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Would you write about the RFA reacting to MC previously being in an abusive relationship, but she never tells them and then some how they find out?

I love this angsty-ish request, I’m a sucker for writing the RFA and friends as super protective over their lover! I appreciate your patience with me so to make up for it, I tried to make these a bit longer! Thank you for the request and I hope that you enjoy!! ^^


  • You and Yoosung were at the grocery store for your weekly visit
  • Yoosung could be a picky eater so he would sometimes stray away from you to look at different aisles that interested him
  • Today wasn’t a good day to do so because when Yoosung was walking back to find where you were with his bags of chips in hand, he froze when he saw who you were with
  • A tall man was firmly grabbing your wrist and harshly whispered rotten things into your ear, saying that if you screamed for help he’d kill you
  • Yoosung felt his blood boil as he threw the chips to the ground and ripped the man away from you, staring daggers into the man’s eyes as he threatened the man
  • “If you ever lay a hand on my girlfriend again I will destroy you. Leave now or else I’ll make sure you never walk again you piece of trash.”
  • As Yoosung spat his words, the man fled from the store leaving you shaken but quickly thanking Yoosung
  • After leaving he store, the two of you sat in the car as you explained the man was your ex-boyfriend who abused you verbally and on some days physically
  • Yoosung’s possessiveness started to seep through as he considered going out to murder the man but you laid a gently hand on top of his, telling him it wasn’t worth it
  • After that day Yoosung took you and himself to self-defense classes in case your ex-boyfriend ever tried anything again and the two of you would now be more prepared
  • Every night you would fall asleep with Yoosung’s warm arms around you as he would assure you that harm would never come to you again


  • Zen was excited as he held your hand, leading you to the entrance of a party celebrating another successful musical production
  • You seemed a little nervous but Zen lovingly kissed your cheek, reminding you that he wouldn’t leave your side that night
  • When the two of you got inside, it was a dimly lighted area, similar to a club, making you grasp onto Zen’s hand tighter
  • Zen gave your hand a reassuring squeeze and you felt yourself start to relax until you heard an all too familiar voice call your name
  • You turned around to see your ex-boyfriend looking a bit drunk making you yelp and hide behind Zen’s tall figure
  • Your ex-boyfriend tried to coax you with filthy lies about wanting to get back together with you because he missed you but you could see the hatred in his eyes, making you tremble behind Zen
  • He knew something was wrong so he politely told your ex that you weren’t feeling well and that he had to take you home
  • But your ex wasn’t having it, he roughing grabbed you by the waist and raised his hand ready to strike you until Zen punched the douchebag in the face
  • “Don’t you even dare think about touching my MC again got it? You will never see the light of day again if you even come near her, get lost you disgusting rat.”
  • Zen’s threat made your ex scurry away as you shakily thanked Zen
  • He carefully wrapped his arms around you and led you home, apologizing for everything and asking who your ex was
  • You explained to Zen that your ex-boyfriend wasn’t a very nice person, he would punish and belittle you if you even glance in another man’s direction
  • Zen tried to calm down his building rage but you reminded him that your ex was gone now making Zen feel slightly better
  • That night, you were showered with kisses by Zen and when you fell asleep in his arms, he called some of his old gang friends to deal with your ex as Zen vowed to always protect you from harm


  • Your cheery and bright attitude was something that Jaehee loved about you
  • But it seemed that you were more on edge lately and didn’t want to leave the house
  • Jaehee is typically a calm person but she was becoming flustered since you didn’t want to say what was wrong
  • One day, Jaehee went out to get some supplies and asked you to watch the cafe, which you hesitantly agreed to
  • Jaehee hummed happily to herself as she casually walked back to the cafe but she felt her blood run cold whenever she saw a man cornering you in the cafe through the window
  • She bolted into the cafe and shouted your name, causing both the man and you to look at her
  • The man slung his arm around you and roughly squeezed your shoulder, telling Jaehee that you and him were going to take a walk and chat
  • Jaehee could see the fear in your eyes so without thinking, she grabbed a cup of hot coffee and dumped in on his face
  • “Get the hell out of my cafe you scum bag. Run as fast as you can because I’m calling the police on you now you filthy jerk.”
  • The man cursed at Jaehee’s words and ran out of the cafe, making you sigh in relief
  • Jaehee helped you sit down, giving you a cup of calming tea as you explained that the man was your ex-boyfriend who you broke up with because of his abusive tendencies
  • He found out that you worked at the cafe with Jaehee and wanted to try and get back together with you
  • Seeing you so shaken up made Jaehee regret leaving you alone so she promised that your ex would never bother you again
  • Jaehee made you promise to tell her anytime something was wrong because this woman was never going to let you feel fear like that ever again


