chip seasoning

                          { food edition }

  • Cake  or  Ice cream?
  • Sweet  or  Spicy?
  • Potato Chips  or  French Fries?
  • Seasoned or Bland? 
  • Cookies  or  Brownies?
  • Salad  or  Pizza?
  • Turkey  or  Chicken?
  • Hamburger  or  Cheeseburger? 
  • Sour  or  Bitter? 
  • Homecooked  or  Takeout? 
  • Hot  or  Cold?
  • Beef  or  Pork?
  • Chocolate  or  White Chocolate?
  • Fruit  or  Vegetables? 
  • Soft  or  Hard Shell Tacos?
  • Tea  or  Coffee?
  • Stuffing  or  Mashed Potatoes?
  • Cake  or  Pie?
  • Fresh Ingredients  or  From The Can? 

Not too often do you see me post savoury meals 😍 lunch today is homemade sweet potato chips, Brocolli, avocado and seasoned grill’d chicken breast that mum cooked last night ! YUM! Today has already been great 👍 taught grit and ABT this morning 5:30-6:30 then saw @earthyoself for an acai bowl for breakfast, had another friend over for some tanning by the pool and now I’ve just eaten this yummy lunch! Am going to do a few things around home for a few hours before going to the gym this afternoon for my own workout and to teach again tonight! Hope you all have a great day ❤️❤️❤️


Maryland Gothic
  • Your house was built in 1920. It has been marked historic. It will now stand here untouched until the end of time. The bridge has been marked historic. It was built in 1930. No one is allowed to drive on it. Your neighbor’s fence has been marked historic. He built it three years ago. You go to church. The church falls down. It was built in 2005. No one will clear the rubble to save you. It has been marked historic. 
  • You get in your dinghy. You motor to town. You tie up your dinghy at the docks. You buy your government mandated industrial carton of Old Bay and Old Bay seasoned UTZ chips at the Royal Farms. You can’t remember the taste of water. You don’t remember sunlight. There is only Old Bay. 
  • You are on a mountain. The fog is too thick to see the road in front of you. You wait for it to clear. You drive until you reach a town below sea level. The fog is still here. It has followed you. 
  • Your friend from out of state asks if you want to go swimming in the Bay. You say no. You’ll be too busy contacting their next of kin.  
  • You are driving. The DC NPR station signal is growing weaker. You are not yet in range of the Baltimore NPR station. The signal is growing fainter. Fainter. Fainter. You flip between the static of both stations. Nothing. You are trapped. You pass a road sign that reads: New Market. Your flesh melts from your bones as Rush Limbaugh comes in loud and clear. 
  • You sailed your preposterously large yacht into Ego Alley. All eyes are upon you. You approach the dead end docks. The tourists look on in confusion. The dockside bar patrons begin to take bets. It is time to turn around and motor your way out. There is no space left. You cannot turn. You are stuck. The harbor patrol calls the Tugboat Of Shame. In the end, your body is strung up with the others. 
  • You are in Severna park. A woman approaches you. In one hand she holds a field hockey stick. In her other hand, a lacrosse stick. You must chose. You do not know how to play lacrosse. You do not know how to play field hockey. With a heavy heart, you say, “I don’t play sports.” The woman smiles.  She brandishes the lacrosse stick. You close your eyes. You feel your nose break. You see your own blood staining your Sperrys. You do not resist. It is your own fault for entering Severna Park without the proper training. 
  • The stink bugs are here. The stink bugs are here. The stink bugs are here. Ț̠̠̻̤́̍̅͊̑ͧ̊h̍̏͊ͤe̻ͬ͋̽ͤ ͖̦̼̣̰̝͙s̮̬̦̜͌ͭ̍͋͒̔ť̫̲̞͖̈́̅ȉ͉̓͌̈͌n̤̩̭̲ͣ̔ͧ̿k̲̝͓̠͓̥̙ͥͤ ̣̺̤̻ͩ̊̅̍̄ͯb̠̈́́͊̈́͗u̜̭̔͑̚g̘͎̼̪̳͌̍̅ͥ̋ͅsͨ́ ̒͛͌̂ͫ̾ă̬̣̹̲̠̠̘̋̇͊̋r͈͈͓͆͊ͯͧ̎ͯ̈́ě̯̒̓ͩͥ̽ͥ ̠ͭͦ̉h̬̘͓̉͆̋ͤ̚ë̻̟͉̊r̤͙̱̠̝̮͇ͬ́̋̿̄e͕̯̯͔͈.ͫͩ
Obsessable Campaign Fail

My interest in Outlander has now reached an all-time low.

Not really because of the SOs at the BAFTA; I’m a neutral shipper at best.

But because of all the backwards and forwards of it all. I mean, ok - market your leads’ real-life romantic potential to sell the first season of the show, sure, BUT NOT BEFORE making sure you and said leads are on the same page regarding expectations of future privacy, personal space, and respect.

I mean, I’m not the biggest fan of S2 - in fact, I’d say with every episode, that season effectively chipped away at my Outlander Obsession one beard, non-canon scene, wild invention, character decimation, defecation audience, inconsequential “quirky” character at a time.

So there’s that.

But now, all this continued SM drama (whether intentionally dramatic or not) has really put a nail in the coffin for me. It all just seems so disorganized. So … unprofessional. For me, the books seem very, very far away right now.

