The Babbling Idiot

Set in an AU where unicorn baby lived and Derek is alive

Owen had seen her in halls of the hospital everyday, Derek’s sister. She was effortlessly beautiful, breath taking even. He had helped Derek move her into his house, crossed paths with her many times on their way to work, met her son who he found extremely adorable, but talking to her at work was the hardest thing he ever had to do. Every time he approached her he became a nervous adolescent talking to a girl for the first time. His palms would clam up, he would stutter like no other, his breathing was unsteady, she had this way of making him squirm by just looking at him. He watched her from down the hall as she scrolled on the tablet, deeply focused on whatever she was reading.

“Staring at my baby sister?” Derek said as he walked up behind Owen.

“What? Me? No, I was just looking down the hall.” Owen stuttered, quickly removing his gaze from Amelia.

“Calm down Hunt, it was a joke.” Derek grabbed his patients chart and headed toward the hospital room.

Owen worked up enough courage and began to walk toward Amelia. With each step he took he could feel his stomach turning. He was finally face to face with her, no turning back now, he had to say something. “Amelia.”

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The Nacho Fic

               Dan’s life as a nacho wasn’t complete. He was dry and alone, no one wanted him because he had no salsa. He felt like there was a void in his crunchy, spicy shell that only a beautiful salsa could fill. He was always left on the plate, alone. No salsa wanted him, his crunchy fringe made him almost unacceptable to the chipmunity.

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