  • Jumin would often ask about your past relationships in hopes of learning from them and become a better boyfriend
  • But you would always quickly deny talking about your past relationships, usually quickly changing the subject
  • While Jumin found this strange, he figured he shouldn’t pry and tried his best to be more aware of your feelings
  • Jumin was always adamant about having security guards with you at all times but since it was the holiday season, they were short staffed
  • One night you were walking back to Jumin’s penthouse when you felt someone’s presence behind you, following you
  • You sent Jumin a quick text ‘Send help. Being followed.“ And when you hit send you felt the unknown person roughly spin you around
  • The man turned out to be your ex-boyfriend who shoved you into the entrance of the penthouse
  • Your ex furiously yelled at you for leaving him and grabbed your hair as he spat in your face
  • Just when he was about to drag you away, you saw your ex-boyfriend get knocked unconscious revealing Jumin with a metal baseball bat
  • “That’s what you get for daring to touch my MC. Security will come and take your sorry ass to jail you trash.”
  • You collapsed in Jumin’s arms and he ran his long fingers through your hair in a comforting way
  • Jumin carried you to the bedroom where he took off his work jacket and laid down next to you
  • You shakily explained to Jumin that the man was your ex-boyfriend who you broke up with because he abused you physically, verbally, and worst of all, once sexually
  • Jumin froze at your words but wanted to calm you down before he personally would destroy your ex-boyfriend’s life
  • From that day on, you never heard a peep from your ex again and you had a feeling Jumin did something but you didn’t ask
  • Jumin made more time in his schedule to spend with you because you are the most precious person in his life and no one ever laid a finger on you again


  • When Seven did his background search on you when you first entered the chart room, he knew something was wrong
  • Seeing your medical records made Seven wonder if someone had been abusive in your past since your injuries seemed similar to his and his brother’s injuries from the past
  • But Seven knew how sensitive the topic of abuse could be so he waited until you brought the topic up
  • So when he suggested going out on a date at a local restaurant, you were hesitant but eventually agreed
  • You were nervous the entire time making Seven ask multiple times if you wanted to leave
  • Before you could answer him, a man walked behind you and Seven as he shoved Seven to the ground and grabbed your wrist and started to drag you as you fought against him
  • Seven had no idea who this man was but seeing you in pain made him feel more anger than he felt in a long time
  • Using his agency training skills, Seven took the man down, throwing him to the floor and breaking the man’s knees
  • “Rot in hell you disgusting excuse for a human. I’m going to ruin you, you’ll never hurt my MC ever again.“
  • After getting his information, Seven held you close to him as he walked you both home
  • You apologized for not telling Seven sooner but the man was your ex-boyfriend who use to abuse you anytime you would leave the house without him
  • All of the pieces clicked for Seven as he smothered you with cuddles for the rest of the night, promising that your ex would never hurt you again
  • Seven taught you some self-defense moves in case he wasn’t around which would rarely occur since this boy was at your side to make sure no one would hurt you ever again
Self Conclusion Chapter Four

Jughead felt the cold air against his stomach as he stretched. It took him a moment to realize where he was - once he did, he looked at the empty space beside him.

He yawned, then sat up. Music was coming from downstairs. He scratched the back of his head and looked around for his beanie, swinging his legs off the bed. His beanie was nowhere to be seen. He groaned and padded out of the room, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes.

As he padded quietly down the stairs, he could he the music getting louder and louder.

What the hell was she listening to?

Jughead ran his fingers through his hair as he yawned again, his socked feet making no noise as he spotted Betty in the kitchen.

She was facing away from him, bunny slippers on her feet, blue cotton panties clinging to her, legs bare. Her hair was damp, leaving wet impressions on her white tank top. Jughead’s beanie was  on her head.

She had a bowl under her arm and she was singing into a wooden spoon, batter dripping off the tip. There was coffee pouring slowly into the pot and bacon sizzling on the stove.

Betty swayed her hips along to the music. “-Just like animals…” She broke off to howl, tilting her head up towards the ceiling. “… baby, I’m preying on you tonight, hunt you down, eat you alive…” Betty continued, stirring the batter.

Jughead bit back a laugh, smiling to himself. He couldn’t help but notice her hair had soaked through the material of her tank top - it was obvious there wasn’t anything under her tank top, sending his mind racing.

She set the bowl on the counter and opened the cupboard above her and pulled out a bag of chocolate chips. She ripped open the bag and emptied half of it into the bowl.

The song changed to something Jughead recognized - one of his favorite songs, in fact.

“Bum-bum-bah-da-da,” Betty sang along.

