I want to emphasize that it was not my idea to make an “ugh” wall sign, some tumblr genius came up with it years ago and I’m sorry I can’t find the post now to give them credit

all you do is buy one of those wood cutout word plaques that says “laugh,” knock off the first two letters, and decorate as desired (it’s hard to tell from this picture but that light-colored mottling is iridescent glitter)

it’s a very simple art project that expresses a lot of feelings and the only real time investment was waiting for the paint to dry, I highly recommend it especially if you’re having a creative block and you just need to do something


I went to goodwill today and restrained myself from making some very foolish purchases. So instead, I just took pictures of them, but let me walk you through how good they are! 

First we have a GOOD BOOK called “wearable art for real people” and it was a clothing construction book about these insane and beautiful quilted shapless slacks and vests. The clothes were very good, and the people were very excited. 

Then we found a beautiful family (modeled by @towerofglass). They could have been my family, but I said goodbye to them and let them go. 

Then there was this just really good moon and star lamp that I’m sure glowed up really soft and pretty. 

AND THERE WAS FUCKING CROSSFIRE JFC. It was missing everything, it was just a box and the battle arena but omg the box is good enough to frame. Except it was $10, and that’s kind of a lot. But it was so hard to walk away from it. I only have a little regret not buying this because it can go for a lot on ebay, but it was absolutely not a complete game and the box was all shot up and it was $10 to start with and I am not going to beat myself up over it because crossfire only goes for $80 when it’s complete and in a good box and has the targets and stuff. Also I would have literally just not ever gotten around to selling it, nor would I want to if I had it. 

Then there was just this really good bear eating hot dog box. It was one of those great paper and chipboard boxes that we used to use when I was a kid in the early 90s. This one was filled with idk some sort of offbrand lego situation, but I was amazed that it wasn’t completely trashed and colored on, as all of mine were. I must have had dozens of these boxes. 

Finally there was just this real hip looking learn french record set. It wasn’t kitsch and trash like the other stuff, it was just real cool and retro looking. 

I really wanted to take all this beautiful trash home with me so I could stare at it for a long period of time and forget about it. But I didn’t and honestly I sort of feel like someone should say “Good job, I’m proud of you for not buying trash”. 

Sans Titre, laminated chipboard and wax, 55 × 100 cm, 2016
in “La Pente des choses”
Vanessa Dziuba & Jean-Philippe Bretin
Le Pays Où Le Ciel Est Toujours Bleu, Orléans, January 2017

izagar  asked:

Kinda searched the packaging tag, but where's the best place to get cardboard backing for an art print to ship it? I wanna sell small 5x7 in prints and don't want the package to bend. And I don't know where to get good pre-cut cardboard? Or do I cut my own and with what tool? Sorry for all the questions and God bless you for answering our questions. :)

Kiriska: Rigid mailers might be easier to find in general and in more size options, but you can also buy chipboard for extra protection. Here’s some on Amazon in 5x7

If you do have cardboard you want to cut yourself, you can use a box cutter, X-acto knife, or similar. I recommend using a metal T-square to help you cut long straight lines.