Chipkos x David Palmer = $18,000 Flip Flops

Now before you you get your panties in a knot:
“Each pair sold will also get you 100,000 square feet of Costa Rican rainforest, an introduction to Palmer, a night at the LEED-certified Montage Hotel in Beverly Hills, and they’re even throwing in a complimentary piece of Palmer’s reclaimed wood and glass artwork.”

World’s most expensive flip flops. A product of the eco-friendly footwear company Chipkos and L.A. artist David Palmer.
And they cost $18,000.


Are you wondering WHY they cost that much?
Maybe they’re made with the skin of virgins.
Maybe they’re solid gold.
Maybe they come equipped with an attractive man to put them on your feet every morning?

They actually cost $18,000 BECAUSE they guarantee the protection of 100,000 square feet of endangered rainforest land in Costa Rica.

So, essentially, for $18,00 you’re buying flip flops AND prime real estate in Costa Rica.  Except you don’t actually get the land you’re buying.
SO…… worth it????



… or is it…?

Just think of all the… lizards… (or whatever animals live in Costa Rica) that will get to enjoy 100,000 square feet of rainforest because of you. And everytime you put on your flip flops you’ll think, “These cost $18,000. Those ‘effing monkeys or whatever had better be loving their 100,000 square feet. $18,000!?!?!?”

So FREAKIN’ eco-friendly/expensive.


Summer may be on it’s way out, but David Palmer and the flip flop brand Chipkos have found a way to get our attention with a pair of beach wear anyway…

These babies cost $18,000! But it’s for a good cause, find out more here

If you’ve got $18,000 laying around and want to take a break from your $1,695 Louboutins and in addition want to be ecofriendly, this is your chance. The pair of flip flops you see above have been hand-painted by Los Angeles artist David Palmer for Chipkos and are now for sale for a low price of $18,000. With this amount of money you could easily buy a lifetime supply of Havaianas but with the purchase of the world’s most expensive flip flop, you will be protecting 100,000 square feet of rain forest land. Fair deal, right? Plus common, if you are going to leave your sky high stilettos at home, at least do it in the most posh & charitable way possible.

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