“Start spreadin’ the news,” Jughead sang in a baritone voice. “I’m leavin’ today,” He continued.

Betty practically jumped out of her skin. “Jesus, shit, Jughead!”

He chuckled and waltzed into the room. “Sorry. You’re in a good mood for someone who wants to die.” He wiggled his eyebrows and walked past her, opening cupboard doors, looking for a coffee mug.

“I was going to bring you breakfast in bed,” Betty murmured, a smile playing on her lips. She reached past Jughead and grabbed two coffee mugs, her chest brushing his shoulder.

Jughead’s breath hitched as Betty grazed him. “Here,” She murmured, handing him a coffee mug.

Betty poured herself a mug of coffee, pouring milk and sugar into her cup before passing Jughead the coffee pot.

“You’re up pretty early.”

“I have trouble sleeping.” Betty murmured. “I can always fall asleep just fine, but I wake up a lot. I have bad dreams.”

“I sleep too much,” Jughead yawned. “Sleeping is the best part of my day.”

Betty smiled sadly at him as she poured the pancake batter into the skillet on the stove. She plated the bacon and took a bowl of fruit salad out of the fridge, telling Jughead to have a seat in the other room.

She set a plate with four pancakes in front of him a few minutes later and set her own plate on the table. Frank Sinatra was still playing loudly in the kitchen.

Jughead spooned fruit salad onto his plate with some bacon strips and drizzled syrup onto his pancake stack.

Betty watched him with a smile on her face as he cut into his pancakes with the side of his fork and shoved them in his mouth.

“What?” He said, covering his mouth as he chewed. “It’s really good.”

Betty smiled again. “I’m glad. I love cooking.”

“No one’s ever made me breakfast before,”Jughead murmured once he swallowed.

Betty took a sip of her coffee. “What?”

Jughead shrugged. “I mean, my mom poured cereal in a bowl for me or tossed me a banana when I was a kid, and I’ve ordered pancakes at Pop’s but nobody has ever made me a hot, delicious breakfast like this.” He shoved another bite in his mouth and washed it down with a swig of coffee.

“Oh…” Betty murmured. “Well, I’m glad you like it. Do you want more coffee?”

Jughead nodded. “I can get it though, finish your pancakes.” He pushed his chair back. “You want more? Milk and sugar, right?”

Betty nodded, cutting into her pancake and shoving it into her mouth. She finished as Jughead returned with their coffees.

“I’m going to want my hat back, by the way,” Jughead smirked.

Betty’s cheeks flushed with heat. “Oh my god,” She reached up, plucking the beanie off her head and dragging it down. “I forgot I was wearing it.” She placed it on the table between them. “I’m sorry.”

Jughead shook his head slowly. “It’s okay.” He smiled. “It looked good on you.”

Jughead padded into Betty’s room dressed in his clothes from yesterday. His hair was still wet, so his beanie was tucked under his elbow.

“Do you have a computer I could use?” He mumbled quietly.

Betty looked up from her journal. “Yeah, you can use my laptop.” She jutted her chin toward her desk. “Why, what’s up?”

“I just need to check on something,” Jughead murmured. He opened the laptop on her desk and clicked on the power button. “What’s your password?”

“Caramelkitten1, capital C.”

Jughead nodded, smiling as he typed in the password, then turned back to Betty. She was reading a Jodi Picoult book.

“Is it okay if I put music on? Will that disturb you?”

Betty smiled and shook her head. “No, go ahead.”

Jughead powered up YouTube and turned on a Manchester Orchestra song before he opened his email.

“I love this song,” Betty murmured.

“You do?” Jughead asked, his eyebrows knitting together. “What about that pop crap you were listening to in the kitchen?”

Betty shrugged. “I like everything. I have more songs of theirs in my iTunes library.” She gave him a small half smile.

Jughead nodded. He clicked through his emails before opening the one he was looking for.


What was with that voicemail you left me? I tried to call you back but I guess Dad didn’t pay the bill again.

School’s going OK. I hate my teacher this year but I’m taking the creative writing class like you suggested. I love it.

I wanted to tell you something a while ago, but I never worked up the courage to tell you on the phone. Writing it is easier, so here goes: Billy hit me. I showed Mom the bruise, and she kicked him out right away, but she didn’t want me to tell anyone. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you sooner. I’m OK, but I thought you should know.

Email me soon, Jug, I love you.


Jughead didn’t realize tears were rolling down his face until Betty brushed one off his cheek.

“Are you okay?” She asked sadly. Her thumb brushed his jaw until his eyes focused on her. “Jughead?”

He nodded and bit his lip. “Can I be alone, please?” He murmured.

