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The Slightly Chipped Full Moon
The Slightly Chipped Full Moon

Show - Kuroshitsuju II

Song - The Slightly Chipped Full Moon

Artist - Yucca

anonymous asked:

a HC where MC is an otaku and how the RFA would feel?

hello anon! I would be happy to write this for you, as I am an anime fan myself :)


  • he completely understands bc he’s totally obsessed with LOLOL the way you are with anime and manga
  • while he would spend hours playing LOLOL you would be watching anime
  • he’d be totally down to cosplay with you because he just wants you to be happy
  • also he would totally go to conventions with you bc there is going to be an LOLOL booth we NEED to go
  • for your birthday he would buy you that figure you always wanted but could never afford (how did he do that we are both broke college students??)
  • he starts watching anime because he wants to understand why you like it so much
  • and oh man is he HOOKED on SAO
  • “Oh my god! MC! They live in a video game that’s so cool!!!”
  • even if you don’t like SAO you both always end up singing the first opening because MAN IT’S CATCHY OKAY 
  • Seven refers to you as the weeaboo couple after Yoosung also gets into anime
  • which pisses off Yoosung because he knows you hate being called that oh no Seven you better watch out Yandere Yoosung is after you
  • he honestly just loves that it makes you happy which makes him happy so it’s all good for you two


  • when you start moving your stuff into his house and he sees all these figures, manga, and wall scrolls he is a little confused
  • once you explain to him what it is and how much you love it he thinks that you’re even more adorable than before??
  • like wow my MC is such a little dork bUT I LOVE IT THEY’RE SO CUTE!!
  • will totally go to conventions with you
  • if you cosplay something he will take so many pictures of you and posts them all over his twitter and sends them to the RFA messenger, it’s insane
  • when you are cosplaying there are so many compliments like omg he loves you so much!!
  • the only anime he’s ever seen before was Pokemon
  • so when he sees your Pikachu plushies he’s all over them
  • he’s completely okay with you putting up posters from your favorite animes around the house
  • “bc it makes you happy why would I not let you do something that makes you happy?”
  • he WILL watch anime with you if you want him to, even if he doesn’t understand it since he wants to be able to be supportive no matter what
  • fans of his start to learn about your love of anime and start sending you boxes of cool stuff (kind of like the stuff you’d see in an akibento box)
  • if he has to film in Japan somewhere for a movie or show you better bet your ass he’s bringing you to Akihabara
  • for Christmas he gets you an autograph from your favorite voice actor
    • “Zen! How did you get this?? Oh my god I love it!”
    • “I can do anything if it’s for my princess.” 
  • he’s just super accepting of you and wants you to be the happiest you could be


  • totally knows what it’s like to be obsessed since she’s the same way with Zen
  • but still worries about if you’re like Yoosung (staying up late and not getting proper rest because of it)
  • hates it when you stay up late to watch anime
  • “MC, you need to get a proper nights rest for work in the morning..” here comes mama Jaehee
  • doesn’t really mind as long as it doesn’t affect your work
  • your in the room on the laptop watching crunchyroll and she has a Zen performance on the TV
  • her mugs have Zens face on them and yours have Sailor Moon
  • doesn’t really understand cosplay?? but she still finds you really cute when you’re all dressed up
  • when you’re reading a manga she’ll cuddle with you with her own book
  • finds it kind of silly that you have so many posters and figures of people who don’t exist, but would never say that to your face because she doesn’t want to hurt your feelings
  • if you manage to drag her with you to a convention, even if she isn’t having fun she still really enjoys seeing you so excited and happy about something
  • supportive af


  • Jumin is the most confused one here
  • poor man doesn’t know what to do with all of your things
  • of course he has room for it though, we are talking about Jumin Han here
  • kind of like the wife from I Can’t Understand What My Husband Is Saying when you talk about your stuff
  • “MC, why do you have such a suggestive doll?” he asks while holding up a figure of Super Sonico in a tiny swimsuit
    • “JUMIN THAT IS MY FAVORITE SUPER SONICO FIGURE DON’T TOUCH IT.” it’s one of super sonico’s you know how “appropriate” those are…
  • “MC, how many comic books can someone have?” a lot, Jumin. A LOT..
  • when he comes home from work he usually finds you curled up on the couch watching anime while Elizabeth 3rd snuggles in your lap
  • “See, Lizzie, this boy is in love with that girl, but he’s too dumb to realize she likes him too so he never says anything. I can’t believe how oblivious someone could be!”
    • “meoow!”
    • “I agree, he should just confess already!”
  • can’t go to conventions with you due to work, but when you come home with a body guard holding tons of bags of doujins and posters he wonders what goes on there
  • would probably pay a company to make another season of your favorite ended anime, but doesn’t tell you as a surprise
  • when you run into the room, yelling he’s very confused
  • but then you tell him your favorite show got another season!! and he knows he did well by the look on your face
  • appreciates that it keeps you happy and busy while he’s away at work


  • we all know this boy is also one
  • we just know
  • when he was doing your backround check he saw your subscriptions to cruchyroll, the endless amounts of figures and shit you bought online
  • and on the inside he’s just like she’s the one
  • you bond over the messenger on anime
  • and after the whole unknown thing is resolved and you guys live together it’s even better bc you both just eat honey buddah chips and watch anime all day
  • and you’re just like FUCK I LOVE YOU SEVEN
  • goes to all the cons with you
  • cosplays with you, (but as female characters ofc)
  • Vanderwood hates cleaning after your messy asses 
  • when you guys watched Food Wars you decided to leave the house for once and go out for Japanese food
  • he thinks your such a cutie and you think the same of him
  • NEKOS!!
  • admit it. you both played nekopara together
  • all 3 volumes (1,0, and 2)
  • if you’re good at drawing manga he has your drawings hung up all over the house
    • tries to convince you to become a manga artist
  • you guys totally make those cheesy cosplay skits but you don’t upload them anywhere so they don’t come back to haunt you in a few years
  • thinks you’re the best fiancee ever tbh

Ahh, I hope that was okay!! :) requests are still open!