This guy here is Mr. Poi-poi Maldito (not his real name ~ LOL). He was a good student for a day; wore his complete uniform with matching uni ID. Smiling and confident, he passed his thesis defense that day. Not a surprise though since he really did his best so he deserved it :)

We had dinner after weeks, err days, of not meeting each other due to the busy schedule we have. It was a great night even though we met for just an hour or two since he had to go home early for the badly needed rest after all the school related stress. BUT, the stress doesn’t end there yet. Still, congratulations Poi ♥

Northern Paradise - day1

Northern Paradise: Bantayan Island

May 25, 2012 - Friday

It was 7 am when I arrived at the Cebu North Bus Terminal and Poi’s family arrived ahead of me >.< Nevertheless I wasn’t late, the bus took off after 30minutes. 

Air-conditioned bus fare costs 150.00php and 120.00php for students with valid student IDs.

Since the road was under construction, it took us roughly about three and a half hours till we reach this lovely place.

  • Hagnaya Wharf, off to Bantayan Island.

After an hour of barge-ride, say hello to the paradise island of Bantayan. I was in awe as I walked down the port because of the crystal clear waters and fine white sand beaches. I’ve been to heaps of white-sand-beaches before but by the time we arrived it was just perfect since the weather cooperated too ;)

Since it was already an hour past 12nn when we arrived at the rest house, instant goodies were our lunch. Yes, lunch! Noodles and sliced bread.

Chill for a bit. Aaand…

…off to the beach! That’s just the first day ;)

Oh and here’s our dinner! Thanks chef Poi :))

You’re blessed if a guy loves you for who you are. He understands that you’re not perfect and couldn’t ask for more but you. He understands your lazy attitude,crazy mood swings and sensitive side. 

Thank you to poi :)


Conquered my laziness in waking up at 4:30 am to attend the first mass, YES! But went back to sleep after. Still too early!

Anyhow, Sunday is a family day and it was well spent at Poi’s place with his family. Lunch was delicious, thanks to Poi and also his mom for the baked mac. Aaand movie as usual and baked some pancakes for snacks afterwards.

Went to the mall, stroll around and saw our IT buddies, had a little chit-chat, it rained hard, went home around 9:30. 

Ooops! Before that, I finally bought the third of the Secret series by Pseudonymous Bosch. Yay! But I haven’t started reading it yet. Soon ;)

I’m tooo lazy to even write something worth reading But this will do. :))