Betty nodded and stood up, faltering towards her door. “Hey, Jughead? You can talk to me if you need to.” She said quietly.

“Thanks,” He bit out.

She left him in the room as she padded down the hallway and sat on the top step of the staircase.

For a moment, it was silent. She couldn’t hear the typing of keys or music playing or even a creak in the floorboards. Then, suddenly, she heard Jughead scream. It was muffled, like he was screaming into a pillow, but it sent shivers down her spine.

Her eyes pricked, tears pooling.

“Fuck!” She heard Jughead scream from her bedroom.

Betty stood back up and paced back to her bedroom. Jughead was sitting on her bedroom floor, his knees tucked up to his chest. Sobs were wracking his body.

“Jughead?” Betty murmured quietly, placing a hand on his shoulder. “Please talk to me.”

Jughead didn’t say anything, but his sobs seemed to subside. She sat down next to him and rubbed his back.

He looked up at her, his big blue eyes filled with tears. “I was supposed to protect her,” He choked out.


“My little sister,” He murmured. “I-I’m supposed to protect her, and I wasn’t there and I’m a fucking failure just like they said.” A fresh wave of tears rolled down his cheeks.

“What happened?”

Jughead motioned toward Betty’s laptop, the page still open. She got up and quickly read through it. She turned, her face serious, and sat down next to Jughead once more.

“You didn’t know, Jughead. You can’t protect someone from something you don’t know is happening.”

Jughead shook his head. “She’s the only reason I’m still here and I let her down.”

“Shh,” Betty murmured. She placed her hand against his cheek and rubbed her thumb against his tears. “It’s not your fault.”

Jughead clutched Betty’s arm, his chin wavering. He collapsed against Betty’s body, curling himself into her tiny lap.

She could feel warm tears against her thighs, his body shaking with the immensity of his sadness. She leaned forward, wrapping her body as best she could around him, trying to hold him together.

“I’m sorry, Jughead, it’ll be okay,” She murmured. She found his hand and gathered it in her own. “It’ll be okay,” She repeated.

They stayed on the floor until Jughead’s tears subsided. Eventually, his breathing evened out and his chest started to rise and fall rhythmically.

It was his turn to fall asleep in Betty’s arms.

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~ (continued) What blogilates/fitness blender workout (no equipment required) do you believe changed your body in the most drastic way?I REALLY want to go vegetarian; any tips for staying away from chicken (esp when your parents cook it almost everyday)? Can you post a photo of your pantry? That's pretty much it! Sorry for sending heaps of questions. You're my inspo flooo and I really love you and your blog so freaking much!!!

thank you so much, and don’t worry about the amount of questions!! it’s taken me over a year to figure all this stuff out, i’d love to make it simpler for you guys :) 

  1. first off, i would say that pb powder tastes the same as regular peanut butter to me- just don’t add too much water! this one by pb fit is my favorite, but i also love pb2 with cocoa in, it’s a great alternative to nutella if you love chocolate.
  2. whenever i go to my parents house for dinner it’s usually a lot more food than i normally eat, so the best way to get back to normal afterwards is to just get back on my regular schedule the next day! there’s nothing wrong with indulging once a week especially if it’s with good company :) what really matters is what you’re doing the other 90% of the time- here’s my weekday meal routine which has worked really well at keeping me in shape / healthy 
  3. my top five snacks would be: apples with peanut butter, pita chips with hummus (i make my own pita chips by just ripping up a pita and putting it in the oven, it’s cheaper plus you don’t get all the added salt and sugar), banana chips / dried fruit in general, raisins, and almonds
  4. this routine by tara stiles is amaaazzzzzing! definitely helps with stomach pain or just bloating in general
  5. apple cider vinegar is really good- i used to take a shot of it whenever i felt a cold coming on, but now i do it every morning as a proactive thing :) it’s great to give you a burst of energy in the morning (something i need bc i don’t drink coffee), helps your digestion, and i’ve read that it also aids in weight loss (i didn’t really notice that but it could be true lol)
  6. this ab workout and this butt / legs workout are my holy grail, i do them both every morning. i never really had an issue with toning my legs, but it took me forever to find a workout that toned my stomach / abs.. i’d definitely recommend both.
  7. i’d talk to your parents and explain why you’re going vegetarian, and request that they let you pick some groceries out yourself. it might require some extra work on your part- you could cook some tofu while your mom or dad makes chicken, and then the rest of the meal could be the same. 
  8. here’s one i took this morning! i couldn’t really get everything bc my cabinets are really long haha but it’s basically this list plus some cous cous, shirataki noodles, tabouleh, and pad thai noodles.


anon request | myungjin

“Ugh, he’s so cute!”Myungjun whined, stabbing at his lunch.

