liable to cause esophageal discomfort and/or injury. People can choke on them or they could slash your throat!

Also besides from the point that it really shouldn’t be there at all, it does look like a tree leaf well… it is and would you munch on tree leaves??? yes I know of it’s uses but don’t shame someone for not knowing. Most people don’t use these everyday, it isn’t and doesn’t need to be common knowledge to know what a bay leaf is.

Yoghurt based pizza dough (aka the easiest gf pizza base ever!) with Mexican inspired toppings - an easy lime and chipotle flavoured pizza sauce (tomato purée, lime juice, chipotle paste, garlic powder, oregano, black pepper, olive oil and water) and pickled jalapeños, onions, bell peppers, avocados, extra mature cheddar, mozzarella and fresh coriander. ♥ (recipe in source)

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do u ever think maybe the entire series of teen wolf was actually just a really bad fever dream greenberg had after chipotle food poisoning

i think it’s probably an elaborate make believe game they all played. they’re actually eight and all live on the same cul-de-sac. occasionally they get bored and play lacrosse instead but the game gets really compelling.

laura is thirteen and she invented the game to keep scott and stiles from throwing eggs at each other. she played for the first day and then announced she was dead and let scott take over.

derek is NINE AND A HALF and kept getting annoyed with all the LITTLE KIDS and storming off (“i MOVE AWAY and get KIDNAPPED and DIE”) but he always came back the next day.

erica and boyd left partway through because they are stepsiblings and they had to spend the summer with their respective separated parents. isaac got mad at his dad for taking away his xbox and killed him off in game. his dad has no idea that he was murdered.

jackson got mad because everybody made him kiss lydia and he stopped playing.

malia moved in to allie’s old house when she moved away. she was like, REALLY GOOD at pretending. she literally just went “hi i’m malia” and scott was like “you’re a coyote” and she was like “ok”

danny’s mom signed him up for a cooking class and he stopped showing up as much. he made new friends and didn’t seem upset about it.

heather and danielle came over for cora’s birthday sleepover and played once but stiles had an instant crush on heather and made it weird.

kira is the new girl and everybody has a crush on her. they made up an ENTIRE STORY JUST FOR HER even though stiles kept ruining it by being possessed or something.

then he broke his arm falling out of a tree and he cried and everybody felt bad for him, so he was allowed to be in a crazy hospital for a while. he and lydia got really close while he was in the crazy hospital. she pretended to hear ghosts that talked about him being possessed.

mason and liam are the kids scott’s neighbor is babysitting and they’re only SIX but scott’s mom told them they HAD to let them play too.

at the end of summer scott told them they had to come up with a cool way to end it for good until next summer and stiles immediately went I GO TO THE FBI and everybody was like that makes no sense stiles this is a MONSTERS game. he still played the monsters game he just kept reminding everybody he was also an fbi guy. look he’s just really annoying, they have no idea why scott likes him. derek kissed him behind his mom’s geraniums.

jackson came back right at the end and RUINED THE WHOLE ENDING but scott had learned a lot about saying “yes, and” and let him stay. stiles still didn’t let him sign his cast.

scott and malia were boyfriendandgirlfriend in fifth grade but a kid transferred to their school after winter break and they amicably parted ways so malia could woo the new kid. lydia is in scott’s reading group in Reading Corner. we will see what happens next summer. (we won’t. the show is over.)

final grades:
laura: A+++, she quit but she’s THIRTEEN she’s SO COOL
scott: A+, got really good at making up new stories
stiles: D+, derailed every new story but was really sweet when he was sad
lydia: B, it took her a while to warm up to the game
jackson: F. shut up!
allie: B-, didn’t tell anybody she was moving until the trucks were there and wasn’t super upset about it. but she was really good at darts
derek: B+, was super grouchy until july
danny, erica, boyd, and isaac: incomplete
malia: A-, played along really well but was kind of weird
kira: B+, smelled good and her dad bought everybody pizza once but she started taking ballet in july and quit showing up
mason and liam: D-, lots of tantrums and mason kept pointing out that werewolves aren’t real also the tooth fairy
cora, heather, and danielle: incomplete
dr. deaton: C-, kept forgetting he was playing but he did introduce flour as the magic stop-you dust and have dogs
laura again: A+++, she wears COOL SOCKS and has a SCOOTER