I need a hug...(Hetalia style)

Oh, you need a hug? Well, how about we replenish that hug with…HETALIA STYLE HUGGIES~!

SuFin(and Sea)

Peter got out of the bus and saw his parents out of all the others who were in the way.

“Guys, I missed you!” Peter said, running to them and hugged Tino first, which Berwald hugged them into a group hug.

Peter missed them imensly, but was glad his trip went well. But most of all, he loved his parents being there for him.


Berwald saw Tino going over to the breakfast diner and went inside, but Berwald bizarrely got up, moved over to Tino and hugged him.

“Uh, what are you-”

“I love you, my love,”

“I-I love you, too, but why are you wet?”

“I was waiting outside for you then got wet.”


“I’m so glad you’re spending the day with me,” Lili said, “but are you sure you want to skip the day?”

“I’m sure. Here, come closer. It’s getting cold.”

Lili scooted over to her brother and hugged him tightly. Vash smiled in content as she snuggled to him.


Antonio had his arms open and reached over to Lovino.

“Bastard, what are you doing?”

“Hugging you. Do you like it?”

“No.” He lied, he secretly liked it.


Mathias went over to Berwald but the Swedish man quickly sat down.

“Why do you not wanna hug?”

“My body is for Tino only.”

“That sounds wrong…”


“Hello again, Mr. Berwald. Oh Peter, your father is back!” Tino called over behind and right then a young boy rushed over to hug his father. “He’s such a sweetheart.” Tino said, smiling.

“Dad, dad, I really like Mr. Tino!” Peter cheered. “Can he be our friend?”

Tino and Berwald blushed and glanced up to each other. Then, the two snuck a quick smile. Berwald hugged his son, thinking over the decision. Which was obviously a yes.


Peter out of nowhere hugged Raivis.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m hugging my best friend!”

Raivis at first was shocked, but his lips made a smile at the end.



“Ah! No, but we can hug.” Taiwan stated, not ready to take crap from him.

“Okay, whateve.” He ran and hugged her.




RoBela (1)




Matthew stared, he couldn’t believe his eyes. “Gilbert…?”

“Hey. How’s it goin’?”

Matthew ran and hugged him. How could he hide those tears that poured down?

“I-I thought you were-!”

“I…I am.”

He looked at him. How? “No…”

“Hey, at least I’ll be by your side now.”

“But I want you here so I can-”

“Kiss me? Then let’s do it now, before I lose my powers…”

They then gave out of placed kisses all over. Neither cared how sloppy or messed up it was, they couldn’t help but love each other to the fullest.


RoBela (2)




“OMG, OMG,OMG!” Poland leaped over and hugged Lithuania.

“Yay, I missed you, too.”

“Like, I totally love you!”

“I love you, too.”


“Come. Hug me.”

Iceland didn’t want to do it, but he had no choice.

“Fine.” Iceland took a step closer to Norway and he hugged him.

“I love you, Emil.”

“…I do, too.”

{He doesn’t like it when he hugs him. He gets a creepy vibe.}


Romano gave Ludwig a sudden hug. This surprised him in a strange but foreign way.

“This is one time, bastard.”



“I have to go now,”

Kiku looked down, not wanting Hercules to see him cry.

“…would you like a hug before I leave?”

Kiku right then attacked him with a hug. He didn’t want him to leave. Why couldn’t he stay?


“Oh, this is our song!” Francis took Arthur, despite the Brit’s pestering annoyance, by the waist and pulled him into a waltz.

Arthur had the automatic sense of pulling away… But instead, he moved his arms up to reach Francis and hugged his body whilst they danced in their bedroom.


“LET ME HUG YOU!” Estonia cried. “Let me hug you this one last time~!”

“I’m just going to Sealand’s place,”




“I don’t trust you anymore…” Matthew said, eyes filled with sadness.

“What happened before wasn’t anything-!”

“Then prove it to me! Prove it to me that you still love me after all we’ve

been through!”

Francis proved it. He grabbed Matthew whole and Matthew felt his body heat and the beating of his heart in sync with his.

“I will never let go…”

“Well, you have to, because we’re in the middle of school. And everyone’s staring.”

“Let them stare. I love you.”

… “I love you too, Francis.”


“Let me hug you!”





Denmark charged in and hugged him, Norway was at a disadvantage point and had to pretend he enjoyed in… But deep down he loved it.


“You look nice,” Netherlands said curtly.

Belgium felt her eyes tearing up. “You really came?”

“Now why would I miss my sister’s graduation?”


“Oh, hello, kitty!”

Norway looked up at him. “I’m a cat, hug me.”


Right then, Norway lifted himself up and hugged him.

“This is…strange.”


“Hey, sorry I never came at all but I brought chocolate,” Luxembourg said, holding up the bag.

“YOU THINK THAT’S GONNA LET ME FORGIVE YOU?” Belgium teared up but hugged him. “Screw it, chocolate!”


“Yao, can I speak with-”

Yao out of nowhere embraced him in happiness.

“I missed you so much! Please don’t leave me!”

“I just went out to talk with Alfred, what’s wrong with-”


Yao can get so needy at time…


“Big brother didn’t marry you?” Ukraine asked.

“No…I’ll get him next time!” Belarus declared eagerly.

“You want a hug…?”


“…because I would like one…” Ukraine finished in a sad tone.

And then they hugged, embracing their sadness as sisters.



“What in the world are you doing?”

“Hugging from behind, you like?”

“I disapprove. Get off me or I will spoon you-”


“With oatmeal…”

“EW~! I’m still hugging you , though!”

Roderich smirked. He knew he’d say that.


“What’s wrong?” Roderich asked, sounding worried.

“Um…can we dance?” Elizabeta asked innocently as the music played from the background.

Then those two danced and enjoyed it while being embraced in a loving fashion~!


“Damn it, Alfred, where were you?” Arthur cried, running to embrace his lover.

Yeah…Pottertalia during Voldey’s war, they just gotta have that hug!!

Hetalia Couples- Holding Hands

WySea- so cute~!

TaiChi- Taiwan accepts his hand~!

SwitLiech- A stroll on the beach with Big Brother

USUK- Britain wanted him to ‘unexpectedly’ hold his hand

SuFin- Sweden wants Finland to stay, and he’s scared he’ll let go of his hand. But Finland will never let go.

AusSwit- Both childhood friends, always by each other’s side despite their differences from their adulthood.

PruCan- Entertwining their fingers means they will stay together no matter what.

RoChu- Russia feels so alone, wanting a hand to hold. And China, secretly, was the hand who held his first.

PolLiet- Poland will only hold Lithuania’s hand cause he’s, like, the brave one. And Lithuania gladly holds on.

NetherBelg- Doing gardening to plant tulips–a great sibling moment when they touch their hands.

FrUK- France wants to be more than just friends, and he’ll do this to Britain, his special amour.

GerIta- Germany wanted to make the first move, but Italy beat him on it first.

GiriPan- Duing Greece’s sleep, Japan will hold his hand. And Greece knows this secretly.

IceHon- He felt prepared to hold Hong Kong’s hand, and Iceland felt shy when he held onto him.

UKPan- Best friends, though different, are actually the same. And they are there for each other.

AusHun- Hungary felt the urge to touch his hand while he played the piano. And Austria felt joy of her touch.