“Why don’t you just talk to him? You know, like a normal person,” Moon Bin rolled his eyes. He paused. “Nevermind, you’re not normal.” Myungjun threw a cherry tomato at the other in retaliation.

“I don’t even know his name. He’s so freaking hot and he sits in the front and sometimes when I manage to get a seat somewhere behind him, I see this cute little birthmark he has on his neck and ugh he’s just so attractive.”

“I don’t know… Dongmin’s pretty fucking hard to beat.”

“Your boyfriend isn’t fucking human, Bin,” Myungjun deadpanned. Ever since Moon Bin started dating that art major that everyone on campus seemed to know except Myungjun, the whole world imploded in chaos. Suddenly, everyone was really interested in Moon Bin which meant they in turn recognized Myungjun as the tiny friend of the guy who’s dating Lee Dongmin. It was college for fuck’s sake. Why was everyone such a high school kid? Sure, Dongmin was handsome. But he wasn’t that handsome. But Myungjun would never say that out loud again because the backlash he received for even muttering those words was ridiculous.

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Mike Hanlon and the Losers adopt a puppy
  • This is Bill’s idea, since he’s the idea man, after hearing Mike talk about the fate of lat Mr Chips (RIP, you deserved better baby dog)
  • They collect all the money they can so Mike doesn’t have to pay anything for the adoption fee
  • Mike is so happy when he finds out their plan he could have kissed all of them
  • (he did kiss all of them)
  • The plan is going together to the animal shelter because getting a dog is an important part of life and they all need to be there
  • Richie starts saying Mike is now going to be a responsible father and calls him “dad”
  • Eddie is reluctant to go because although his dog allergy was a lie, animals in general still make him a little nervous
  • Mike, Bev and Ben fall in love with every single dog (relatable, tbh)
  • Bill is trying to focus at first but after a while he is ALSO distracted by every single dog
  • “I’m taking all of them” “Mike, we can’t” “I’M TAKING ALL OF THEM, BILL”
  • Richie points out every dog that looks like one of the losers
  • Stan actually finds a kitten with a scarred ear and can’t take his eyes away but he can’t have pets
  • He almost cries because he has to leave the poor thing behind
  • (He’ll make sure someone of trust adopts that cat later)
  • Mike goes on by himself for a while because he can’t focus, really
  • He finds a small old dog with a missing leg that stares at him and his heart almost stops
  • The dog doesn’t trust them at first and growls at Richie because he tried to pet him
  • Mike LOVES the dog and tears up while filling the adoption forms
  • The dog loves Beverly almost instantly and she’s super happy
  • The losers all go to Mike’s since then because they all want to be a supportive family for smol angry dog
  • After a while, Richie is the only one he still growls at which all the others think is funny
  • When Mike is busy doing chores, Ben takes the dog for walks
  • The dog loves to lick Eddie’s face
  • Bev takes so many photos of the dog, every day, and she makes an album with them one year later as a sort of birthday persent
  • Bill and Stan teach him tricks, Stan is more succesful than Bill is
  • Mike is the best dog owner ever and the dog is happy, healthy and loves Mike as much as Mike loves him.
Leagues and Legends

BEANSTALK by E. Jade Lomax. A review.

I found this author’s Harry Potter fan fiction on An Archive of Our Own, and it was excellent. Turns out she’s written books as well!

This story follows Jack of the Tales. It’s mainly his story, but it’s Grey’s story, too, and Laney’s, and Rupert’s. I was floored by how much the story told without telling, exactly. I was almost immediately invested in the characters, and the excellent world building and carefully crafted plot kept me riveted.

If you like stories about students learning magic, if you like stories about fighting monsters, if you like stories about mysterious pasts, hidden powers, shady characters, golden characters, fish and chips, rips in the space/time continuum, this is for you.

(Note: I think it was self-pubbed, but this is the best self-published book I’ve ever read. Better than some official books, even. Don’t discount it!)

Thanks, @ink-splotch

When Chip Gets Bored...

“Ple-He! please stop!” The desperation in Romeo’s voice made Chip chuckle. He felt the younger man shiver beneath him and try to jerk away.
“What’s the issue?” Chip asked innocently. He was just gently nuzzling their noses together, brushing the tips together. His nose was cold and it felt good against Romeo’s warm skin.

“It t-t-tickles.” Romeo stuttered out, wiggling his nose left and right to rid the tickle from his nose. But his nose was sensitive and it was extremely difficult for him to fight off a tickle once it has started.

“What does, this?” Chip leaned forward and placed a kiss on the bridge of Romeo’s nose.  

