chip znuff

Adler's Appetite, The Duchess, York 26.02.11

It’s been over 20 long years since Steven Adler’s final appearance with the classic Guns N Roses line up in 1990.  Ironically, it was his drug use that caused his sacking from the band. Since then he has been in and out of rehab, had 2 strokes due to his incessant drug use and no doubt lost a lot of the 90’s from his memory.

Now finally back on track, he returned to the UK with a very respectable line up of musicians by his side. Chip Z'nuff of Enuff Z'nuff on bass, Michael Thomas of Faster Pussycat and Alex Grossi of Quiet Riot on guitar and Rick Stitch of Ladyjack on vocals.

The small venue is filled with a hardcore set of Guns N Roses fans keen to see one of the classic members. The age range and characters are a diverse bunch but with the same love and passion for this iconic band.

First up were local band The Fallen. Their set was energetic and they worked hard to get the crowd warmed up, very much a more emo, pop rock type of sound but pretty well executed. Second were  Knock Out Kaine, a more glam rock edge to them and a bigger ego than felt was deserved. Never the less, they got a good reaction from the audience.

Finally came the turn of Adler’s Appetite. Kicking of the set with ‘Reckless Life’ the crowd instantly went crazy and the band matched their energy on stage. Secondly was Guns classic 'Nightrain’ which set the bar for the rest of the evening in terms of audience reaction and enthusiasm. The setlist was overflowing with Guns N Roses songs, with Appetite For Destruction being played almost in it’s entirety, a big pleaser for the fans. Three new original songs were included including recent single 'Alive’, which were also very well received. 'Fading’, more of a rock ballad, was beautifully performed and is a very melodic and lyrical piece of music.

The encore included 'Paradise City’ and 'Welcome To The Jungle’ which got the whole crowd jumping. Steven took to the mic to thank the fans and his face portrayed a man truly grateful and happy with the support he was receiving and was greeted with chants of his name from the audience. Post gig he and the rest of the band congregated by the merchandise stand to have pictures and sign things for the fans.

All in all it was an enjoyable evening and very pleasing to anyone who is a hardcore Guns N Roses fan. Whilst musically it may not quite match the standards of Axl’s current line up or even the Slash band, they certainly did a great job and their efforts and enthusiasm shone through with a feeling of true appreciation for the fans and the music.

Laura Woodhead