chip skylark cosplay


What makes me happy, fills me up with glee
Those bones in my jaw, that don’t have a flaw
My Shiny Teeth and Me~!

The other day I decided to go to this really small con, but was too lazy to REALLY dress up. So, I looked in my closet. I bought this red hoodie to be Fry for my friend, and then I had the red beanie for a Disney Bound Prince Philip. And I was like….you know what I can cosplay? CHIP SKYLARK.

….and then everyone freaking adored me and kept fangirling over me and squealing and asking for pictures and autographs and I thought it was hilarious because I literally pulled this out of my ass last minute, but had so much fun doing it.

Thanks to Nlightened Designs for snapping a few photos, otherwise I would probably never have much proof of this happening lol. <3


AKA My Tiny Beard And Me

CHIP SKYLARK Myself (@apollopuff)
TOOTH Maddy (@weerewolf-cornobble)

Thanks to the lovely Amanda (@fishandchipsandvinegar​) for letting us take advantage of her fantastic photographic skills, and thanks to Erika (@theconfusedartist​) for making that ridiculous guitar prop. And, of course, a big thanks to everyone at Anime North who appreciated these silly costumes. 


Chip skylark cosplay

I dont own the song or the character im just doing this for my tumblr blog ( also im not posting this on my other youtube account because i have been partnered on that channel so I cant use this video )