Pahari women activists discuss deforestation, gherao district government officials, and demand “food not liquor” in Junagadh, Himachal Pradesh.

“This forest is our mother’s home
We will protect it with all our might!”

Photos from the Chipko movement which was started and led by Garhwali women in Uttarakhand against deforestation and the usurping of land in their villages by the government and corporations. An extremely important event for discussing ecofeminism in India, the Chipko movement resulted in demonstrations where village women would protest by clinging (hence, chipko) onto trees that were about to be razed to the ground. Traditionally, the forest is integral for the livelihood of poor, rural pahari women who collect “food, fodder, and water” there while doing back-breaking labor. Losing their rights to the forest or the jungle would have devastating effects on their lives. Scanned from The History of Doing by Radha Kumar.

These women are the initiators of the Chipko Movement that started in the 1970s, when a group of peasant women in the Himalayan hills of northern India threw their arms around trees designated to be cut down.

Within a few years, this tactic, also known as tree satyagraha, had spread across India, ultimately forcing reforms in forestry and a moratorium on tree felling in Himalayan regions.

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13 Days of Halloween:   October 27th: Supernatural Creatures/Monsters AU

Hey so remember that time I talked about writing a fic where Dex is a werewolf?? Yeah I did it! ( @houston-i-have-problems, @audiaphilios, @protectormode, @dizzy-redhead, @sweet-chipko, @rhysiana)

Summary:  Over his first few weeks at Samwell, Dex becomes sure of three things. 1) Eric Bittle is not entirely human, 2) Larissa Duan is most certainly a Druid, and 3) Derek Fucking Nurse is the most annoying person he’s ever met in his life.

(please read the tags on AO3, there is some violence and bloodiness that generally comes with werewolves?? I basically followed teen wolf mythology so yeah…)

Every time William Poindexter leaves Mount Desert Island, he’s taking a risk. He knows this, it’s something that’s been drilled into his head since he was small, but he still makes the 5 hour drive down to Marblehead, Massachusetts every summer to work on his Uncle Charlie’s lobster boat. Charlie isn’t like Dex and the rest of their family up in Maine, but he knows enough that Dex’s mother felt comfortable enough letting him go. But going to college in Massachusetts? That was an uphill battle.

He’s heard the whispers, okay, it’s almost impossible not to, with the enhanced hearing and all. They think he’s trying to rebel against his alpha; they think he’s trying to prove he’s more than just the pup that grew up in his eldest sister shadow. But he’s not, he’s really, really not. He knows the rules, and he knows what he’s supposed to do, but trying to make a living driving a log truck like his dad or barely breaking even in the Hardware/Repair shop like his other uncles doesn’t seem all that appealing. But as he well enough knows, being away from the pack comes with its own risks, regardless of distance.

Dex was born a werewolf, into a well-established pack that coexists peacefully with the human population of Tremont, ME. It’s a prime location, with a small year round population and an influx of tourists in the summer and fall. Tourists reporting the occasional sighting of glowing eyes, or strange tracks in the woods aren’t all that harmful, and the locals have long since learned to turn a blind eye to the strangeness that seems to hover around the outskirts of their town. The Poindexter’s have lived on Mount Desert Island for years, but the Cote’s have been there longer, tracing their bloodlines back to trappers that used to come to the island long before the English settlers got their hands on it. They weren’t werewolves then, that didn’t happen until the Civil War, but the Cote Pack is still considered American Werewolf Royalty…. Without the money. But Dex’s mom doesn’t need money to be an alpha, and she certainly doesn’t need it to be beloved by their pack. It was a shock when she inherited the rank at the young age of 24, newly married with a baby on the way. Her father had died suddenly while on a trip to the north woods, ambushed by a Hunter with a wolfsbane bullet. The pack was more than a little surprised that Colleen received the powers instead of her brother Tim, but the siblings themselves were more than happy with the arrangement. While the pack mourned their loss, Colleen tried to hide her fears regarding her own competency – and the fact that she was in the early stages of pregnancy when the change happened. But Dex’s elder sister Katherine was born perfectly healthy, and over the next twenty years, the Cote Pack continued to grow and thrive.

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