alittlemorenaturally- Heh…makes sense since we appear to have convos on here despite the fact that we aren’t using our chat for anything…

chipiigirl- Wow. Didn’t realise I reblogged you that much, but then again, you post so much funny things between you and Rawkie that I guess it was inevitable

losthitsu- Main source for my translated things and a must follow for FrUK fans imo. Or if you want the blog stuff translated quickly.

suddenlyapples- Another must FrUK follow ^^

the-puppy-badger- Must-Disney follow. And an awesome Loki. Who should stop scaring my Tony with windows.

videv- A brilliant artist and posts lovely PruCan and FrUK and FACE and general loveliness

professahwang- Another person who posts a lot of the random funny ^^

pyromaniacqueen- Doujins. So many lovely doujins…

emoslastkiss- Sherlock and Doctor Who and British things to make my heart happy ^^