Eh’tchew!!” After the miniscule squeak of a sneeze, Romeo glared at Chip through his fallen hair while Chip glanced around in mock innocence.

“What? Oh did I do that?” Chip kissed Romeo on the cheek. “I’m sorry, bean.” He hummed. “You know how sehh….sensitive my nose is! Cut it out.” He swatted Chip’s hand away because the boy was running his finger down the side of Romeo’s nose. His nostrils flared in immediate response.


“But you have such a cute little button nose.” Chip responded before tugging Romeo in by the collar and kissed his nose again.

 “Hehh’tksh! Ksh!-Tiyshh! Ih’tYCHEW! Eh’tchiew! Eg’htSCH!” The breathy rapid sneezes plagued Romeo for a short amount of time before he hit Chip in the chest.

“You’re terrible when you’re bored.” He commented, shoving his  boyfriend away.

Night out with the Guys -

Late, one night, a couple of men were just sitting around one of their friend’s house. They were all waiting for the refreshments to be made so they could put on a movie, and just chill the rest of the evening.

Gordon was in the kitchen making three full bowls of popcorn. One for each of them. Kevin was in the living room, playing on the Xbox to pass the time. And Doug was upstairs, holding an ex-girlfriends’ panties in his hands. Staring at their soft, texture, and remembering the days when she gave him that test-week to prove he could do anything other than hang out with his friends…well, he botched that horribly.

However, his ex had not expected him to give up his “mates” to be a woman, whose figure had been steadily gaining more and more weight, and Doug had chosen his friends more and more as a result.

See, the wee-long test was just a cover, so she could gain weight to see if he really loved her, or to discover that the only reason why he even dated her was because of her thin body. She was dissapointed when it turned out it was the latter. It wasn’t long after that she then broke up with him, and left to pursue some other guy.

She had thusly put a curse on the house. A curse that he, and any other men, would soon experience.


Upstairs in the bedroom, Doug was immediatly affected by the magic, which was now filling the air of the bedroom, he’d once shared with Debbie. He looked at the panties in his hand with a strange facination. Something that he’d always wanted to do, but never done.

Stripping down until he was naked, he then lifted his leg up, and then lowered it into the left side of the stretched panties. He lifted his other leg, and then lowered it into the right, and then held it up. He had no idea why he was doing this, but he was somehow convinced that it was something he wanted to do.

He held the sides, until there was suddenly no longer a need to hold them up, as his hips then started rounding out. His sides stretching themselves far and big enough to fit into the panties. Having reached a large enough size to fit them.

“Huh? Why do the panties suddenly-”

But again, his attention was suddenly stolen away by a rumbling in his gut, as his flat waist, then started protruding forward. Growing out into a full-blown fat belly, that was similar to the one that Debbie had gotten towards the end of their relationship. He had little time to question anything, as his chest was next in line to be transformed. His flat pecks pressed forwards, growing from flat and insignificant, into being rounded, plump, and with erect nipples. The rest of him shortly followed in being transformed. His arms and legs grew layered, as did his face, which plumped up with rounded cheeks and a double chin. His short hair reached down to his shoulders, turning him into a darker shade of brunette.

After she was done transforming, and she raised her head, looking up into the full-body mirror that was now in front of her, her jaw hung open. The first thing a transformed man would, of course, do was to reach up and grab the new tits on their chest, and she was not an exception.

“Whoa, this is really weird. I’ve turned into a girl that looks just as big as Debbie did when we broke up.” She hardly put two-and-two together. Failing to understand the connection between her transformation and Debbie.

Doing several poses in the mirror, she certainly got a good look of her new look. Feeling up her plump butt, pinching and squeezing the squishy love handles, poking her fat cheeks, and gropping her new tits.

Speaking of the tits, as soon as she remembered that these were now her’s, she immediatly started looking for the bra to cover them up. Also, needing to provide some support, so they weren’t constantly jiggling on her chest.

“Ah, there it is…” she said, leaning down to pick up the red bra off the floor. “Curious how I never noticed she left her bras and panties laying around here,” she said, before putting on the bra.

She clapsed the hooks together first, and then slid it down over her arms. A bit frustrating when her flabby arms made things a little difficult, but once she got the hang of it, she pulled it down the last bit. It was a bit uneven on her chest, but some adjusting took care of that. Now she looked presentable. Enjoying how the lacey panties hugged her thick butt in a comfortable way.


Meanwhile, downstairs, Kevin was sitting on the couch, still playing when he too started experiencing strange tingling in his skin. Pausing the game, he then sat up on the couch, looking down at his body. Confused that he was feeling this way.