Honestly, I really have no idea what’s going on anymore, with anything.

And worse, maybe, is that I kind of don’t care.

People we see ALIE and Jaha needed to take the chip/key in Season 3

1. Raven 

before this, when Raven first comes to confront Jaha, who is talking to a small crowd of people ALIE tells him

Raven is the person who has suffered the most physically, emotionally, and mentally combined. Her physical pain is the most obvious aspect of this, and something that is pretty noticeable to the other Arkadians. ALIE knows that if others see her without pain, that they will be more likely/willing to take the chip as well. Later on, of course, ALIE needs Raven to fully submit and give her full access/control

2. Abby

Abby always had her suspicions about the key, and wanted to learn more about it and it’s effects. She shut Jaha down from handing any more out than he already had. 

As the chief medical officer if Abby tells the people the key is safe to take more of them will take it/will have less concerns about what might happen if they take. 

3. Ontari

- we don’t actually see/hear them say the word ‘need’ with Ontari, but since Ontari is the Commander (fake, thought the grounders (other than Roan) don’t know this) if she is chipped then Jaha and ALIE can use her to get the grounders to take the key. If the Commander says to do it, then they have to or risk punishment after all.

4. Kane

Kane, along with Pike, has recently arrived in Polis. Pike refuses the chip and gets taken away to be thrown into prison. They’ve both arrived together, so why does ALIE tell Jaha that they need Kane and not Pike? Because Abby is already in the City of Light, and she knows the relationships that Kane has developed with Bellamy and some of the delinquents. She knows how much he cares for them. She believes that if any of the non-chipped adults are going to know where Clarke and the Adventure Squad is it’s going to be Kane. (Not to mention knowing that Kane had recently left Arkadia with Octavia, Miller, Harper, and Bryan, so it’s quite possible in her mind that he’s crossed paths with Clarke before coming to Polis) So ALIE puts all the knowledge that Abby has and relays it to Jaha. 

5. Luna

Luna is the only known nightblood, aside from Ontari, who had already been chipped by this time. Because of this she, at this point, is the biggest threat to ALIE, since if she takes the Flame she would know how to defeat/shut her down. Because of this ALIE needs her to take the key and then the flame, probably more than she needs anyone else to take the key cause if she does it (in this order…key first then flame) there is no way to shut ALIE down. 

6. Jasper

Now ALIE saying Jasper needs to take it comes before Derrick telling Luna she needs to take it, but I’m putting him last cause the torture/waterboarding starts before this. Luna starts asking one of her clan why they’re acting this way/doing this, and Jasper starts to tell her that he isn’t himself and that it’s the chip in his hand that’s making him act this way. Just before she tells the chipped floukru that Jasper needs to take the key, she informs them that…

It might not seem it, but at this point/in the scene Jasper is the biggest threat to ALIE on Luna’s rig. (Overall Luna is cause of the nightblood thing, but I’m talking about this particular moment/point of the episode, since Luna doesn’t know what’s going on, but he does.) He is the one that knows the most about what the chip does to people. He’s seen it since the beginning at Arkadia with Jaha, then Raven, and then Abby. Then of course with all the stuff with Raven in Nevermore. Even before they took them to this part of the ship, he realizes that ALIE is there and tells Shay to warn the others on the ship about taking the chip/not to take the chip. Here, by trying to explain to Luna what’s going on, he’s making it more difficult for ALIE to get Luna to give in and take the key.

So, while ALIE needed people in general to be in the City of Light (the more people the more powerful it/she becomes), there are a select few people that we see she needed more than others because of the inspiration they would be for people to take it (Raven), the influence they held over people (Abby, Ontari), the knowledge they had (Kane), or because they are a direct threat to her (Luna and Jasper)

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“Seasons” from Conjure Club’s upcoming debut EP.

Yesterday dinner was a nourish bowl made of lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower, bell peppers, carrots, green beans, chickpeas, fennel, oil-free low-fats homemade potato chips + hummus, seasoned with evo oil, salt, pepper, parsley and lemon juice I forget to take a picture of tonight’s dinner ahaha c_c i’m always hungry to die after my afternoon naps! It was a chickpea burger with a side of lettuce, fennel, carrots and chickpeas salad + green beans, seasoned with evo oil, salt, pepper and lemon juice (as usual), i also had some brown rice cakes and then an apple

Rounding out this weekend’s Japanese fast food “feature”, here’s a look at what Lotteria, the fourth largest fast food chain in Japan, is cooking up this summer… the Potato Chip Burger! (Wonder if Bobby Flay knows about this?!) They’ve teamed up with Japanese chip giant Calbee for this promotion, offering not only two exclusive burgers, but four french fry flavor choices as well.

Option A is a Lotteria cheeseburger topped with Calbee potato chips and a special cheese sauce. Option B is a chicken sandwich topped with vegetables, potato chips and a “Consomme Double Punch” sauce, based on one of Calbee’s popular chip flavors.

When you order your fries, you can now choose one of four bags of flavor powders, which you put your fries into, shake up and have them come out tasting like one of Calbee’s other chip flavors, Salt, Seaweed or Beef Wasabi!

Now on sale nationwide as of last week.

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