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Within the codes of Super Mario Bros. for the Nintendo Entertainment System and Famicom, you can find the original “Starman” theme.

Here’s the cool thing: because of the NES and Famicom’s limited sound chip data, they were unable to utilize the full song. Not only that, but the pitch of the version we hear used most often today is actually slightly off! Again, a fault of the sound chip’s limitations. Ripping the song STRAIGHT from a ROM of the game, here’s the FULL STARMAN SONG!


Leagues and Legends

BEANSTALK by E. Jade Lomax. A review.

I found this author’s Harry Potter fan fiction on An Archive of Our Own, and it was excellent. Turns out she’s written books as well!

This story follows Jack of the Tales. It’s mainly his story, but it’s Grey’s story, too, and Laney’s, and Rupert’s. I was floored by how much the story told without telling, exactly. I was almost immediately invested in the characters, and the excellent world building and carefully crafted plot kept me riveted.

If you like stories about students learning magic, if you like stories about fighting monsters, if you like stories about mysterious pasts, hidden powers, shady characters, golden characters, fish and chips, rips in the space/time continuum, this is for you.

(Note: I think it was self-pubbed, but this is the best self-published book I’ve ever read. Better than some official books, even. Don’t discount it!)

Thanks, @ink-splotch

Resurrection 1/2

Dorito chip stained fingertips
Rip my flesh/
Until I strip my brain
From anything other than excellence/
Before I make a mess
And give the universe a dent/

I’m toppling on the fence of life and death
Like “what is rest?”/
Found one of my marbles
Now where is the rest?
Swallowed the truth
Now I’ll die or digest/

Burped out my youth
But refuse to di-et/

Grip on my chest as if I was a pirate/
Sweating a storm
Like “who turned up the climate?”/
I’m warping through time now
My frequency climbing/
~Don’t know what to DO I should hit that dude Simon/

Fiddle with power ‘til violins cry and you’ll get a reply/
From the other side
“success and comfort till after you die”?
Sounds like a good choice until they shorten out your life/
So I found the eternal timeline and tied it/ (infinity symbol)
Fibonacci spirals dance behind my eyelids
Overdose on knowledge
Esoteric conscious/
~The magical conch says there is no contest/
Have you checked out my content?
It’s all malicious concepts and a whole shitload of nonsense/
That’ll make you question logic and your thoughts’ll fail to process/
Probably end up in a coffin
Man there’s just no way to stop me
I’m the rap Salvador Dali/