Then, as swift as the tingling had appeared, his stomach pushed outwards. Feeling his belt becoming so tight, he then reached down and undid the buttons on it, allowing his growing stomach room to continue growing as it was freed from the tight convines, and begin spreading across his legs. Legs grew plumper, pressing his thickening thighs up against each other, and making the thigh-gap dissapear. Leaving him with fat thighs that went up into thick and rounded hips, that were part of a plump butt that gave him that curvacious pear-shaped figure.  Two mounds stretched his shirt, causing two indents to form, that left him with an obvious increase in mass in his chest. Though, he could probably guess from everything else that had happened so far, that this wasn’t just his chest getting fatter, but also more feminine. An indicator that was made obvious with his nipples’ growth, and the areaolas increasing.  Like with his legs, his arms soon saw a similar increase in mass, as layers settled in. The shoulders of his t-shirt tightening, and sinking into his chunky flesh. It was hardly noticable, but his penis turning into a vagina was barely detected, which came as more (and less) of a surprise when he finally noticed the lack of a cock in his pants, and the new apperance of a flat, smooth slit.

When it was all said and done, she was now left sitting on the couch in tight-fitting pants, whose seams had forced upon when her hips and legs grew, and her fat love handles were oozing over the waistband of her pants, and hanging down, and covering the hooks one would run their belt through.

Standing up, so she could go find some clothes that better fit her new frame, her jeans, t-shirt and underwear, all changed into a black bra and bottom that fit snugly on her newly thickened backside. Completing her transition into a newly thickened brunette.


In the kitchen, Gordon was finishing up the last of the popcorn. Having prepared three whole bowls, one for each of them.

It was after taking a sip of a glass of water, that he then started feeling off. His stomach feriously started to growl and rumble hungirly. His hands reached down, grabbing his stomach, which now felt suddenly empty.

“What’s this?” he groaned. Unable to comprehend why he was suddenly so very hungry, all of a sudden.

The hunger pains in his stomach continued to build for every second that he didn’t fill this unbearable feeling in his gut. Finally reaching the point where, in an uncontrollable rage, he open the cupboards and found a convenient storage of bags of chips, which he hastilly ripped open, and then started stuffing his face greedily with as much as he could. Doing anything to get rid of this terrible hunger. Caring about nothing else, other than satisfying his stomach’s need for food.

While eating, his body started to reflect his ravenous hunger by beginning to have the affects of consuming so many calories show on him. Thickening, and rounding his arms, making them far squishier and softer than before. Facial features changed, causing his face to become rounder, with chubby cheeks added in. Hair grew down to his shoulders, turning more orange than brown. Two breasts grew out atop his chest, pushing his shirt out. Giving him the biggest-sized cleavage next to Kevin. The shoulders on his shirt sunk into his ever-fattening arms, making it all the more obvious that they were growing thickly layered. His hips popped out, and his butt plumped, forcing the pants to become tighter, but at the same time lighter, as they tried to keep up, but were then stretched to their limit where it they couldn’t contain his fat backside and wide hips. The love handles of his rounding gut overflowed the waistband, and unlike his stomach hung down slightly over his newly female crotch.

Just like with Kevin and Doug’s transformations, she was shortly given new clothes that were affited to properly fit her new size and proportions. Fitting perfectly around her fat frame without problem…


Hearing a commotion going on downstairs, Kevin’s attention was suddenly ripped away from her new body.

Thinking it may be something serious, she headed downstairs to investigate. Heading towards the kitchen, where upon entering through the doorway, she then froze, as she spotted a chubby orange-haired chubby girl standing in the kitchen.

She, like herself, was chubby, but wore a corset that cupped both of her breasts, and despite possessing a chubby gut like her, looked to be hiding it by wearing a tight corset that constrained her fat, and kept it from hanging freely, and tight nylons that hugged her fat legs. From her expression, she could tell that wearing the thing must not be comfortable.

“W-who are you?” she asked confused, as their eyes meet.

“Yeah, ha ha ha, very funny, Kellie…” she replied with a sarcastic laugh. “I know I said my boyfriend putting me on this diet was worth a laugh or two, considering its me we’re talking about…” she said, moving some of her hair out of the way, as she continually checked on the bowls with popcorn and on the three soda bottles, “but it’s honestly starting to get a bit annoying, so can you please stop?” She then gave her a serious stare. “Its hard enough seeing so many delicious things to eat, and be continually told ’‘no” cause your boyfriend, for some odd reason, thinks that i’m “un-cool” and “weird” to hang around his MC buddies…even though he’s had no fuckin’ problem parading me around before,“ she ranted a bit.

’'Uh…ok-ay, i’ll just you to that then…” she replied, nervously, as she slowly backed out of the room, but then stopped at hearing Gillian call out, “Oh, and by the way; let Denise know that the food’s done, so she needs to shut off her game and get the movie set up.”

“O-okay, will do,” she replied, before wobbling down the hall towards the living room.

Upon entering the living room, she was immediatly greeted with the sight of of a chubby, brunette whose legs were on an empty table, a her thick hands gripped a controller, and was playing the same video game that Doug had been playing before his, pressumed, transformation.

“Uh, Denise?”


She, immediatly pausing her game, and her head snapping towards the doorway where she was standing, honestly freaked her out a bit. Catching her off-guard.

“Um, Gillian says the food’s done, so you need to turn off the xbox, and get the movie all set up.”

“Sure thing.”

Without hesitation, she put the wire-less controller on the table in front of her. Her belly pressing down against her knees from her leaning forward. She grabbed the remote and then changed the source. Changing the screen from a FPS to a paused movie’s menu screen. Standing up, she walked towards the kitchen. Kellie being unable to force her eyes away from the way that girl’s ass bounced and jiggled. So enticing.

Shortly, Gillian and Denise, both returned to the living room carrying refreshments for their movie. Putting it all down on the table, before seating their soft and supple backsides on the couch’s soft cushions. Their fat spreading out a bit.

“Finally…!” Gillian, suddenly, said loudly in relief. Somewhat startling Kellie, as she then stood up. Her fingers going down alongside the front of her corset, and started undoing buttons, “I can take this damn thing off.” Each button popped, brought about another relieved sigh, and her belly to bulge forward from behind it’s prison’s confinements. She tossed it onto the floor, and then sat back down, causing her largely protruding girth to have ripples moving through it. Delighted hands grabbing the sides of her flabby belly, and just softly brushing her pudgy palms across it.

“Wow…” remarked Kellie, as she saw the formerly chubby woman suddenly explode into a fat and chubby BBW. Taken aback by how much fat had been squeezed into that corset top. “That’s how much you were squeezing into that thing?! No wonder you were as distressed as you were.”

“Um…yeah?” replied an understandably confused Gillian.

“Ok-ay…how about we just put on the movie, and forget this awkward moment?” Denise interjected, as she leaped onto the couch. Startling Kellie a bit.

Looking towards the brunette as her breasts and belly jiggled.

“Yeah, okay, fine,” said Gillian as she picked up the remote, and pressed play on the movie. Starting it.

The movie started up, the lights were turned off, and both Gillian and Denise grabbed their bowls of popcorn, and started helping themself to popcorn.

Did I miss something? she asks, confused by the whole situation that her friends have suddenly transformed into women, including herself.


I was originally going to give them custom eye chips, but I accidentally ripped their whole eye out :(
so I went with it and gave them an eye patch and some Band-Aids (non removable)
considering he is fairly damaged (missing eye, mild me sleep again) and his eye is glued to his eyelid (otherwise it wouldn’t work) I would let them go for $70 (willing to haggle!)
but if no one buys them I’m just gonna keep them

There are times in life when Qada (God’s plan) chips away at us, ripping into our seemingly perfect worlds, leaving gashes, open wounds and small crevices. Those moments render us gasping, confused, feeling incomplete and struggling to comprehend Allah’s plan.

Then, later in life, we meet people who have similar injuries and missing pieces and suddenly, momentously, at that moment, we click! Our shattered lives turn into pieces of a puzzle that are seemingly broken; when joined, they complete the whole, compliment each other and solve the mystery.

In other instances, our crevices serve as footholds; leverage, for others struggling to climb hard times, to reach the summit of ease.
In both situations the wisdom of God is clear, the blessing of providence realized and submission and trust are strengthened.

—  Imam Suhaib Webb

imagine lee pace trying to open a bag of chips but he rips it too far and gets chips everywhere and he’s just like


these chips are

all over the pace”

Anyone who knows me knows I habe 8 turkeys, who are my babies, and I adore them.

Something attacked them last night. Our females were scattered, even hiding on our roof, one with a chipped beak and skin ripped off her face. Our two big males are both pretty badly hurt, with head and neck injuries.

Please, please, pray for my birds. I have to leave and I’m so scared for them…

terezees replied to your post: uhhh u can get them from safeway! the one here…

No safeway I’ve ever visited has ever had poptarts, I feel so cheated?? Like, this is a thing I’ve checked for, I’m livid. I just assumed they weren’t sold in Aus lmao. I will look in cheap as chips tho :0

oh rip??? theyre in the breakfast food isle at our one so itll probably b there if they have them i think

also yea!! they have a lot more flavours there too